Herb for Allergies and Sinus- Magnolia Flower

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Hi, this is Dr. Waltemate. I practice acupuncture,
chiropractic, and herbal medicine in Creve Coeur, MO. Creve Coeur is near Olivette, Ladue,
Town and Country, Chesterfield, and Maryland Heights. You can give us a call at (314) 569-0057.
We can be found on the internet at www.StLouisAcupuncture.net. Today’s herb is the magnolia flower. The magnolia
flower is harvested in the transition period between winter and spring. The little buds
are plucked before they bloom and then they are dried in the sun and then used for processing.
The little flower kind of looks like one of those “lucky rabbits’ feet” you may have seen
those in older movies (not too popular these days.) So, the magnolia flower is plucked,
dried, and then they put it into, traditionally they put it into a decoction so they wait
for the- put all the herbs into the pot and then they would simmer it and then you would
drink the decoction afterwards. Today’s practitioners usually use a pill form
or a granulated extract. And, we use a granulated extract in our office it makes it a little
more convenient. You can take it with you any where you want to go and you can just
mix it up right there. This herb is great for “St.Louis Sinus” and
allergy problems. This is one of our herbs that we use for watery eyes, runny nose- especially
with white mucus or clear mucus. It clears out the sinuses, it opens up the nasal passages.
This is one of the great herbs of Chinese medicine. And, it has antibiotic properties, it kills
certain strains of staphylococcus, streptococcus. It has pain relieving properties. It’s even
a uterine stimulant, they’ve used in rabbits to stimulate the uterus. But, mostly we use
it in humans for sinus problems. So, once again, this is Dr. Waltemate. This
herb is the magnolia flower. Our number should be down on the screen right here (points to
bottom of screen). Give us a call, we can help you with your sinus problems.

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