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Asthma and allergies affect
millions of Americans. Today, we look at asthma and
allergies in the home and what you can do to make members of
your family with allergies live a healthier and more comfortable
lifestyle. We just moved into a new house
and we’re finally settled, but the previous owner had a dog.
I love animals, but my son and I have allergies so we’ve got to
do something. Here we are in the living room.
There are many allergens that are hidden.
You’re scaring me. (laughter).
Let me give you an example. This is the show all about you
and your space. Your home and surroundings.
We are Designing Spaces. (music).
A portion of today’s show was
brought to you by Stanley Steemer.
(music). Asthma and allergies affect
millions of in the U.S., and asthma and allergy attacks are
triggered by irritants trapped in household carpet, like mold,
dust mites, and pollen. These allergens enter the home
in the air, or tracked in on shoes, and animal dander.
The best course of action for those suffering allergic asthma
is to avoid the allergens or have them removed from the home.
We just moved into a new house and we’re finally settled, but
the previous owner had a dog. I love animals, but my son and I
have allergies so we’ve got to do something.
Designing Spaces reached out to Justin Bates, the third
generation president of Stanley Steemer.
He is here to help Heather and her son combat their allergies
by giving the carpets a professional cleaning.
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have found
that your carpet is the biggest filter in your house.
At Stanley Steemer, we have worked with the Allergy and
Asthma Foundation to prove that we can effectively and
efficiently clean that filter. Stanley Steemer moves 94% of all
indoor allergens and has become the first service certified
Asthma and Allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy
Foundation of America. I saw you on TV and my son has
been struggling with asthma and allergy problems ever since we
moved in, so I’m really happy to have you in our home.
Thanks, and i can relate. When I was a little kid I had
asthma related to my allergies, and now my son has asthma too
which is why I’m so happy, and so proud, that Stanley Steemer
has earned the certification of asthma and allergy friendly.
That gives me peace of mind. I was ready to pull out all the
carpet, but it’s really not that old.
That’s common, and it can be really expensive.
Of course, your families health is what is most important, and
if we can clean your carpet regularly , we can control the
triggers. Right.
Do everything we can to control the dust, because the vacuum can
only do so much. That’s right.
This is really going to help with the pet dander, but I know
that other allergens can build up in the house, and because we
have asthma and allergy problems, how often should we
get the carpet cleaned? The Asthma and Allergy
Foundation of America recommends professional cleaning with a
certified service every 3-4 months.
Well, I’m really excited about what’s happening here.
So, what else does Stanley Steemer clean?
We use our truck mounted cleaning equipment to clean
furniture, as well as tile and grout.
When we clean your tile and grout.
When we clean your tile and grout, first what we do is we’ll
spray down our cleaning agent. NExt, we take a brush and
agitate the tile and the grout to get up and grease or grime,
or whatever might be down there. Next, we freshwater rinse and
flush anything out of the grout, as well as extract it back into
our truck. Next, we can put down a color
seal, which could either completely change the look of
your room, or it could make your grout look uniform and new.
That’s also water-proof. Well, the house will be so much
cleaner. And healthier.
Mmm-hmm (music).
All of our employees are professionally trained and
dedicated to exceptional customer service.
(music). All I can say is wow.
Justin was right. The floors and the carpets look
fantastic. It’s amazing.
I can already feel the difference.
Me too! Stanley Steemer International
was founded in 1947. We currently operate in 49
states across the U.S. You can schedule online at, or call 1-800-STEEMER.
Remember, the carpet in your home acts as a big filter,
trapping allergens that can trigger asthma and allergy
attacks. Keep the carpet free from these
allergens by having it cleaned on a regular basis, by a
professional cleaning service, like Stanley Steemer, certified
by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
To See this portion of the show again, click on the video at You will also find a link to the
Stanley Steemer website there. Did you know asthma and
allergies strike 1 in 5 Americans with a 100% increase
over the past 20 years? 60% of U.S.
households are affected by asthma and allergies.
Common indoor allergens are pet dander, dust mite feces, and
mold spores, most of which are present year-round.
8 out of 10 people in the United States are exposed to house dust
mites. 6 out of 10 are exposed to cat
or dog dander.(music). With increasing numbers of
Americans affected by allergies and asthma, it is important that
households understand what can be done to reduce the triggers
that cause an attack. Armed with the right knowledge,
services and tools, we want your home to be a healthy and
comfortable one. We are Designing Spaces.
For more information about anything you’ve seen on today’s
show, or to find out how to be part of the show, log on to You can visit these websites to
learn more about the participants on this edition of
Designing Spaces. (music).

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