Help Im Allergic To Everything!

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Greetings, Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Thanks for checking out my video. I’ve got an interesting question here. I’ve got lots of questions to go through again,
as usual. So here’s a question from a subscriber. “Eric, do you have any suggestions for people
who have allergic reactions to a lot of healthy foods. I’ve been on the strict candida diet for four
months and my allergic reactions to things like nuts and seeds, lemon juice I get mouth
tingling, eggs I get gut and nasal, nightshades and the achy joints, et cetera. I never had such reactions to these things
when I was healthy. Could it be the long term allergies or simply
because of leaky gut candida? Should I avoid all of these things strictly
and try again when I am healed?” That’s a great question. Well, the first thing I’d recommend you probably
do is check out … do a stool test on yourself to see what the heck is going on inside. You know, a stool test generally will give
you a lot of good information. It’s gonna show you what the microbiology
of the gut is like, where the imbalances are, where your strengths are, where your weaknesses
are. You don’t need to do a leaky gut test if you
do a stool test because that will give you a pretty good idea on how permeable the gut
is. You’ll be able to pick that up through the
secretory IgA, through the bacterial levels, all sorts of different things. So that would be probably a smart thing to
do if you’ve been sick for this long. You could also consider food allergy testing,
you know, a blood based test for IgG, IgE antibodies to see if you’re reacting to any
kind of foods. That’s probably maybe the first test that
you may want to consider, will be the food allergy before you do a stool test. Now let’s say you can’t afford any testing
at all. Well, fair, fair enough. Okay, if you can’t afford any testing, I can
appreciate that. What I recommend you do then is write down
all of the foods that you’re currently consuming … all the foods! So just get a piece of paper, my piece, my
love allergy sheet for example. Say you were, for example, here. You’d write all your foods down in a column
here, every food that you eat. Okay? This is quite a smart thing to do. So you write nightshades, you write lemon
juice, you write nuts and seeds. Define the nuts and seeds. Do you eat almonds? Do you eat brazil nuts? Do you eat poppy seeds? Do you eat sunflower seeds? I write everything down, preferably in categories:
meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits, condiments, grains, all that kind of stuff, and then itemize
all those. You could do it on Excel Spreadsheet. And then you’ve got columns on the right of
that. What you wanna do then is write your severity
index. All right? So meaning one, mild reaction, two, moderate
reaction, three, bad reaction. So just put a tick in those columns. And then have a look at that list and then
date it. So now you’ve established all the foods you
eat, how strong a reaction is, and when you got those reactions. All right? This is a very smart thing to do, because
then over time, as your gut heals, you should notice that those things are going from a
strong reaction down to a moderate to a mild reaction. First thing of course that you want to do
is take out all the category 3 foods from the diet. Everything with a strong reaction needs to
go. And then you want to say, well how do I know
what’s reacting because I’m eating so many foods. Okay, now we can maybe talk about an elimination
and challenge diet. So you can keep your diet to a bare minimum. Just eat basic stuff that you know doesn’t
react, perhaps like cucumbers, maybe spinach, maybe broccoli, maybe some chicken or some
fish, a few basic foods. You could get your diet down to say five or
six or ten foods, and then slowly start increasing the foods one at a time over about a seven
day period. Each week you put a new food in to see what
reactions are. Then you can work out if that food is one,
two or three category. You really need to work this out for yourself. Or, do a food allergy test and that’s gonna
be maybe what … three hundred bucks to do a food allergy profile. If you do a food allergy test, I recommend
you do an IgG IgE. So do both of them. It’s a blood draw. They take some blood out of you, they centrifuge
that, they keep the serum, and that goes off to the lab. I think the best lab is still in Seattle called
US Biotech. I’ll make a description in the description
box below a bit more about this so you can read about that. So, FAP or food allergy profile, I mean it’s
a clever thing to do in this case because they’re gonna immediately take out a lot of
guesswork. If you are gonna do food allergy testing make
sure you don’t eliminate all of these foods, of course. Make sure you eat all of the foods that are
challenging the body and then do the test because then your antibody count is gonna
be a more accurate representation of the foods that you’re currently eating. So of course, don’t go on lettuce and chicken
and then do a food allergy test because you may not see a lot of antibodies. That may be a good solution if you can afford
three hundred bucks or whatever it is to do the test it may help you out quite a lot. So let’s see your questions here again. “Could it be long term allergies or simply
because of leaky gut candida?” Well, candida can create a lot of problems
for a person because it can fool and trick the immune system. You may have seen my video I did on the hyphal
wall protein 1, HWP1 protein. If not, check out that video. I’ll put a link again into the description
box below in that video. So this shows you how candida can mimic gluten
for example. But candida can jam up the immune system and
make it very very difficult for the immune system to work on a normal level. So the immune system can have an overexaggeration
or an underexaggeration in the gut. Some people with candida can have very bad
food allergies and once the candida is cleared up, the allergies just seem to die away. So yeah, it could be the candida and again,
a stool test with a culture will show you if you’ve got live active yeast or dead yeast. “Should I avoid all of these strictly and
try again when I’m healed?” As I mentioned, you can do an assessment on
yourself through a spreadsheet with all your foods, you can do a severity index, you can
do food allergy profiling. There’s many different ways you can assess
or help yourself with this. It almost stands to reason that you’ll have
a leaky gut of some sort, so you may also want to consider probiotics at some stage,
and maybe even some grapefruit seed extract. You could look at Canxida Remove, Canxida
Restore, for example. They would work quite well in this situation. But my guess is because it’s such a severe
case would be to do some functional medicine testing first. The ultimate would be for you to do a comprehensive
stool test, three samples, as well as the food allergy test. Okay, you’re looking at about maybe $700 but
the thing is you’re gonna get a whole lot of information that’s gonna put you into a
very powerful position to get rid of this condition a lot faster than you would if you
were just guessing. All right? So, I hope that answers your question. Thanks for the question, I appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Help Im Allergic To Everything!

  1. have you talked about the relationship between histamine and candida?
    i seem to get a lot of histamine reactions to all those foods that are good for candida
    such as apple cider vinegar.

  2. Dr Bakker you recommend the comprehensive stool test in many videos is there one in specific you are referring to or perhaps by a certain lab that would give you the answers you are looking for

  3. I broke out in hives when I drank water! I can’t handle ANY foods. I went from gluten and dairy elimination to keto to whauls to vegan to histamine intolerance to almost nothing and now nothin. I can’t handle charcoal tabs either. What do you suggest I do next?

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