Healthy Habits for Kids with Upper Respiratory Allergies — From the makers of ZYRTEC®

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As adults, we work hard to maintain healthy
habits. But as kids, maybe not so much. Bad habits can have a big impact on your children’s
health, especially if they have upper respiratory allergies. But you can teach your kids a few
healthy habits that can help reduce their allergy flareups. For example, hand washing
helps kids get rid of allergens they’ve picked up, like pollen or pet dander. Otherwise,
allergens stuck to kids’ hands can easily be transferred to the nose, mouth and eyes,
triggering symptoms. After outdoor play or sports, minimize allergen exposure by having
kids change their clothes immediately… And put them in a laundry hamper outside of the
bedroom, rather than on the floor. A shower rinses away pollen and other allergens from
their skin and hair. One of the best ways to minimize upper respiratory allergies might
be your child’s least favorite — keeping the bedroom clean. A clean room reduces allergy-triggering
dust, so work with your kids to minimize clutter and keep toys in lidded containers. Put clean
clothes away immediately after laundering, store them in drawers or closed closets and
damp dust and vacuum weekly with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Following these tips can help
reduce upper respiratory allergy symptoms. And with a little practice, your child’s
new healthy habits will soon become second nature. Try Zytrec tablets. They relieve allergy
symptoms. For adults and kids, six years and older.

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