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Healthiest food that can lower cholesterol,
blood pressure and prevents heart attack Dates are one of the healthiest foods on the
planet – they contain valuable nutrients that can improve your health and prevent diseases
and conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. health benefits of the dates: Rich in iron
dates are excellent for people suffering from anemia, as well as for pregnant women. 100
grams dates should be enough – this amount contains about 0.90 mg. Iron, which is equivalent
to 11% of the recommended daily amount. Iron regulates hemoglobin and red blood cell levels
and allows oxygen to flow into the bloodstream. Prevent diarrhea
Dates can prevent diarrhea due to the rich potassium content, which cures the intestinal
flora and stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria. Treat Constipation
In addition to treating diarrhea, the dates can stop constipation as well. Soak some dates
in water overnight and consume the liquid acting as a natural laxative. Regulate weight
Dates are rich in nutrients that can regulate your weight and prevent fat build-up. They
contain no cholesterol or fat, so they are perfect for reducing weight. However, they
contain sugar, so you should consume them moderately. Regulate cholesterol
Dates can lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL) levels and clear blood vessels, effectively avoiding
numerous cardiovascular diseases. Strengthen the heart
Soak some dates in water during the night, then strain the mixture and pit them in the
morning. Mix the seeds with water and drink the mixture during the day to strengthen the
heart muscle and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Regulate blood pressure
The dates are rich in potassium and sodium, minerals vital for normal blood pressure.
5 to 6 dates contain 80 mg Magnesium. It expands blood vessels and improves circulation. According
to studies, 370 mg. Magnesium can lower your blood pressure immediately. Reduced risk of stroke
Dates can keep your nervous system safe and avoid stroke due to high potassium content.
400 mg. Or more potassium a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.

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