Herbal Cure for Asthma and Arthritis | Herbal Cure Episode 1

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all right thanks for tuning in to another episode of all-around knowledge with Dave we got something that you definitely do not want to miss we’re gonna be talking about some great important health topics including off the writers and asthma so I think you guys gonna definitely tune in I got a very special important guest so stay tuned we’re bout to get real busy all right take it easy [Applause] [Music] [Music] as I said got a special guest for today named Enrico Bell so on you know like I said it’s another second of all run off with Dave you know we’re talking about a lot of different things but hopefully it’s something that beneficial and you know you can learn something I mean so I’m going to just kind of mist handed over to Rick Oh bill you know I’m just introducing yourself wait wait wait goodness of information for what made you really wanna you know pursue this information on you know it was straight to the nitty-gritty whoa we’ve been on her listen you talk about asthma and arthritis these are going to be main topics going to talk about far as like healing stands right now I’m gonna give you guys the overall brainstorm on health hump this things that I know I’m sporadic it’s a certain topics I just just want to talk about but the main objective is gonna be arthritis it is going to be half because I feel like these are a few limits that we deal with and there marry paramount and their major debacles and you know and we need Hilda from because we go to best of Education they always give us a loose appealed race down the kidneys and it breaks down the liver in we’ve never really get any cure we just get peels and so with it’s a so I wanna I’m going to talk about itself the current as the epidemic and then I also gonna talk about how to heal it versus just just talking about I mean we talk about these epidemics all the time but we never come to their solutions and we’ve never really been so you never fix it we just die and I’m saying if you died from these epidemics in raids from this man here was expensive knowledge you know I learned you know there’s tons of research it’s gonna break them down to you so um okay so you said you wanted to tap into like let’s talk origin so you want to kind of go into that first yeah maybe kind of work with things come from what you know that because you’d be going to start George let’s do that okay well to be honest it’s it’s it’s an allergy now we understand the aspect of it being an allergy would slash a parasite or worm that’s they get to the bacteria of the blood that affects the joints and understand one more time so we can really get it as an out to you / parasite that this and also one that creates bacteria in the blood that affects the joints and also you saw your letter a falsified sodium and not getting the proper sodium in the body you know it’s also going to also create off private so we see we think about arthritis we think about the epidemic as being an older or elderly epidemic when about a lot of people who like the upper age limit occupied kids in middle school construction work was under the age of 35 years old this done done with walked and walked around concrete or walking on concrete and um demolition and they haven’t done your Tony and run into the legs and they still have you know so by a bigger problem I I just want to talk about it but like I say the origin of it it’s an allergy so whose turn off – is allergy yep I even know that yeah it’s a worm it’s a parasite an increase of bacteria in the blood and then they’re bacteria – blood eats away at the joints that’s what makes the things so exacerbated I’m saying we need to wait that means it’s already got – that’s a plenty of level and you’re already affected and so what we want to do is we’re gonna forget it for the beginning it doesn’t you in a bit but when we do get it it’s best to know what it is because if you know what it is you’re gonna fight it was off the right yep oh now ask myself it’s it’s more about it’s a callin the key we get it from Halden it’s a dust mite or school and we gotta get the other aspect but that’s also the origin of what I make oh I’m sorry far from the notion of as it’s numbers like this different forms of hasn’t like I’m saying you got the COPD the overlapped form as we get the blankets aplomb from a restrictive standpoint its non how its forms of asthma I mean but for the most part in the or just definitely we get for the pollen the Knights and squirrels Oh Cosmo I mean absolutely accuse a thousand people with you yeah yeah I’m sorry thousand people a day hola 339 million people have been affected it’s really bad so many people have died and you this a six million of those 22 million are kids let me ask my joke I love they could trigger it in and saying tobacco doesn’t aid it doesn’t help what has me I’m saying it seems like more so the Western value is the problem the Western diet of what we eat from the tree poignant level how we eat is the reason why these academics come about see most people don’t understand that epidemic start from the stomach mean almost any epidemic in the world comes from the stomach you call it mmm I’m saying don’t you don’t get me wrong it is a mucus buildup also who Colonel holes in the bunny releasing flushed out but if they you we know the body’s outline we know the bodies are hunched like eighty ninety percent water right yeah but we don’t know that the stomach is the only vital organ that’s the only organ is a city is the only organism that’s it listen right now this is you just won’t there were some common things I’m not just America this everybody experience these two most common claims so it’s so this is asthma can you be born asthma see no it’s more of a diary I’m so glad you said that because you know how we say it’s people you don’t say my I’m gonna get diseases are passed down from generation to generation a bad habit I mm-hmm that’s very less bad habits are so when you so it’s only three different body disease in the world you got attacked over there I’m a mess I’m working you have a bigger now we haven’t got to the level of being with right now what gonna give these individual um [Applause] [Applause] tall skinny yeah little busy but you know saying more so they’re olive oil you later don’t know where exactly if I’m more so magazine wait a Mainer body the stomach region as much regarded a you have what is that in no more miss the people that we see of and I’m said with a little bit taller a little bit shorter their heavy side fat sticks amount of stomach its way I mean it’s just I mean they need it remotes to lose weight if you look in the world which is most of America you introduce investment I would say the best exercise for you will probably be the still my spirit man their messes a monster because you don’t move very fast but you’re going upstairs no think about going up 25 stairs look one of assessment yeah so take a look it’s going it’s gonna work against familias with New Hampshire’s yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so all right cool okay so we got origins you know we talked a lot about different body types you know like I said before this is gonna be you know what I’m saying so this man here has a lot of knowledge so just stay tuned we’re gonna be born into different you know parts of health topics but less less less less attend a degree in what we really came to do now let’s go arthritis how can we naturally heal you know I mean I want to be able to stay healthy I like nice I’m glad now this yeah this is the juice this is the bread butter now this is what’s gonna kill that forgive me now for its having arthritis if you have arthritis get you some sauce primeira its SAR as you BA are I ate soft wherever you got tumeric tea um we are I see you got ginger roller bar yup cat’s claw and most of these are spilled exactly it sounds wooden baton and also nest with that sister fix the author eyelets now when the bones are already coming in and broke down get fix the bones you can get you something nice and also I want to note that you guys know that when you look up these forms because a lot of these phones you can get off Amazon I say we go to Western medication and Modi’s pill format fragments are just so expensive but how a lot of these are powder forms my hat 100% natural powder form a lot of these are come in a leaf form so you can put it in a tea or you could put in like a bone soup you took your soup in the same contrast get to 6 6 cups of water when you make it any bomb any any type of soup so you can put in your soon you’ve been putting your tea or you can get in a powder form and use it mix it with water something I’ve never said Judas off whenever Duchenne last ever from but mrs. juicer do you just Wow I prefer I think waters Disney replication the simulator with you especially you get to interview in these compounds you’re gonna get these compounds in the morning and you also leave with these compounds before at night now if you don’t do anything you have to give in morning before the climax of the day to perform your David star leave the job alone get you these compounds and put them in the teeth or get them in a powder form and [Applause] let’s break it down image so we’re gonna use you that you just named like oh yeah I’m thinking like man but I got for all listeners One Bowl and start up don’t suffer me you know I mean so well what do you what are you breaking me out everything you doing what what kind of flow I’m saying ships cuz I said your bones already broken let’s go for the preventive side if you just want to just add whatever just what would you recommend I knew some suits but it’s basic what would you recommend saying on how one of those things you know okay what I would like a lot of information and it must information that you’re an idea tuna now tumeric tumeric is every I would grab that I would give like maybe one or two of these components and I’m Barbra trying to use one of these two corners a day there’s just too much stuff in the day and your body’s not used to the damage they see your body’s not used to things really healthy things and it’s proven and when you put really really healthy things into your body and your body’s not really used to it the advice used to eating the professional crap that you eat all your life it’s gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna push it out and you’re gonna feel bad you can feel like man I don’t even eat that healthy stuff cuz I wish you could survive you’ve been used to eat me the bad foods for so long so what I would start out since I’ve just named a bunch of stuff before the holidays I’m started with tougher or maybe tumeric okay the real 13 you know the reason why to occur to me to not the root to Rick looks a lot like ginger but we don’t don’t really see tumor that often it’s more when you couldn’t in science are as an orange and it launches I mean it’s like laboratory I mean it’s good that there’s a cancer fight agent is that it it’s it’s like stuff don’t anybody move we’re gonna boil everything down to me you can chop your to make up you can witness it I think maybe start out our amazing all these forms to try to put him in a two to four move 19 no no warning I think they’ll be early night we’re trying to cook with this stuff now is such an acquired taste not used to it might be premium but if you’re putting achieve cuz you don’t wanna tease are gonna be bitter anyway you know sure we were used to that and we know that so you can expect the tea to taste amazing you just want to use positive compounds to get the final quiz yourself okay cheese cheese pie the best way to go it’s not easy to do morning tea figure out how to make the best team some of this stuff here yeah I mean it’s the most often my friend is right okay preventive stage what we’re doing and then recommendation rise and then if you already okay it’s gonna be awesome okay or your main objective is to ingest to digest with the mentor okay limit it I like you said you’re getting these compounds in on a day-to-day basis you’re gonna see your off products where you can see your asthma slowly disseminating and you see you that that violet sorry shotgun and it is so awesome to the the respiratory system that has scratches every time you’re gonna stop using it no sin I know people with draconian hats I’m talking about is very bad and just giving these these basic compounds whatnot they tell Marie Combs I do see a difference I’m not confident or replying is Man head to every date I mean that’s beautiful phenomenal just keep up with it this this stuff is very paramount non-western medication [Applause] this is the way to go we are now the whole bones do not get sick so to not get sick I feel like we should be consuming to go in gently on a day-to-day basis and also put your lemons and limes because they’re sour you know it’s like but it’s four different flavors before it’s four different tastes I should say in and I’m gonna talk about these tapes for that feel like they’re very important now you got a pungent taste memnet our pungent taste is anything that’s like I would say ha cayenne pepper or habanero pepper hot dry these hot dry them Sam aspects they’re good for the long so anything like like a habanero but you don’t want your food super high which will have the spicy or poop I’m saying you could spice being spicy is you’re getting done that then the inclination in you who said so so getting that spice and spice also caused the circulation blood flow cayenne peppers red so what is gonna work the blood is red rosemary twit Oh bill cup of thread you know Sam so these these red things they they fix your red look it’s correlation and right sounds cliche tonight sounds cheesy but it’s true and then that’s one that’s one flavor that’s the potent flavor I mean you got bitter bitterness it’s like your apricot seeds and flax Edom was important remember we leg is limited flaxseed cheers Mellie factor you mean Lexi let me some policies that we love sunflower seeds just get them in the morning I mean these compounds down I know it might be acquired taste at first it is something that we will not use to but if it’s gonna kill you at the Dybbuk need to do of the fish it out to do any person have so if you get the the her the spices the fruits and the vegetables you stay out lie you can reverse when you brought he brought some things today okay let’s talk about garlic now and I like these compounds could I cook with these compounds moving about on a day-to-day basis databases now garlic garlic is amazing garlic warms of blood it’s a its antioxidant it’s so it is also very good for cholesterol remember them so could put it on the big databases try to put it in your spaghetti it’s wonderful in your taco it’s gonna put in something cut a mass you know say I knows a very strong or Oman so let’s go and smell but it’s it’s gonna cure these things for you then I get to it I’ve talked about to make in the passage earlier to make is really good because it cures all timeless it killers are it’s good for the brain injury in training Journal it’s a a bit of feta fighting agent it’s gonna cure cancer I may say it’s really important and same thing with um ginger ginger it’s good for nausea it’s good for morning sickness when women are pregnant um it good for also warming and blood and I’m saying is gonna also help fight against those source of epidemics so and I feel like if you start with these compounds you eat these compounds in the day to day basis you wouldn’t have things will not get bad to the point well you need the elaborate things that are just name the whole goal is to prevent to get to that bad I just know how to heal you when you get that bad so what you guys want you and then also I got eucalyptus eucalyptus is something amazing it’s good for stress release you know I’m saying if you’re going through some hard times are going through life in general just smelling you can lift this put a hundred percent you can get into the whole foods I think this was more warmth no more than three to five months preachy no saying but it’s really holistic it’s good it’s good for stress you saw you got to eucalyptus I use this on a day-to-day basis for stress relief I cook on my garlic got cook on my tumeric in a couple munch engine a lot of people you really winning ran across the ginger are you occurred about it but we don’t hear about tumeric we should care tumeric also with the person and then you can also get you reckon of powdered in the cookbook or and they’re very paramount and we haven’t died by these and I don’t be common cold I’ll use it’ll have a nucleus buildup I haven’t took an aspirin since high school I haven’t been to the doctor since high school and I don’t get sick and I think the reason why I don’t get sick is because I followed this religious and I mean I I stay on health plants earth and vegetation like I said earlier in high school I weighed 150 pounds at the age of 33 years old I only weigh 160 of all in gaining two pounds since high school and that’s just because malleus this is the body watching the body you know one gotta go myself this man not only does the research but he does trial soup he’s actually practicing what he preached he’s testing it out see if there actually is a benefit that’s all hey I said we doing all this you know today we’re using all around information in terms of asthma and right if I say brilliance bringing it to the forefront how he’s doing it what’s been working for help and now you guys do is try it none of this stuff is poisonous let me kill you let her do this you know you need to be over the counter for all right none of that right so are you gonna do a shot man by the time the best information is probably the most readily available information and it’s also the most information is overlooked because ain’t nobody corn firework surrounded and saying hey this is the new thing how long we been around oh yeah exactly vegetation dropping we’ve been joined Ethan’s from 100 years of hundreds of years it just from a business or conglomerate standpoint of America and how America is constructed is we don’t want the demographic to know because we will lose money right so hopefully since it’s been around for thousands of years hopefully we can bridge the gap by us best and younger dope we’ve been about four thousand years we’ve been some younger dust up hopefully setting us whoa to get a healthy it might just said we don’t pursue me humping pursue the same exact goal and I want to thank this man here we go he’s not gonna say he’ll because there’s so much information but I just want to say thank y’all for twenty well with this month is gonna be a series [Applause] once again my name is Dave Dave we’ve got mr. Rico Belliard man appreciation okay let’s keep it more brother all right all right the blessing is guy [Applause]

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