Helping Childhood Asthma, one breath at a time

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according to the latest from the CDC 25
million people in this country have asthma and 6.3 million of them are
children asthma is defined as a chronic disease
and since there is no cure a well-executed asthma management plan is
the best defense but for mothers of asthmatic children
those best laid plans can be daunting luckily joining us today to offer her
expertise and support is the president and CEO of the Allergy and Asthma
Network Tonya winders Tonya welcome thank you thanks for having me first of
all let’s talk numbers over six million children have asthma
yes actually most Americans would be surprised to hear that there are on
average three children with asthma in every single classroom
it’s the number one reason kids miss school accounting for over a hundred and
forty four million missed school days each and every year and therefore it’s
the most chronic and the most costly childhood disease he was five children
four of them were teenagers yeah and four of them have asthma or
allergies themselves so that pretty much makes you an expert on this topic so
what kind of plan would you put in place well you know as the mother of five or
with this condition it is my life I’ve spent most of the last 20 years focused
on this particular cause and effort both professionally and personally and an
asthma action plan and asthma management plan is the first critical key because
it tells you first of all how to understand your diagnosis also what
medications to take win how to identify specific triggers because of your asthma
in your environment and perhaps control those triggers as much as possible and
it really reinforces what good asthma control looks like and so it’s a key
critical piece to understanding your disease in managing and more effectively
well this sounds like a plan that can be challenging for adults much less a child
that may be as little like mine was one year old when she was on a nebulizer she
can’t tell me what’s wrong with her so exactly it is a very sometimes
overwhelming task to manage asthma depending on exactly how severe it is
and how much it impacts your life and so that’s again why it’s so important to
have this asthma management plan but also to know how to take your
medications correctly because the medications in and of themselves are a
little bit tricky and challenging especially for children and for senior
adults so these inhalers that are the most common medication for asthma is
very challenging because you have to have very solid what we call breath hand
coordination to take the medication appropriately and make sure that it gets
into your lungs rather than into your mouth or the back of your throat in fact
studies show that greater than 80 percent of patients do not take their
medications correctly with their inhalers and not only do we have
challenges with the inhalers because of the breath hand coordination that it
takes to take it correctly but also we have issues with the nebulizer treatment
so this is the the box that it makes the medication into a mist that then gets
the medication into the airways for especially small young babies and
children and then senior adults so besides the stress of having a child
with many symptoms and the quality of life challenges there’s also the stress
of knowing that your child may not always be getting a complete dose from
their medicine how do you know that’s the challenge and that’s why at Allergy
and Asthma Network we’re often looking for innovative techniques and treatments
that are out there and that’s why I’m so excited to share with you about the
inspired chamber and the soother mask today because those are really
innovative tools that can help ensure we get the complete dose every time to the
lung so tell us a little bit about that well the inspirer chamber itself is a
valved holding chamber that holds the medication and allows the patient to
breathe in in and out at their own pace and get the medication rather than into
the mouth or the back of the throat into the lungs and the Airways where it can
work most effectively the soother mask is an adapter that goes on to that and
that mask actually comes in small medium or large sizes and the small size is
really great because it actually has a pacifier slot so you know for you and I
as our babies were little you may want to wake them up to give them a nebulizer
women have been wonderful if you could just put on a mask you knew how to great
Phil because it actually has an indicator for that and then stick their
posse in their mouth and they sleep through their entire asthma treatment
without ever even waking up I mean as a young mom that would have been gold to
me to have that type of tool to really ensure that my baby was getting a good
night’s sleep and in turn I was as well so this could be used from kids to
adults yes especially again most senior adults think about you know as we have
as we age sometimes we get arthritis in our hands and it’s very difficult to
actuate to use the inhalers and so these tools will actually help to in those
cases as well to ensure that the medication is getting exactly where it
needs to go deep into the Airways rather than in the mouth or the back of the
throat this is great thank you so much for sharing all this information with us
today thank you for having me if your child has asthma
I want to give you these important resources again that’s inspire and Allergy Asthma and of course you can find
everything you’ve seen here today on our web site access health TV you

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