Help for Families with Allergies & Asthma

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The fall season is just around the corner. Think cooler
weather, beautiful trees, along with
falling leaves. But, allergy
sufferers see the season in a different light. They can be
somewhat difficult if you’re sensitive to those allergy
triggers. Absolutely, and here’s
our resident allergy expert, Michele Cassalia, from the
Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, with much more. Take a
look. (music)
(VO) Summer is nearly over and school will soon begin. Fall is
just around the corner and that means allergy season. Welcome to
another season of sneezing. Fall season
is upon us and that means back to school. But, it also means
fall allergy season. The biggest
and largest trigger is ragweed, which really impacts sufferers,
and it may even lead into the winter months. (VO) So what can
you do to avoid common fall allergies? There are many ways
to avoid allergens in the fall. Some of them may include keeping
those windows shut, keeping your pets out of your bedroom,
washing your bed linens in hot temperature, and getting a HEPA
filter for your vacuum cleaner. All are really great ideas. (VO)
And don’t forget precautions for school age children who are
often exposed to allergens in their classrooms. If you have
school age children with allergies, getting ready to go
back to school, make sure you prepare. It’s a good idea to
communicate with the teachers and the school personnel and
make sure everyone knows the triggers. Great insight for life
without limits. And for more
tips and information on fall allergies, visit the website
Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America at or just go
to our website. It’s really
easy, (music)

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