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(We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns.) We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National… – Competition on Worries. / – Competition on Worries. I’ll introduce today’s guests. Please welcome Jin and Jimin from BTS. (The audience passionately welcomes them.) In one, two, three. – Hello, we are BTS. / – We’re BTS. Please welcome beautiful comedian, – She’s lovely. / – Kim Seunghye. Hello, I am Kim Seunghye. (Welcome to Hello Counselor!) They look so handsome. I do look handsome, don’t I? (He doesn’t have to try hard.) – I like your attitude. / – He’s cute. I’ve always wanted to meet Yeongja. – Why? / – In 1997, – I was three years old. / – He was three. – He was three in 1997. / – I was three years old. Yeongja came to Yeonsan-dong in Busan. She came for an event. – She held me at the time. / – Goodness. – Did she really? / – Yes. My dad told me this just before I came here. She held me and admired me. – Yes. / – How fascinating. The baby was your type, right? Stop. I think his dad brought him alone. I held him to show that I could raise him. – You wanted to show his father. / – I wanted to. – Your mom didn’t come, did she? / – You… – I’m not sure. / – I see. – They are very much loved. / – They are. What do you think your charms are? I know a lot of dad jokes. There are hundreds of them in my head. – Tell us some. / – Tell us three. – The three best ones. / – I think you’re all living in a bubble. What do you mean? (What does he mean we’re living in a bubble?) Unbelievable. – Unbelievable. / – Unbelievable. – Unbelievable. / – Unbelievable. (Goodness) (But they are loving it.) – Unbelievable. / – All right. – What’s the second best one? / – Unbelievable. Here’s the second best one. The queen of ducks got up. – The queen of ducks got up. / – Queen. – What does that mean? / – What would it be? – What would it be? / – The queen of ducks got up. Queen Seondeok. – The queen got up. / – Queen Seondeok. (Goodness) Queen Seondeok. (He’s good.) (You’re not supposed to get it right.) – He’s offended. / – He hates it. – What’s wrong? / – Did you see people’s faces? They looked like, “Do you think we didn’t know?” Goodness. I should be hanged. What’s the best one? – Why are you happy… / – Why are you happy? when you’re in a shade? It’s because you can avoid the sun. (He laughs at his own joke.) Because you can avoid the sun. (He’s unbelievable.) Because you can avoid the sun. (Come on.) – I am too embarrassed. / – Goodness. I usually don’t get embarrassed, but I’m embarrassed. (It’s okay!) Why are you clapping your hands? (He’s a dad joke prodigy.) By the way, what did you bring, Seunghye? Are those snacks? What are those? I was so nervous to be here for the first time. I sweat excessively, so I always have about five extra pairs of socks. – Do you always have them? / – Yes. Did you bring them here? – I have a dad joke about this. / – Do you? Did you recently buy a bag? I think you’re mine. (Laughing) – Jin. / – Yes. You should stop now. You can change your socks whenever you want. My feet feel wet right now. Change them. You’ll get an athlete’s foot. You will get an athlete’s foot. She’s the first guest to change socks here. – Come on. / – Before we begin… I see familiar faces over there. – Right. / – They are the ones from “My Ugly Dad”. – Hello. / – Long time no see. I want to bond with her over their songs. So I listen to their songs every day while driving. – What’s the title of the song? / – How did you sing? ♪ Your front is the best, your back is the best ♪ ♪ From your head to your toes, you’re the best ♪ – He wanted to bond with her. / – “War of Hormones”. – He’s just showing affection. / – She’s frustrated. Can’t you just appreciate it? But he’s gross. Aren’t I good? – She’s right. / – He’s really good. – He’s cute. / – You love even the ugliest photos of BTS, don’t you? You want to see their baby photos, don’t you? – Right. She said that. / – Yes. – You love everything they do. / – Yes. – Everything they do is amazing, right? / – Yes. Your dad loves everything about you too. Right. That’s when she understood it. – She understood it. / – She understood it now. Just a little bit. Right. Her dad loves everything about her. You should tell her to treat her dad better. Give her some advices. Thank you for loving us, Haeun. (Her heart flutters.) Jimin is so charming. You will be more adorable if you love your dad as much as you love us. If you give him a hug, I’ll blow you a kiss. (No way.) (She hugs her dad immediately.) Goodness. (He keeps his promise.) Goodness. (He doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad.) (We hope she gets along with her dad well.) Hello, I am a housewife in her 60s – from Hoengseong. / – Hoengseong is nice. My husband sits in front of TV all day and watches programs about health. So he always goes, “We shouldn’t eat red meat.” “Don’t eat fried chicken.” “Sashimi is dangerous. Don’t eat it.” – What can you eat? / – What can we eat? “Water. You can drink a lot of water.” “If you feel thirsty,” “you are already late.” “You’re already late if you are sick.” (Jimin gives Jin water before it’s too late.) “You must…” – That’s new. / – I know. – That happened a lot to me. / – “Drink all the time.” – Drink water before it’s too late. / – Drink water. – Drink water, everyone. / – I am thirsty. – Am I too late? / – Drink before it’s too late. – He’s strangely persuasive. / – It’s nice. I pester him to eat outside, but… “Theirs is too salty. It’ll make you sick.” “You should make tofu at home.” – Can she do that? / – Who makes tofu at home? – Goodness. / – He doesn’t stop nagging. “That’s not how you wash the dishes.” “You have to wash thoroughly to kill the germs.” “Then why don’t you do it?” When I made him do the dishes, he washed each chopstick with his utmost care, and it took him an hour to wash three dishes. It’s stressing me out. Please stop my husband. (Please stop my husband.) Let’s bring her in. Please come on out. (Who is the lady with a health-conscious husband?) (Wi Okja) (She already looks very worried.) How much is he worried about his health? He’s unbelievable. He sits in front of a TV all day and watches shows like “Mysteries of the Human Body “. He even writes down notes. – He even writes down notes. / – Yes. Even when I’m watching a drama, he changes the channel without my consent – to watch those shows. / – The health programs. Yes. Even when we visit our relatives, he goes home to watch “Mysteries of the Human Body”. – He goes home just to watch it. / – Yes. What are the foods he doesn’t eat? You briefly mentioned them in the letter. Please list them up. He never eats red meat. He only eats boiled meat. If he wants to eat grilled meat, the meat has to be grilled using pure charcoal. He never eats fried chicken. He eats only oven-baked chicken. – He doesn’t eat the skin. / – He peels the skin. What’s wrong with sashimi? He doesn’t eat sashimi because it’s raw. He never eats junk food like pizza. He doesn’t want me to put salt, sugar and other seasonings in his food. What does he eat, then? He eats vegetables. – He… / – By any chance, does he drink or smoke? He doesn’t drink or smoke. – Right. / – He doesn’t do them – Thank goodness. / – We wanted… – We wanted to pick on him. / – Right. (They wanted to find fault with him.) But it’s for his health, so perhaps it’s not all bad. It’s just that he overdoes it. Whenever we try to dine out, he finds faults with every restaurant. And we end up not being able to dine out. When we try to have a barbecue at home, he asks for different tongs for different ingredients. He’s very particular about cross contamination. So cooking three meals a day for him is tough. I grow bean sprouts using the beans from a country farmer and make tofu at home. (She grows bean sprouts and make tofu at home.) – You make tofu at home. / – Goodness. – Do you make it yourself? / – Yes. That’s so hard to cook. Let’s meet her husband. Hello. Hello. She told me about the foods you don’t eat. Do you really not eat any of those? No. – Sir… / – But you don’t seem too energetic. – You should eat something. / – You need meat. – He’s too thin. / – By the way, do you not eat red meat? I never liked it. – And you have to grill it to eat it. / – Yes. When you grill it, it burns and becomes cancerous. I didn’t even like red meat in the first place. So when I learned about that, – I didn’t want to eat it even more. / – Right. Many people don’t eat red meat for many reasons. Do you like sashimi though? No, I hate the fishy smell. Did he ever get sick from eating it? – Did he suffer a lot? / – Then I’d understand. – No, he’s never gotten sick. / – He’s never. Then how do you know what not to eat? I watch a show from KBS 1. KBS is the problem. “Mysteries of the Human Body”. And “Ask Anything”. – “Ask Anything”. / – Yes. They’re all from KBS. KBS is the problem. (It’s all KBS’ fault.) I also watch “Best Doctors” from EBS. But when you keep watching those shows, you will realize that there’s not much you can eat except for water. That’s why I eat rice and noodles. – Noodles are bad too. / – Noodles… – Wheat flour is not good. / – They’re bad for you too. But I’d die of hunger if I don’t eat those. (He can’t die.) – Does it make sense? / – Are those the only ones not mentioned as harmful? I love noodles. I see. – Does he like noodles? / – He does. What kind of noodles does he like? He eats different kinds of noodles. – He eats ramyeon once a while too. / – Ramyeon? – He eats ramyeon. / – Yes. Ramyeon seems worse. I didn’t eat it for a long time, but I’m eating it again these days. – He likes noodles. / – He’s into chips these days. (He eats chips.) (Chips are the worst for your health.) – He eats chips. / – Chips? – Aren’t those bad? / – Chips. Are you a child? You just eat what you like. You’re just a picky eater. He’s not health-conscious. He’s just picky. Why do you eat chips? I get hungry easily. (That’s why he eats chips.) – But… / – I eat chips that aren’t sweet. I eat a little bit of those. I think you’d love convenient store food. (He must love convenient store food.) Don’t you know chips can give you diabetes? That’s why I eat chips that aren’t sweet. – Can you tell us the names of those chips? / – Yes. Are they salty ones? – He likes salty ones. / – Yes, the salty ones. – He likes crackers. / – Crackers. Those are high in calories, sir. That’s why I only eat a little bit of it. Next to him there’s someone who keeps laughing. He looks like he’s got something to say. Are you the son? – I am their son, Lee Kyunggoo. / – Hello. (He’s their only son.) You must’ve been really sad growing up. Right. When you’re young, you crave junk food, and you want to eat many things. But there were many things I couldn’t eat. I shouldn’t say this, but who knows when you’ll die? I’d feel too bad if I don’t get to eat everything. Yes. They say even a ghost looks good if he ate well when he was alive. (Goodness, Kyunggoo.) Do you know the show called “Is This Possible”? You mean “Capture the Moment: How is that Possible”. He’s funny. “Is This Possible?” They featured a 100-year-old lady who’s been smoking all her life. When I saw her, I told my father that she managed to live 100 years while doing something bad. I told him that. And he said she’d live until she’s 120 if she quits smoking. – Right. / – He has a point. He looks like a really timid person. He looks like he’s quiet. Does he often give your family a hard time? I can eat however I want when I am outside. But Mom is always with him, and he complains that her food is too salty. – Does he keep complaining? / – Yes. When the meat is definitely cooked, he makes her cook it some more. When it’s a little burnt, he makes a fuss and tells Mom to cut out those parts. He keeps giving her a hard time. I think her health would deteriorate not from the bad food but from all the stress. Sometimes, the two of us go out and eat grilled fish. We can’t eat fish at home. – Does he not eat grilled fish? / – Why? Why doesn’t he eat grilled fish? He’s very sensitive about smell. – He’s very sensitive. / – He can’t stand the smell. He can’t stand the fish smell. He says just smelling fish makes him throw up all the food he’s ever eaten. makes him throw up all the food he’s ever eaten. That’s what he says. You’re very good with your words. (Please take them away from me!) (When I smell fish,) (I feel like throwing up all the food I’ve ever eaten.) How old are you this year, sir? – I’m 64. / – You’re 64. – You’re 64. / – Are you really only 64? – You look too weak. / – He’s too thin. Are you two the same age? – They are the same age. / – They’re the same age. I thought she was younger. Much younger. Okja, do you think he’s strong compared to the people of his age? Of course not. Other people of his age are full of energy. But as you can see, he’s very weak. It’s okay to hate the fish smell. But your son claims that you have OCD. When I touch something, – I wash my hands… / – You wash your hands. with soap. After I wash my hands, I never put cream on my hands. So my hands get very rough. Does he not put hand cream? He can’t use creams that smell. (He’s very sensitive about the smell.) (He’s a sensitive 64-year-old.) He likes to be clean. He must help you a lot with chores. He doesn’t help me at all. (She’s annoyed.) He makes a mess, and he keeps his hands clean. He wears gloves even when he counts money. He wears gloves when counting money. I was so offended that I told him this. I told him to do it himself if he’s so good. That’s why he volunteered to do the dishes. He was cleaning a chopstick like this. (How does he do the dishes?) He was cleaning like that. He cleaned each side of the chopstick. He washed plates several times with soap and water. It takes him an hour to wash three plates. He won’t be able to eat outside. He can’t eat outside. When we eat outside, we have to go to the restaurant he approved. He only goes to restaurants with hot stone rice. – Hot stone rice. / – It’s cooked in front of you. Yes. We only go to those places. He’s retired, and he only watches TV at home. – So it’s getting worse. / – He’s getting worse. Who’s the person next to you? – Hello. / – Hello, I am his sister. You are his sister. Has he been like this since he was young? Yes, even when he was young, he brushed his teeth for 30 to 40 minutes. His gums must be gone by now. Even when he washes his hands, he uses a brush. (She sighs.) How did he eat when he was younger? He used to eat well when he was younger. When he got sick, he became very sensitive. That’s why he’s extremely sensitive now. When do you feel bad for her? I always feel bad for her. I feel bad that she has to live with him. – You feel bad in the 365 days. / – Goodness. When does he make you the saddest? It looks like you’d have more to tell us. After retiring from my job, I started working as a cleaner. That’s what I do now. Many elders visit the market on market days. – That’s right. / – When they use the washroom, it gets covered with vomit and excrement of all kinds. Whenever I have to clean up things like that, I feel so miserable and sorry for myself. I ask myself, “Do I have to do this to make a living?” It really upsets me. I get too disgusted to eat lunch. There have been many days I ended up crying at work. After such a long day at work, I come home to a mess. It’s all cluttered. I can’t help but get angry. Your wife feels miserable and sorry for herself. How does that make you feel? About that, I admit that it is my fault. You can take care of housework while she’s working. – Aren’t I right? / – Yes. What do you do all day? – He probably takes notes. / – I watch TV. – Pardon me? / – I mainly watch TV. – Do you watch TV all day? / – Yes. You mentioned that he has a health problem. Is that why he can’t help you? Is it something serious? – Is it called spondylitis? / – A herniated disc? The spine becomes hardened all the way down here. – Tetanic spondylitis. / – Yes, that’s what he has. – That is serious. / – Without his medication, he can’t even move his neck when he drives. Doesn’t he need physiotherapy or light exercise? He does, but he just does back stretches at home and sees his doctor on a regular basis. Did he become a picky eater because of his condition? Is that why he’s so selective about what he eats? He does have a health condition, but he can still do things. I’d love for him to get better and do things with me. – Right. / – When I ask him to have a meal with me and my friends, he tells me to go alone. – Does he stay home all the time? / – Yes, he does. My friends have even asked me what he looks like. He’s like a mystery to them. Why does he never go out? Is he antisocial? His back is hunched like this, you know. I think he’s self-conscious about it. – He’s worried. / – People might look down on him. It’s uncomfortable for him. That’s why. Sir, have you done anything special for your wife? Does anything come to your mind? Right now, I can’t recall. I don’t think I’ve done anything. (I question if he’s really my husband.) What do you want to do the most with your husband? I want to travel with him. You want to travel. Where to? I suggested going to Jeju Island when we turned 60. He was like, “There’s nothing to see in Jeju Island.” We haven’t really taken trips together. Have you tried suggesting a different destination? I said I want to go to Mount Seorak, but he said it’s too cold to go anywhere. The weather is the issue in winter. Why didn’t you want to go to Mount Seorak? The trails get too slippery in winter. We should go in spring or summer. – What about Jeju Island? / – What about Jeju Island? I don’t think there’s anything to see there. Are you worried you’d have nothing but raw fish to eat? Don’t you think going out and being active – will help you become healthier? / – That’s right. Good point. Yes, I like those things. – Pardon me? / – I like being outdoors. I can’t run as fast as healthy people can, but I like to run with a soccer ball. – With a soccer ball? / – I see. Do you go out for walks too? – These days, I don’t. / – Pardon me? – I can’t. / – Sir, what are you talking about? Please tell us. Does he get any exercise… – Not at all. / – He gets no exercise? Why are you holding your neck? – It got all tense. / – It’s from the stress. – I’m so frustrated. / – She’s frustrated. – He’s stressing you out, isn’t he? / – Yes. Gosh. Sir, your wife’s neck got all tense because of you. What should we do? Didn’t those shows ever deal with how living stress-free is the most important thing? – Yes, they did. / – They did, right? She’ll be less stressed if you compromise a bit, right? – Yes. / – Right. It’s hard for you though, isn’t it? Yes. (You read my mind!) We get that you have your own rules as well as a list of unhealthy foods you try to avoid, but please let her eat whatever she wants. – Yes, even just that would help. / – Take trips too. Taking a vacation helps you get through another year. – Exactly. / – Could you do those things for her? Of course. I should go with her. Even if it’s Jeju Island? (Will you go to Jeju Island?) (What? Is he serious?) – Can you promise? / – I’d prefer Mount Seorak. (Oh, Mount Seorak. My dream destination.) Your wife wants to visit Jeju Island though. Will you let her eat whatever she wants? What do you say? She’s diabetic, so that’s… – She has to be careful with what she eats. / – But… You yourself can’t even do it. You eat wheat fully knowing that wheat is bad for you. You even eat instant noodles and snack on crackers. But you nag your wife all the time. You should also give up wheat and instant noodles. (That’d be difficult.) Your wife is stressed out now because of your endless nagging. Just seeing your face stresses her out. Aren’t I right? (That’s why my neck got all tense earlier.) – Do you not like his face? / – When I listen to him… – You get sick of hearing it. / – Gosh, seriously. Even if you’re right, you need to hold back a little. – Otherwise, she’d be too stressed out. / – Absolutely. Going on about it nonstop will drive her crazy. If the stress you give her manifests physically and gets her sick, it’ll end up making your life – very difficult. / – He’ll have to look after her. – Sir. / – Aren’t you thirsty, sir? Shouldn’t you be having a glass of water by now? – That’s right. / – You’re thirsty now, aren’t you? – Isn’t it late? / – I think so. Sir, are you parched? – Yes, I am. / – Too late. – We asked you too late. / – We did indeed. (This thirsty man makes her blood boil.) All right. – He must’ve learned a lot. / – I’m sure being here made him feel and think about many things. He’s probably just not used to expressing his feelings. I know things will gradually change for the better. Please say a few words to your husband. Honey, please stop watching TV all the time. Put yourself out there in the world and meet people. I want you to spend time with friends and neighbors. Being so selective about what you eat has actually worsened your condition, so eat a wide variety of food. – That’s how I want you to change. / – I see. Well, actually… (Dongyeop brings up a difficult subject.) My mother passed away very early. She passed away in 1995 at the age of 57. She never drank or smoke in her entire life. My oldest brother is hearing-impaired, and she thought that it was her fault. – She blamed herself. / – The stress from it gave her hepatitis which turned into hepatic cirrhosis, and we eventually lost her. It really all comes down to stress. That’s why she passed away. Please help her so that she can be less stressed and take good care of her. Sir, we’ll be rooting for you. All right. What do you think? (Sighing) I’m really… I know that this will sound rude, but I’ll say it. He should at least talk nicely to her. (Let’s get into the habit of talking nicely to others.) That would have made things a little bit better for her. – I think it is a worry. / – You think so? I also like to cook, so I can understand. The fact that he nitpicks about her cooking must stress her out a lot. – Hence, I’ll cast my vote. / – You think it’s a worry. – Seunghye. / – Yes. Learning to be more considerate of her feelings might actually help him become healthier. From her point of view, it is definitely a worry. Some of you might deeply empathize with her. If that is the case, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – Time is up. Stop! Please say a few words to your wife. Darling. From now on, I won’t stress you out. – How? Please be specific. / – “Darling”. – We need examples. / – Tell her you’ll stop nagging. Do as you wish. Do whatever you want. (I’ll let you do whatever you want!) (This is amazing.) She’s surprised. (Am I dreaming right now?) What about Jeju Island? Will you go to Jeju Island? (You will, right?) I should go with her if she wants to go. (Jeju Island!) Is it the stick and carrot strategy? (Unbelievable) – She can’t believe her ears. / – She’s so surprised. We’re impressed, sir. Do you love your wife or not? I love you. (I love you, my darling.) Sir, we’re thoroughly impressed. Will this story get more than 151 votes? Show us the result for “He Drives Me Crazy”. The last digit. – My gosh. / – Will it be 154? 154 votes will make this story the new winner. – If it’s 154… / – What if it’s 194? – Nice. / – Sir, it got 154 votes! It means 154 people empathize with your wife. They voted because they think it’s a serious problem. It’d be great if you can contemplate on it. The next story is “The Unwelcome Guest”. I need help with a role in this story. Jin. Do you want to give it a shot? Me? Sure. Can I stay seated? – Of course. Come closer. / – Okay. – Little bit closer. / – All right. (Come a little closer.) A little more. (You’re not an easy one.) He’s so mischievous. – You have a great sense of humor. / – Thank you. Hello, I’m an affluent spinster who lives in Suwon. I’m in my 40s. An unwelcome guest showed up in my peaceful life. “Aunt, I want to live with you starting today.” – I said she’s 20. / – I see, she’s 20 years old. I thought she was a kid. (My 20-year-old niece moved into my place.) An unwelcome guest showed up in my peaceful life. “Aunt, I want to live with you starting today.” Ever since my 20-year-old niece who lives in Gwangju raided my place, I’ve been doing all sorts of house chores including cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning. I feel as if I live with a mother-in-law. I’d be like, “Hey, you’re the one who ate it.” “You should clean up after yourself.” – “My wrists are…” / – She’s from Gwangju. Gwangju? I don’t know the dialect. “My wrists are very weak.” And she doesn’t even lift a finger. What’s more? She’s extremely fussy. “Aunt, this stinks. Did you not wash it?” “I need my clothes washed after they’re worn once.” She’s from Gwangju. (I said she’s from Gwangju.) Oh, right. – “Oh, right.” / – “Aunt, my blanket stinks.” “Wash it!” (Speaking in a dialect is hard.) One day, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I said to her, “Move back to your place!” But she’s still living with me, and I don’t see any signs of her moving out. My fun single life. Will I be able to get it back? That’s the story we received. Let’s meet her now. – Come on out. / – Come on out! (Who’s the lady stressed out because of her niece?) (Lee Yoonhee) (Welcome to the show!) Hello. When did you start living with your niece? Three months ago. One day, my niece showed up with a suitcase and asked if she could live with me. I said we could try it out. But soon, I realized that I made a big mistake. It has been very stressful. Have you talked to your sister? Why did you contact us? – I don’t get it. / – I actually spoke to her recently. I said I’d send my niece home, but she refused to go. – Your niece. / – So we fought and ended up crying. – It’s not that simple. / – I should point out that she contacted us after three months, not three years. – They must not get along. / – It must be really bad. Why did she move out of her home all of a sudden? She got into a university in the province, but she was having problems with her parents. She also hates Gwangju and Jeolla Province. Why did you cry when you fought with her? Shouldn’t she be the one crying? I wonder if all youngsters are like her. – Until 2 p.m., / – Exactly. – she sleeps. / – Doesn’t her back hurt? I wash dishes for her and do her laundry. She does nothing. She’s also very sensitive to smells. After using a towel once, she says it smells bad. – My goodness. / – Even with her blanket… So she’s lazy and sensitive. There aren’t many things that she can do by herself. – She’s 20 though. / – I know. She didn’t even know how to send a parcel. – She didn’t even know that? / – I taught her. When she had to go to the bank, I told her to take a number and wait. I even wrote it down for her. But she kept calling and texting me. “Aunt, where are you? Come meet me here. Hurry up.” When you spend time with her, what’s the one thing you absolutely can’t understand? She gets very greedy with food. She eats six servings of shabu-shabu by herself. – After that… / – Six servings? She also ate bossam. Then she ate three burger meals at home. (She devoured three burger meals.) – Three set meals? / – Gosh, that’s… What really scares me is the fact that she throws up after eating like that. – Why? / – At night. It’s because she overeats. – She throws up after overeating? / – Is she bulimic? – I didn’t know. / – Why does she do that? She throws up two or three times a week. – Every time… / – That’s often. It must be painful. It’s odd that she keeps doing it. She says that she never feels full when she eats. – While she’s eating? / – Yes. She always orders a double portion for everything. I have to stop her because she’d keep on eating. – She’s here, right? / – Yes. – What’s her name? / – Hyebin. Hyebin? Jin, you should call her. Hyebin! (Who’s the niece that shattered her peaceful life?) She’s skinny. Hyebin, please stand up for us. – She’s slim. / – She is. Turn around for us. She’s tall too. I guess I should throw up too. (Do I need to throw up too?) Will you start throwing up? (What kind of nonsense is that?) Is everything your aunt told us true? Yes. Then you must’ve known how stressed out she has been. I did to an extent, but I didn’t know that it was bad enough for her to reach out to you guys for help. I have to get 12 hours of sleep… – 12 hours? / – Yes. I can’t get up unless I sleep for exactly 12 hours. – But… / – What do you mean you can’t? – My gosh. / – You have to do something after sleeping for 12 hours. As soon as I get up, I feel… I’m actually anemic. – You’re anemic? / – Yes. Because of it, I feel so spaced out when I wake up. – What made you move out of home? / – I’m curious. My parents had me ten years after they got married. We don’t get along because of the generation gap. – You think differently. / – Yes. My skin is on the dark side, so I got teased a lot. – When you were younger? / – Yes. My parents own a fish store, so people told me that I smell. – Your friends? / – Yes. – I heard it a lot. / – Especially in summer, right? I used to wear a lot of perfume because of it. (She had a stressful childhood.) Yeongja, didn’t your family also… My family ran a fish store for a long time. I experienced similar things, of course. I’d go to collect payments after selling fish. Whenever I tried to take a taxi… In winter, they turn on the heater inside taxis, you know. Taxi drivers used to refuse to drive me. – Because of the smell. / – That’s right. I used to have to walk 2 to 3km because of it. Do you relieve stress through eating? Yes, I can’t say that I don’t. I eat two to three bowls of jjajangmyeon by myself. But your aunt said you throw up everything afterwards. I have stomach problems. – That makes it worse. / – Exactly. I get hemorrhagic gastritis. That plus nervous stomach makes me vomit all the time. I’m on medication for it. Once, I asked her, “Do you live on medicine?” She has hypochondriac tendencies. – Hypochondria. / – She sees all sorts of doctors and says that her trapezius and shoulder blades hurt. – Her trapezius? / – She says her entire body aches. She says that she thinks her stomach is upset and takes medicine. – She “thinks”. / – Exactly. It’s dangerous to self-diagnose and take – medicine based on it. / – It certainly is. Why do you take so much medicine? – It gives me a mental relief. / – You feel relieved. Did you move into your aunt’s place because you hate Gwangju? – Yes. / – I’m sure all of your friends are still in Gwangju though. I had a lot of stress and used to be scared of people. You were scared of people? Yes. I used to cover my face whenever I had to go out. – Because people might stare at you? / – Yes. Are you okay now? Is the phobia gone? I’m feeling all right because of these. – Your glasses? / – Do you feel anxious without them? I can’t make eye contact with people. I can’t make eye contact with people. But you can make eye contact when you wear glasses? I just have to cover something on my face. Then I can make eye contact. She had a lot of problems with her classmates. Once, they played a game that required holding hands. Before they even held her hands, they went, “You’re disgusting.” they went, “You’re disgusting.” Her friend made fun of her. After she moved in, I realized she has such low self-esteem. She keeps saying things like, “I’m so ugly. My eyes are tiny.” She goes on about it, and it stresses me out. – Her self-esteem is so low. / – Yes. She has masks of every color for when she goes out. – From black to white… / – Seriously? She always wears a mask. I think she saw a group of women whispering. They weren’t talking about her, but she thought so. Right, she can feel that way. “Do they think they’re so pretty?” She got all angry. Your aunt probably told you she contacted us and that you’d have to come here. – Yes. / – This show will be broadcast nationwide. – I’m sure she told you these things. / – Yes, she did. How did you muster up the courage to come here? This show is all about learning to empathize. – Right. / – I wanted to be part of the experience. I’m so glad you’re here. Have you been feeling the need to change? Yes, I have. – I’m glad. / – That’s what gave you the courage? Please give her a big round of applause. (We’re rooting for you!) – Today will be… / – I’m so glad you came. About the wounds you’re harboring in your heart… Have you ever had a candid chat with your parents? I’ve mentioned it to them here and there, but my mom just said that’s how the world is. She instilled her negative mindset in me. My dad, on the other hand, is a Jeolla Province native. Because of his strong accent, he always sounds as though he’s scolding me. Does that mean you never share your worries with him? Not at all. I don’t even talk to him. Your mom must take your side though. Do you not find it helpful when she says not to worry? I don’t think she understands me. – You don’t feel it? / – No. The lady beside her must be her mom. Yes, she’s her mom and my sister. Your older sister. As she’s listening to her daughter, – she keeps crying. / – Yes. – Her heart must ache so much. / – I know. Why do you keep crying? When Hyebin mentioned those things to me, I didn’t think they were serious issues. “Just forget about it. Kids are like that these days.” – Right. / – It must’ve been very stressful for her. My heart aches a lot for her. – After hearing everything. / – Yes. When she first said that she wants to move out, you must’ve been very upset. When she first brought it up, I was really sad. I wanted her to stay by my side. As you know, I had her ten years after I got married. My husband is actually the oldest son of his family. We had a girl when his parents wanted a grandson, – so they didn’t even look at her. / – Goodness. – Your in-laws? / – That’s why I’ve always felt bad and wanted to be there for her. After she packed up and left, I cried so much. I was very sad. Both you and your husband must’ve given her much love. We did our best, but my husband can sound harsh because of his Jeolla Province accent. “I love you, okay?” He must’ve sounded like that. I can’t take it, and neither can my daughter. – He can come on too strong. / – Yes. Whenever I have a discussion with him about her, he blames her for everything. We should talk to her father. He is blinking a lot because he is embarrassed. You had your daughter after many struggles. Were you strict with her to make her strong? I couldn’t do that to a daughter I had after ten years. I didn’t know about her worries. They are serious. You didn’t know about them. Do you tell your daughter that you love her? – I tell her very often. / – How do you tell her that? I say, “I love you.” I want to put my arm around her and hold her hands. (Rejecting) She is worse than Haeun. I want to buy her delicious food, but she doesn’t answer my call. You understand you love her. Do you scold her severely? No, I don’t. Then why doesn’t she like her dad? Even though I have an intimidating face, I am soft-hearted. I treat her like a woman would. – You are soft-hearted. / – I am despite being a man. – You treat her like a woman would. / – Yes. – I have a woman’s heart. / – A woman’s heart. Let’s ask him questions. I am sure you remember. Your daughter has told you that her classmates pick on her, right? I told her to do the same. – How exactly did you say that? / – “Do the same”? My goodness. “Dad, my classmates make fun of me” “because of your fish shop.” “Don’t they eat fish?” “It’s natural for fish to smell like fish.” (Is this how he comforts his daughter?) Did you say that with love? Yes. – “Yes.” / – “Don’t they eat fish?” Has your dad hurt your feelings when you were young? – Yes. / – Tell us everything. – Well… / – Tell us everything. One time, I brought my friend home. My dad grabbed me by the collar and threw me on the floor. – What? / – Then he brought a fishing rod. He beat me until it broke. – Why did he do that? / – It happened suddenly. – Was there no reason? / – I asked him. He said that I swore at him. He said that I swore at him. You must have used a swore word with your friend. – Did he mishear? / – You didn’t use a swear word. What happened? I am not sure. I don’t remember. Why don’t you remember? I think it happened when she was very young. – I don’t remember. / – She was in middle school. – Sir. / – Even if it had happened, I wouldn’t have beaten her hard. My goodness. It must have been more hurtful and embarrassing because she was with a friend. You understand that, right? I remember it now. My goodness. You aren’t lying, are you? She didn’t do the dishes. When I told her to do the dishes, she talked back. I beat her because she talked back. – She was with a friend. / – It doesn’t matter. As my looks may tell you, I am ruthless. You said you are different from your looks. Even though I have an intimidating face… (He said he is soft-hearted earlier.) You said you are different from your looks. You said you have a woman’s heart. Now you say you are ruthless. – My goodness. / – I have many different sides. How did you feel at that time? I made up my mind to go to a high school in Seoul. In a year or two. Your dad didn’t beat you often, did he? It wasn’t often. He saves it up for a severe beating. I only beat her once – in 20 years. / – Did you only beat her once? – I think so. / – What hurt more, the beating or the fact your friend was there? – The fact my friend was there. / – It hurt your pride. – Yes. / – You don’t answer your dad’s call. Is that why? No, there are a lot of reasons. Please share one of them that hurt you the most. Sometimes, he swears at me. – He swears at you. / – Yes. He may say it’s a joke, but he does it very often. That’s what hurt me the most. It seems like you haven’t felt your dad’s love as you were growing up. I have no recollection of it. – You have no recollection. / – You never felt it. You never felt loved. I have love for her on the inside. – You don’t know how to express it. / – It’s hard. How have you expressed it so far? I don’t swear much. I do call her “Brat”. – “Brat”? / – A child can be a brat. – True. / – My goodness. – I don’t think it’s swear word. / – I get him now. The words you used without a thought hurt your daughter. I didn’t use those words to hurt her. She feels as though you swore at her all her life. – You need to change. / – Okay. Ma’am, how does it feel to hear your daughter’s story? It’s hard. I am in tears. I didn’t know it would be a worry for my sister. It must have been stressful for her to live with my daughter. We understand that you had problems with your parents. However, you sleep until 2 p.m. at your aunt’s place. You ask her to wash the duvet and clothes you wore once. I asked her. I didn’t force her. – You live in that house too. / – You shouldn’t ask. – You should do it yourself. / – Be sensible. – You live at her house. / – Otherwise, pay her well. You should wake up early. You live with your aunt. She isn’t your parent. What can she do to make you feel more comfortable at home? When she first came to live with me, she said she wants to lead a well-regulated life. However, she isn’t even trying. I usually wake up between 6 and 7 a.m. I hope she wouldn’t sleep until 2 p.m. I hope she would clean the dishes she used. She entered a university. I hope she would adjust well and meet nice people to regain her confidence – and become more optimistic. / – That’s right. Can you do that? – Yes. / – You should try. I will try. While it’s important to change her daily routine, it’s more important for her to regain her confidence. Her parents need to show her love. Sir, you are bad at communicating with your daughter. – You should practice. / – I will do that. I will communicate with her often. You are mumbling. You should practice here. – That’s right. / – Let’s say your daughter calls you. What do you say? “What is it? What do you want?” She doesn’t call me. She should call me. – What? / – She should call me. – My goodness. / – You should pretend she called you. Am I pretending to be on the phone? – Yes. / – Okay. – Call me. / – Ring, ring, ring. “Call me.” Hello. – Hello. / – My daughter. Did you eat? Sir! (Let her talk.) – Listen to what she says. / – You ate. You need to have a conversation. You need to have a conversation. “Did you eat? You ate. Let’s hang up.” Don’t do that. Have a conversation. – A conversation? Okay. / – Do it right this time. (My goodness.) Let’s try again. – Let’s not interrupt. / – Okay. Ring, ring, ring. – Hello. / – Hello. Is it you, my daughter? – What? / – Is it you, my daughter? Yes. It’s impossible to hear your voice. You should pick up the phone when I call. I am scared. – Look, this is wrong. / – That’s how he talks to her. You are only talking about your complaints. You should listen to her and find out what’s happening in her life. Let’s teach him how it’s done. I will talk on the phone with her. Ring, ring, ring. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s my daughter! How fascinating! I have been thinking about you all morning. That’s what you say to a lover. A dad doesn’t say that. – Jin. / – That’s what you say to a lover. You are good at dad jokes. Play a role of a dad. He is the master of dad jokes. – Hello. / – Hello. Have you been well? Yes. Have you been well? Of course. I am working hard and cleaning fish. What are you doing? – Say, “It must be hard.” / – This is nice. – Say, “It must be hard.” / – This is nice. You are speechless because your dad is too handsome. What is wrong with him? – That dad is strange. / – Seriously. What did I do wrong? I was doing well. Express your love. Tell her how much you miss her. Focus on that in this conversation. Ring, ring, ring. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Is that you, my daughter? Yes. Did you eat? (It’s a nice question.) I did. With my aunt… What did you eat? Let her finish. With my aunt, I had ramyeon. Your stomach hurts when you eat ramyeon. You should eat fish. (He is doing well.) Why don’t you send me fish? I sent your aunt a lot of fish. Now it looks like her aunt hoarded fish. Where did you keep fish? I sent her some a few days ago. Let’s wrap up the conversation before you hang up. Tell her how much you love her. I love you. Tell her how much you miss her. I miss you so much. That’s the best. “I miss you so much.” He loves her very much, – but he’s bad at expressing it. / – That’s right. – She should understand. / – He is not used to it. Now that you are 20 years old, – you will come to understand. / – Be understanding. If she changes as you have asked, Are you willing to live with her a bit longer? If she’s willing to try harder, I want to live with her happily for a long time. I don’t know when we will part. We will part when I get married. When are you planning to get married? I am always ready. I only need a man. You only need a man. – You only need a man. / – Put yourself in her shoes. Ever since you moved into her house, your aunt can’t invite anyone over. (Her aunt can’t invite anyone over.) – He is right. / – It’s the biggest problem. Anyway, you need to grow up. Seunghye, do you think it’s a worry? When Hyebin regains her self-esteem, her life will change a lot. – That’s why I don’t think it’s a worry. / – I see. There is a dad joke. Why are university students the strongest in March? It’s because the semester begins. (It’s because the semester begins.) “Semester begins” sounds like “Very strong” in Korean. Semester begins. That’s hilarious. Taejoon, do you feel like he is doing better than you? – Do you feel nervous? / – It feels like my last shoot. (I will study dad jokes.) Beginning in March, she will need to take classes. Her daily routines will change. When she makes new friends and spends time with them, she will change for the better. – I don’t think it’s a worry. / – All right. – She will become strong. / – The semester will begin. Had she expressed her gratitude to her aunt more often, it wouldn’t have come this far. If she thanks her aunt from now on, many things will change. – You don’t think it’s a worry. / – No, I don’t. If you sympathize with her story about her lazy niece, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – Great. You know, even though I am not young, I have lived inside a prison I created. “I won’t marry a man like my dad.” I had many thoughts along that line. On his deathbed, my dad said something he never said before. “I am sorry.” (I am sorry, my daughter.) My hate for him disappeared. I wished he had said those words earlier. – That’s right. / – Even parents need to apologize for their wrongdoings so that children can break free from painful memories. You can say what you want to say to your aunt. Since you courageously visited the show, why don’t you take off your glasses? That’s a good idea. – You can do it. / – It doesn’t have to be long. – It’s nothing. / – You are pretty. (Have a little courage.) – It’s nothing. / – It’s okay to take off your glasses. – It’s okay to take off your glasses. / – That’s right. Compliments boost self-esteem. She has great skin. – Yes, she does. / – She has great skin. – She really does. / – Her great skin – can make a good impression. / – It’s her strength. Jimin, pay her a compliment. – I think she has beautiful eyes. / – That’s right. It’s a pity I can’t see them well due to her glasses. All right. Why aren’t they impressed with my compliment? “Why aren’t they impressed with my compliment?” “Why weren’t you impressed by my compliment?” (The man with high self-esteem feels sad.) Repeat what you said. – Repeat what you said. / – He is very jealous. You have great skin. (This is what I wanted.) He is very strong. (You are very strong.) Take off your glasses. – Be confident. / – Those aren’t sunglasses. There is no need for you – to be confident because of them. / – That’s right. – Try it. / – Do it for a short time. – Have a little courage. / – Take them off. (Release the stress you have.) You have come this far. – It’s okay. / – There you go. (She took off her glasses.) – That’s right. / – Look at your aunt. (She is very pretty.) Say what you want to say to your aunt. Look at your aunt. (She feels less confident without her glasses.) Yoonhee. I will make an effort from now on to change for better. Let’s live together for a long time. Tell your parents that you love them too. You have never told them. – That’s right. / – They must want to hear it. Please say, “I love you, Mom and Dad.” I love you. I love you, my daughter. “I love you, my daughter.” What did you say? – Please say it again. / – Give him the microphone. Give him the microphone. I love you too, okay? Let me hold your hand. We’ve never held hands before. This is great. (Holding) This is the first time. – Really? / – Yes. (He has never held his daughter’s hand.) (We hope they will be happier from now on.) All right. Let’s see how many votes her story got. (The result) (“The Unwelcome Guest”) Did it get over 100 votes? “The Unwelcome Guest”. How many votes did it get? – 108. / – It got 108 votes. That’s a lot of votes. “What My Son Likes”. Hello, I am a woman in my 40s with a son. It feels just like yesterday that he began to walk, but he is already 178cm tall. – He became a man. / – He is in eighth grade. However, I don’t know what is wrong with him. “Hodol, did you have a good night’s sleep?” – “Let’s have fun with Daddy today.” / – Daddy? “Lila, here is your food.” “Let’s eat and take a bath.” My son is still obsessed with plushies. (Her son is obsessed with plushies.) “My babies, do you want to go to the beach with me?” “Why would he bring plushies to a family trip?” “He must be out of his mind.” “Mom!” “Hodol and Lila are family too.” The house is already filled with plushies. “Mom, new plushies will be released today.” “Please give me money so that I can buy them.” “I am hanging up.” He keeps sending me messages saying, “Mom, give me money. Buy me plushies.” “I will cause troubles.” “Mom, give me money.” He calls and texts me 50 to 60 times until I buy him plushies. I hate both him and the plushies. Please help my son stop playing with plushies. He is eccentric. When you think about it, even adults collect plastic models these days. I don’t think it’s a problem for a middle schooler. – They are only plushies. / – That’s right. I don’t think it’s a worry because a claw crane with plushies is in trend. When I win a plushy, I say, “Gosh, hello.” (Gosh, hello.) Since I do that, – I don’t see a problem. / – “I am a handsome man.” (He was caught.) I don’t go that far. I only say that to people. Anyway, we have a guest who is worried about her son’s obsession with plushies. Let’s meet her. – Please come on out. / – Please come on out. (Who is worried about her son’s plushy obsession?) Hello. (Kim Mijung) ♪ Welcome ♪ (Welcome) Welcome. Please introduce yourself. I have a daughter in elementary school and eighth grade. You don’t have eighth grade. You have a son in eighth grade. I have a son in eighth grade. I am Kim Mijung. – Welcome. / – Welcome. When did he begin to play with plushies? Ever since he was little, he loved plushies. – He collected them. / – It started in his childhood. Even though he is in eighth grade now, he has dog, tiger, snake and lion plushies. There are too many plushies. – He collects plushies. / – That’s right. How does he play with plushies? When he wakes up, he says, “Let’s eat, baby.” He sets it down on the table and pretends to feed it. He uses shampoo to bathe it as though it’s a person. Does he do it regularly? Of course. I want to put them in a washing machine. – He hugs them to go to sleep. / – I see. – You said he takes them to a trip. / – That’s right. When we go on a trip, the car gets filled with them. – He puts a seat belt around it. / – A seat belt? – He does it for the plushies. / – Yes. It must be safe. – It travels safely. / – Is there a specific plushy he likes? Does he collect various plushies? – He likes various plushies. / – Okay. Plushies. There are so many of them. (Plushies fill her son’s room.) My goodness. How many are there? There are over 100. I already threw about half of them. – He must have been upset. / – He was. He spends all his allowances on them. – He doesn’t buy other things. / – He only buys them. He even steals his sister’s allowances. What happens if you don’t give him allowances? Then he’d cause a commotion. He would start whining, and ends up going to school late. When he has issues with me, he won’t go to after-school classes for three days. During puberty, teenagers become sensitive and slam doors. Compared to that, isn’t playing with those plushies better? There is too much dust. He can’t take care of them. When I come home, plushies are scattered on the floor. He doesn’t arrange them. There is too much dust. – Dust. / – The plushies produce dust. I don’t really understand. Let’s talk to her son and hear why he is so obsessed with plushies. – Hello. / – Hello. He is handsome. – Do you like plushies that much? / – Yes. Why? Plushies have a unique texture. They are soft and fluffy. – You don’t like hard plushies. / – No, I don’t. Cushions – are also soft and fluffy. / – However, they don’t have any shapes. They need to have a shape. Don’t you like this one? No, I don’t. – What about this one? / – I don’t like it. – Why not? / – It’s cute. You can name it as Apple. – Apple. / – Why do you hate this? It’s something you can eat. – Since it’s not a living creature? / – Exactly. That isn’t alive either. Only its shape is an animal. I have always liked animals, but my parents didn’t like them. As a result, they bought me plushies instead. – When you were younger? / – Both of my parents worked, so I often felt lonely. – You were lonely. / – My sister was too young to play with, so I played with my plushies. It was fun. They were like my friends, so I began collecting them and became who I am now. If it’s because of animals, why don’t you get a pet? We’ve tried. We had a puppy when he was young, but he was the same. He’s had asthma – since he was young. / – Then you shouldn’t have one. Even now, he has an eye trouble every time there’s a bit of dust or fur. His eyes were red yesterday as well, so he put some eye drops. It gets worse especially in between seasons. Do you have a favorite plushy? Which one is your favorite? – The stuffed gorilla… / – The one in the picture. – Yes, Rilla and Dle. / – Excuse me? – Excuse me? / – My stuffed poodle. – Dle? / – Dle. – Their names are very simple. / – Dle and Rilla. “Rilla” for gorilla, and “Dle” for poodle. What do you normally talk about with Rilla and Dle? “How was your day? How have you been?” I ask them about their feelings. – Do they answer you? / – Wait. I can hear them because I believe they have souls. Their souls whisper to you. Yes. Do you change their spots after some time? – Yes. / – Really? Why? Remaining still is uncomfortable for people. Likewise, I think it’ll be uncomfortable for them too. This is what I don’t understand. When you go on family trips, why would you bring the plushies with you? They’re my family too. – That’s why… / – What about seat belts? – My dad had to suddenly stop the car once. / – I see. – It fell to the floor, / – Sure, it’d fall. and I stepped on it. You stepped on Rilla? That’s why you felt bad. Hold it without putting seat belt around it, then. It’s tough holding it in my arms. (It’s tough holding it in my arms.) People stare when he’s holding his plushies. He picks a fight saying, “What are you looking at?” – Who does? Your son? / – Yes. I once stopped them from getting into a fighting. That person must have been so surprised. A big guy plays with his plushies like this, and then he approaches. “What are you looking at?” (Even he finds himself funny.) It’s not worth a fight. The fact that you almost got into a fight means that you were aware of that person seeing you – as a strange man. / – He felt it. He humiliated me and my plushy. – How fresh. / – You initiate a talk with your plushy. “Rilla, what did you do? Great.” Even for once, have you thought about what you’re doing? – I’m really curious about that. / – Even for a second. I have. (You must have come across that idea!) I asked myself, “What am I doing?” Then I was happy thinking about what I did. – “I better keep doing this.” / – He was happy. – “This is what I did.” / – How amazing. Your attachment to your plushies is extraordinary. He brought some of them here. Let’s take a look. They’re cute. (Please be careful with them.) – Will you please come down for a second? / – Okay. Bring the plushy beside you too. – Wait. / – You can bring it here. The one in front is Dle, right? – You can take them off there. / – It’s okay. – He’s very tall. / – Have a seat. Please explain what kind of plushies they are. Well, I once suffered from enteritis when I visited my grandma’s place. My aunt must have gotten it from a donut shop. That’s why I named it as “Kin”. – Kin. / – Kin. Thanks to Kin, I recovered from enteritis quickly. – Thanks to him. / – Since you had a friend. – Behind it… / – What about the one you’re holding? If you look at it, it’s smiling. Let’s see. I don’t think so. If you take a look, it’s smiling. – What’s its name? / – The panda seems a bit tired. Look, it doesn’t seem like it’s smiling from this side, but it’s smiling if you look from here. The lower lip. – Is its name Mile? / – No. – That’s not it. / – Is it Smile? – Pandol. / – How did you know? – Am I not right? / – He asked, “How did you know?” I thought the name would be Pandol, so I said it. (I know how you name your plushies.) (His mom cannot even smile.) – This is Dle. It’s a poodle. / – Yes. It was my grandma’s last gift for me. – It was a gift before she passed away? / – Yes. – It means a lot. / – You put a ribbon around her too. What’s its name? Is it Money? – It’s Dle. / – It’s Dle. “Money” rhymes with “grandma” in Korean. – What about this one? / – It’s Rilla. – This one’s Rilla. / – This one’s Rilla. – It’s smaller than I thought. / – Nice to meet you. – Rilla is cute. / – Rilla is really adorable. It was my cousin’s last gift before she got married. – Your cousin? / – Yes, my cousin. – Rilla is really cute. / – Don’t touch there. – Why not? / – You’ll hurt her. – Don’t touch here? / – That’s right. It’s okay to hold any part of Rilla because it’s much stronger than we think. – Don’t do that. You’re cruel. / – Believe me. I’m the host of “Animal Farm”, you know. – I’m the guy on “Animal Farm”. / – It’s his favorite. That’s right. – Rilla is a bit… / – He doesn’t seem well. – Look at her. / – Rilla… – Rilla… / – His mother seems displeased. If your mom doesn’t buy you plushies, – you skip school. That’s cheap. / – That’s cheap. There’s a reason why I don’t go to school. – Why? / – Remember how she threw my plushies away? Some of them were my oldest plushies that I cherish. I really wanted to run away from home then. – Why did you throw them away? / – Were they too old? – Were they dirty? / – They were dirty and uncared for. When I come home from work, I see them everywhere. I tell him to clean them up, but he gets upset. When I arrange them, he gets more upset saying that they’re not in the right place. (He gets upset.) Why do you get upset with her? You don’t even clean up. Exactly. They’re all placed into one corner because there’s no space for them. Even people are uncomfortable when put into a corner. Clean them yourself then! Due to the excessive dust, his sister was once – hospitalized with bronchitis. / – Due to an allergy? The doctor said that dust is the worst for bronchitis. He even advised her not to play with them. – It even developed into pneumonia. / – Pneumonia? Yes, it even developed into pneumonia. – I don’t get it. / – Be honest. You must explain this. It must have been really bad if she got bronchitis. – Exactly. / – I want to meet his sister. Hang on. You wanted to ask something before that. – Excuse me? / – What did you want to ask her? Aren’t you hungry? (Aren’t you hungry?) – You want to continue after eating? / – Is it okay? Let’s meet his sister. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Do you remember the time you got bronchitis? I do. Every time he plays with the plushies, it gets dusty. At that time, my throat hurt, and I had a headache too. Do you like plushies as well? I do, but it’s not fun playing with my brother. Why isn’t it fun? My brother does whatever he wants to do. – He does everything as he wants. / – He barges in. One time, I couldn’t do my homework because of him, so I got scolded by my teacher. You couldn’t do your homework because of him? If I tell him that I’m not playing with him, he tapes around the door of my room. He blocks the door with a bookshelf. – He doesn’t let you to leave your room? / – Yes. That’s because you refused to play with his plushies? Yes. Does he look childish when he plays with his plushies? He looks totally weird. At first, he set a boundary like a pen. He played with his plushies while imitating animals. These days, he uses the lines from dramas – for roleplaying. / – I see. If his sister doesn’t respond, he smacks her head. What line did your brother write for you to say? Taejoon was in a web drama named “109 Strange Things”. – The drama Taejoon was in? / – Yes. I was in a web drama not long ago. – What character was it? / – “109 Strange Things”? I was a robot from the future. How did you write the lines then? I told her to watch Taejoon’s clips and memorize. He told her to watch and memorize it. I played Taejoon’s character, and I got my sister to play Jung Chaeyeon’s character. What about the plushies? – They played… / – Supporting actors and extras? Is there a reason why you use the lines from dramas? There’s one more worry now. Watching “109 Strange Things” made me want to become an actor. – Really? / – You want to become an actor? That was so sudden. – It’s… / – Thank you. Your story is getting so much bigger now. What line was it? Tell us the line Taejoon said. In the last episode, there’s a scene where Taejoon gets caught by the villains. Take me too. I can’t let Baekku go alone. Master. If you go with me now, there’s nothing I can do. What was the line? Master, if you go with me now, I can do nothing. I can’t help you at all. – I’ll escape and contact you. / – Put some emotions, will you? Is it because he played a robot? – I guess it’s because he’s a robot. / – He’s a robot. – You’re acting out a robot? / – Shall I add emotions? Add emotions. Of course. You must add emotions if you want to become an actor. Master, if you go with me now, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll escape no matter what and contact you. You sound the same as before. No. It was different. – It was different? / – Yes. Why must you practice with your sister and plushies? You can do it alone. Your sister doesn’t want to do it. – He taped her door. / – He blocked it too. That’s because she wanted to do homework while we were playing. I was annoyed that she suddenly got up and left. I did that out of anger. I don’t know why, but your sister looks exhausted. (She looks extremely exhausted.) Meanwhile, she got very exhausted. She seems very worried. Did you know about it? Your son taped and blocked his sister’s door with bookshelves. She told me after it happened. She gets tired from playing. – She seems tired now. / – Her nose bled yesterday. She came out with her nose bleeding. – She couldn’t sleep last night. / – From playing? Your worry is serious enough to be here. Have you ever scolded him harshly? – Yes. / – How? When I scolded him, he marked his arm with a pen. – He drew something… / – Did he hurt himself? – Did he draw? / – He made big marks on his arm. It could make you worried. Right, so I have to be careful with him. I was playing after finishing my homework. My mom didn’t understand that. She kept telling me to study, so I got annoyed. I did that in the room out of anger. His friends are here to share how he behaves at school. Let’s meet them. Hello. – Hello. / – It’s nice to meet you. Did you know he likes plushies? Yes, I went to his house for the first time. Instead of playing with us, he was talking to his plushies in his room. I didn’t want to be his friend because he was weird. He turned out to be a good friend, – so we’re still friends. / – I see. Did you know he wants to be an actor? – Yes, he keeps telling us. / – What do you think? Do you think he’ll become an actor? It’s strange. Is it strange? (He regrets inviting him.) What is he like at school? He listens to the teachers. He gets along well with others. People who aren’t close to him don’t know that. – I see. / – According to his friends, he gets along with others at school. He doesn’t seem to have major problems at school. He seems to adjust well at school. However, when he’s at home, he prefers to stay with his plushies Does he act like a baby at times? Is there something he can’t do by himself? For instance, he can’t shop clothes by himself. If there’s a mosquito or a bug, he calls me on the phone to catch it. He doesn’t catch it himself? You aren’t simply worried about him playing with plushies, but also about his childlike behavior. – Do you think… / – He’s not independent. Does he need you to sleep? – Yes. / – With you? – Yes. / – He’s in eighth grade. Not with his plushies? He acts like a baby. – Why do you sleep with your mom? / – I’m scared. – Of what? / – What scares you? I’m scared of ghosts and bugs. Are you scared of bugs? Many plushies are there to protect you. – Nonetheless… / – He thinks they’re only plushies. – They’re just plushies. / – He’s still scared. We asked for professional advice. If you’re older than eight or nine and have imaginary friends or fall in love with them, it means you lack something emotionally. That’s the majority of the case. Did something like that happen? Did you neglect him at times? No. He’s much older than his sister. I gave him almost everything that he asked. There weren’t major problems in his childhood. Like the other guest, you might have not expressed enough love. You may think nothing was wrong. Instead of talking to your mom, did you talk to your plushies? When I entered seventh grade, I changed cram schools a lot. I did very poorly on the exam. When I told Mom about it, she scolded me a lot. How can I maintain good grades when I keep changing cramming schools? Did you talk about that to your plushies? – Yes. / – Why didn’t you talk to your mom? If I do, she’d spank me. I tried my best, but I suppose we didn’t talk enough. The problem comes from plushies. I don’t know what to do about it. I’m very worried. You must be worried. Do you like anything other than plushies? My hobbies are acting, running and playing basketball. Why don’t you go out and play? You can play basketball with friends. The weather is bad. – The weather? / – Was it too cold? It’s too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. There are indoor basketball courts. I have to take a shower if I sweat. I’m lazy to wash. – He doesn’t like washing. / – He hates sweating. – Right. / – That’s not liking sports. – Are you serious about becoming an actor? / – Yes. It’s the same for Taejoon. Being an actor is about playing – a variety of roles, right? / – Right. You must observe and meet diverse groups of people. You need different experiences so you can apply to your acting. You must come out of your room – and meet many people. / – Right. Relationships are important. The only person you interact with is your sister. Look how exhausted she is. Being an actor is about dealing with other people’s pains. You need to have an understanding and love for others. Is your sister more important or plushies? Plushies. (He doesn’t hesitate.) Are your plushies more important than your mom? They’re just as important. (His answer shocks his mother.) You can’t stop someone from doing what he loves when there’s a freedom of choice. However, you fight and hurt the feelings of your mom and your sister. It’s causing pain in others. That’s wrong. Make compromises so that you argue less. Can you tidy up your own room and go out to see your friends? (Will he change?) Well, yes. – Will you change? / – It’s good that he’s accepting. Understanding the situation and accepting it is a good attitude. Is there anything you’d like to say to him? Yejun. Plushies are just plushies. Respect your sister more than your plushies, and I hope you study hard. She must be concerned. Let’s start with Seunghye. Is it a worry? I didn’t think it was a worry. However, from his mom’s perspective, – I think it’s a worry. / – Of course. If he goes out to play with his peers, I believe things will change. I think it’s a worry. If you think plushies getting torn is worse than your sister getting hurt, I believe it’s problematic. I hope you reflect on this. – Is it a worry? / – Yes. – Okay. / – Jin? I believe that people around you are more important. Please press the button if you think it’s a worry. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. Time is up. Please say something to your mom. She shared her thoughts with you. Mom. If Yuran listens to me, I’ll take better care of her. – Isn’t she younger than you? / – Yes. Why did you say you’ll take care of her if she listens to you? It’s strange. That hurts your sister deeply. If you give her orders and lock her up so that she can practice acting, you’re being terrible. You respect your plushies, but you don’t respect your sister. – That will hurt / – Look at your sister. How does she look? (His sister had a hard time.) See? Say something to her. – You should apologize to her. / – Look at her. Could you look at him? You should look at your brother too. (She can’t look at him.) She suffered a lot. – Please say something. / – It’s been hard for her. (She finally looks at him.) Let’s play after you finish your homework. Apologize to her. Please say something nice. Okay, I’m sorry. (He’s shy to apologize.) He’s going through puberty now. You’ll understand it better in the future. He’ll understand. Let’s see how many votes they received. Show us the result. (The result) (“What My Son Likes”) (“He Drives Me Crazy” received 154 votes.) – It’s over 100. / – What’s the result? Is it 151? (Will he be the new winner?) That’s a lot. (They received 151 votes.) After ten years, watch the recording of the show. – Thank you. / – You’ll be surprised. “He Drives Me Crazy” is the winner of this week. (“He Drives Me Crazy” wins.) Winner will receive a 1,000-dollar gift certificate. Until the day we are all worry-free, Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (“Wake Me Up” by B.A.P)

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