Heart Attack Awareness Drill

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I don’t know if it’s a heater or hot I
just fill a little little short of breath and sounds like I can’t catch my
catch my breath still feels really heavy this don’t feel right okay I think I’m
gonna dial nine-one-one Julie I don’t think it’s necessary I think so not on where’s your emergency
he I’m at the fairgrounds and with the friend of mine who’s not feeling very
good and I’m just wondering if she needs an ambulance
okay sure we’re about at the fairgrounds are you oh we’re in the event special
event tent just east of the whole MEC building okay sir and how old is the
patients over here right now Mary how old are you I’m 53 she’s 53
okay sure and she’s awake and talking okay yes she doesn’t feel good though I
think we need some help right away okay I’m going to go ahead and get some help
started that way sir and get the cops started now what kind of symptoms is she
having she’s very sweaty and she’s saying she can’t get her breath can’t
catch her breath I can’t throw up she feels a little nauseous
it sounds like okay just one moment I’m gonna get some help started that way for
you okay I’ll hold we’re gonna call in an ambulance have a
medical run squad phonetic seven have a medical run it’s going to be at the
Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds going to
be just east of this home AK building of these special events tent just each of
the home at building at the special event tent having 51 year old female not
feeling well you feel like you’re going to pass out until militias in our
Comment pass out first time Oh medic seven no point killing doesn’t
join you but I’m turning around if I were to just watch sevens and route to
see my new kinesio at the judging okay so are you there Oh poet Arion I didn’t
think nothing of it Oh 79 27 to edge we’re probably doing
the right thing to get the hand right here listen check you out okay Serrano
take you yes okay so are you there yes I am okay I do have help on the way
there’s also a couple of Deputies there at the fairgrounds that were clear in
the dispatch and they’re going to come over and try to help you guys out there
until emergency responders can get there help a patient doing now she feels like
she’s going to pass out but I’ve got her here sitting in a chair we’ll just wait
here until help can get here okay so just keep monitoring her her
breathing and everything and let me know if there’s any change in her status
until help arrives okay the deputies are just walking up
here now okay there she goes the deputies are there with you I’m going to
go in to disconnect okay thank you much bye
she doesn’t feel good I just got off the phone with number one and they’re
sending an ambulance and I think the fire department okay okay all right I’m
here now okay they’re getting here from yeah okay they’ll take care of you as soon as
they get here give any other medical issues and I got a peel I’m a diabetic
and have high blood pressure okay I take medicine I took it I didn’t take my
blood sugar recording but I ate my breakfast okay it’s on my master and boy
I supposed to just you know power third party looks all good
oh I just don’t feel good okay one day is all stuff well tell him I
didn’t feel good this morning Oxana and get a blood pressure pill and
I I didn’t want mr. judging so I came whoa car revving Bobby Joe I’m a dive a
diabetic okay after checking surgery later
oh I forgot to do it this morning but I took my best and I ate my breakfast okay
and then I also have high blood pressures I take medicine for okay she
feels a little lonely history of STDs all this good anyway on my dad hide a
dark suit hard news never long brown students
my brother has a fast heart rate okay they take medicine for that okay you’re okay let’s go see a scuff flex
going Amos will be here in just a minute we’ll get you moving here which off will
be go to I’m normally go staining hull yep just pain pressure it’s like a
pressure like I can’t catch my breath and ninety-eight that’s all thank you
that is a little fast click are able here so we only see this
record in the third everyone thank you deep breath one rs10 you think I really gotta go to the
hospital I think so it’s probably a good idea they must come here doing some more
things for you I think it’s a good idea go ahead gets in a very calm time I call
my husband he sees me calling the time to meet these hospitals otherwise he’s
come in here yes I can okay guys 51 year old female start not
feeling well she’s a diabetic history of family heart disease she’s got a
pressure of chest lungs out and I suppose that feels like she can’t catch
a breath okay diabetic she’s not take check your sugar two different delays
okay my name is Jenny and this is Mitch what’s your name my name’s Mary
hi Mary so you’re not feeling well and how long has this been going on Oh
distantly been sent here but I’ve not felt good all morning and I’ve been in
the pot every nun okay okay what we’re going to do right now is go ahead and
sit on the card then we’re going to put the monitor on yeah and we’re going to
check your heart and see how that’s going okay then we’re going to give you
some boxes to drink a little access we raised over there see me name was Mary
yet no it’s why I don’t ever want them there Emmet’s are putting on my heart
monitor okay put some stickers across we’re going to take a big picture of
your heart real quick do you take aspirin every day
I have a messin listen my pin here will be in there stickers here I’m going to
put some up here and they’re going to come around your chest okay that’s a
little baby aspirin here for you there’s four of them there go ahead and take
those chew them up and don’t take very good
Mercedes say you’re having some chest pain and to suggest a pepper I’m going
to give you a 30 night by the pickle dick is ends of your
headache okay gray okay let that dissolve under there
great the porter after that’s all we do kg okay or we’re young I’m actually 53 he had one sitter on a little dock I got
a bottle up here all right Mary when we take this picture
I need you to try to breathe normal don’t talk and hold real still but I’ll
let you know when we do that okay okay real sale but they lira moves if that will help us a little bit
alright guys let’s take a picture okay throw Vegas home bro still freak normal
snowfall now once this EKG is done we’ll be able
to fax it to the hospital and so we’ll have it right away also okay looks like
it so no history of heart trouble any
family history of heart trouble yeah everybody on my dad’s side
everybody on your death life has a vision for homicide my grandma had had
open-heart surgery yeah okay Mary it looks like you are having a heart attack
so but it’s okay we’re going to take good care of you okay
as soon as we get in the ambulance we’re going to call the hospital there are we
going to have a picture of your EKG and we’re going to call them they’ll have
that cardiologist already the cast is set up for you okay so we’re going to
get to good taken care of okay okay actually did you notice any difference
with that brave nitro that we’ve given you maybe maybe just no but that’ll but
not a lot on two three I think I quit thank you very much
yeah I call my husband but he was so no career he said no no the hospital okay
if you got they’re all like no result hey I think my friend was not calling
over so I don’t maybe I’ll do know just the drivers
driver goes staying here I’m going to get another
book we’re good Mary we’re going to go ahead call
the hospital it’s just going to go ahead and start an
IV and okay thanks welcome air okay that isn’t helping at all yet oh we have
infinity plus fitting for we’re in route it basically year-old female about
couple hours go and having some chest discomfort generally follow a pain
that’s become burdensome but like she didn’t catch a bed to tell a guy Freddy
we say you were not hated at all yeah does no idea but no bombing we check for
initial set of vital signs or 130 over 80 be a heart rate right now is up 110
respirations are about 24 places discomfort about any male gram run wrong
already yes but they’re put on the monitors and a sinus rhythm but she’s
kept them elevated as you say missing week to the did it for 12 weeks if you
have a semi and inferior in lying about elevation to three and a CF Decimus
approaching who want to make yell at the first 18 you should have it on tension
now we have going ahead and put her on the whole liters of o2 and we get right
apart Marinaro but it’s really for their arm here okay – nasal spray way through
300 total baby aspirin at it is almost the brook color paints a little bit
better since this initial spray of nitro Wow
so will then be continuous activity a little-little ever now I have
your phone all through the any questions told me what’s the about hold on just a
couple pieces of tape all right Jim we got an 18-gauge idea in writing we have sometimes like this is always a
better identical EMS because we can get there more like a many of our you have
all to the hand right away that we can do you think singer hero
oh no guys can’t be sick over there for something to put pressure you like I
drove the home a perturbative sir facility better yet then just a pond
down no it feels like a pressure puts the nargiz a little bit emotional
business working doing this thing one pretty much just a general all right we’re here at the hospital
okay Mary here’s what’s going to happen okay we’re going to take you right out
on this bed we’re going to wheelie into the emergency room there’s give you a
lot of people waiting there for us all right they’re gonna have a lot of the
student questions that we did this answer the best you can all right we’re
going to take real good care of rail over here okay Mike yeah Terry there’s
gonna be a couple bumps just sit real still for us how you doing there
Archie bad a little bump Mary oh this is cold
yeah leave it a little cool in here excuse us Kyra Parker this was Mary Mary
began having the chest discomfort nausea diaphoresis and panelist about two hours
ago you’ve got our 12 leaves we sent a
second one both looks about the same and total of three nitro and 75 Mike’s of
fentanyl she says she’s still only about a seven on the pain scale and no IDs a
little bear with this with the girlfriend she feel uncomfortable a
little bit diet ready alright Mary just hang on we’re going to move you over
here a second okay okay Mary my name of the inertia head heart rate was 92
respiration was about 29% only two liters of oxygen okay everybody ready 1
2 3 to get to IDs on anytime okay so we can
get it Kady please don’t have any more pressure for me doctor all right no no
they took it on your chest okay and it’s Mary no no Parker how are you
perfect they look very good huh what are you
doing well I got up this morning and I was just a little weak but I had to go
the bear to watch the judging my niece and nephew but I didn’t want to miss it
and I start getting hot just one this one’s still good start getting a little
sick my stomach because I was going to throw up I never did break out a sweat
oh yeah I did yeah yeah they still they still got a blue ribbon all right you
have to seal who you say first daughter what boy you just heard you right there
like right here in any world now I stay right there but it was just real tight
yes didn’t pitch is so good if our problems you know uh no no my
family’s got it but on my dad’s side but you taking notices every day yeah hey I
have a little high blood pressure so high but I think it’s listen Kroger
taking it they I take a little bit of lasix pistol and then I’m a diabetic so
I take metformin and I try to watch my diet any allergies to medicines now well
I’m glad to call nine-one-one because based on his EKG looks like you may be
having a heart attack no not good at all but we’re going to
take good care of you okay you’re going to see a lot of things happening okay a
lot of things going really fast okay just to take good care of your the
speedy fashion okay cardiologist today his name is dr. Brad
L so as soon as we get some blood from you when it give you some more
medication and then we’re going to have to take you to the cath lab it’s
actually going inside your arteries and look to see anything blocking the flow
of artery – blood flow to your heart that makes me fit yes for sure yeah my
said my family has gone through this before Oprah I would take good care of
you okay thank you did you get a welcome mat absolutely go
ahead and start the bolus as well as infusion out okay based on your weight
I’m going to give you some medication that they want you to have down the cath
lab okay okay I’ve given a total of eight point three mils for the bullet
I’m going to start with minute oh man there’s our cool food ice was really
nice to take it to the cath lab on the green dresses here so I will need a
consent sign okay and doctor gödel will be the cardiologist okay okay well my
husband should be here anytime they called in somebody called in from the
fairgrounds okay so here’s the where is there anybody who you want us to notify
you know are you right-handed yeah yeah alright it’s not going to be tricky at
the best you can right now Miss Mary what is your pain right now almost go
for my kid um it’s it’s about a 60 to 70 control we got the Nitro sorted I
remember we can go ahead and give her four more P as well okay you still feel
nauseous not as much better go and have fun yeah I’ve been forgotten higher your
blood pressure looks good so to help you with that pain I’m going to give you a
little bit of pain medication okay thank you
mm-hmm yes very I’ve just got the phone with the cardiologist we’re about to
take it to the cath lab and then he’ll come in here briefly kind of talk to you
explain what’s going on and then he’s kind of go to the cath lab where you can
get sterile and get ready for the procedure. Do you have any questions
for me? How’s your pain right now? It’s getting better. It’s probably a four-four that’s good that’s good right
all right well we’re going to get you all squared away we got to get this on
yep everywhere of all people Freddie ant ready to get everything packaged and
we’ll take it to the cath lab here and your vitals all looking pretty good
great thank you guys he was kind of downstairs This is Mary. She had
some central chest heaviness with nausea, kind of dizziness, started about
an hour, two hours ago while she’s at the fairgrounds she’s had her andrea maxilla
and drip she’s on some fluids she hadn’t Nitro and working as well as the plavix
in Akron and her pain is now zero. Your
EKG shows evidence that you’re having a heart attack. Heart attacks happen when
they’re blocked or narrowed arteries on the heart or one of those arteries
closes completely. All the blood flow stops and that segment of the heart
muscle dies. What we’re going to do is get you over to the cath lab as quickly
as we can to try to open that artery up. We’ll give you some medicine in the IV
so that you’ll be comfortable and we’ll numb you here in the groin. The numbing
medicine burns, it stings for a few moments. After that the sensations are
pulls in taps we’ll put a small needle in the artery then take catheters around
to the heart and inject X-ray dye into the arteries one at a time and take
X-ray movie pictures of them. If we find a blocked artery and I think we
probably will certainly if they’re multiple severe blocked arteries
balloons and stents aren’t the best choice
that’s when bypass surgery does a better job I’m not predicting that are wishing
it on you but it may be the case we may need to discuss it later
do you have any questions or things you want to go over here do you think the
risk for this is less than one in a thousand less than one in a thousand for
heart attack stroke or severe life-threatening bleeding but the heart
attack is 100 percent we ought to get this going right away. I’ll show you on our way where your husband
will be. We have a cath lab quiet room. oh yeah it’s pretty cold in here okay
Mary everyone’s coming on fine you still have some hurt in your chest or is it
better no it’s better. Millions of people every year are affected by heart
attacks. Heart attacks happen when there are blocked or narrowed arteries on the
heart and one one of those arteries closes completely. All of the blood flow
stops and that segment of the heart muscle dies. If you have the symptoms of
a heart attack pressure, tightness, or squeezing in the
chest, neck or jaw often associated with sweating, shortness of breath or nausea. The care begins when you activate the system and call 9-1-1. The emergency medical crew
is able to give you appropriate medicine and can do an EKG and transmit that to
the emergency department so that we can be prepared when you arrive. The sooner
we can restore blood flow to your heart muscle the less damage there will be.
Time means heart muscle.

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