Hidden Gallbladder Symptoms

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Hey, Dr. Berg here. In this video, we’re going to talk about the
hidden gallbladder symptoms. Now what is the gallbladder? It’s a little sac that holds bile, B-I-L-E,
underneath the liver. Now bile is like the detergent that dissolves
the grease and the fats in your body. It helps with digestion. It helps absorb certain good elements from
the fat that you eat. It’s made by the liver. A lot of times people are told that the gallbladder
is an extra organ, you don’t need it. You need this gallbladder and you need it
to function. These are all the symptoms that can occur. Number one, you’re going to get bloating. You’re going to get belching. You’re going to get burping. That is a gallbladder problem. You’ll have a low thyroid. Why? Because the thyroid hormones actually become
activated, workable through the liver and the gallbladder. Without a good gallbladder or enough bile,
you can’t convert T4 to T3. T4, which is an inactive thyroid to T3, which
is the active version. Here you are taking thyroid medication, it’s
not working, you’re not losing weight, you’re not getting energy, because it’s a secondary
thyroid primary gallbladder. Now if you don’t have a gallbladder, then
you know that’s the reason. That means that you need to take some bile. Get some bile as a supplement and that way
you can replace it so you can start converting that thyroid. The next one is toxins. The bile is filled with a lot of toxic waste
from the liver. It’s kind of like an exit route of toxins
throughout the body. The liver breaks down the chemicals and the
bile helps flush it out. Toxin detoxification occurs through this method. Without this gallbladder, you will become
more toxic. That’s why when you do gallbladder flushes,
you see all this bile that comes out. People thinks those are stones, those are
not stones, that’s just green bile. Then all of a sudden you become deficient. I don’t recommend doing that flush because
you’re just going to flush out the bile that you need. Then it’s not going to really solve anything
long-term. Not satisfied after a meal. If you eat a meal and you feel like you need
a little something extra, a little sweet or something, you don’t have the bile to pull
out the fats, break down the fats to help satisfy your brain, and you are never satisfied,
so you have to keep eating a little bit more after you eat. That would be a symptom of low bile. Next one, high cholesterol. Bile is needed to regulate cholesterol. Without bile, your cholesterol will start
going higher. Another important point. Now the next one is constipation, because
the bile is also a lubricant of the colon. Without that lubrication, everything kind
of goes real slow. Next one, low fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E, K1, and K2. These are all really important vitamins for
the eye, for the sinuses, for the sex hormones, for the vitamin D calcium regulation, K1 normal
prevention of bruising, and then K2 is the transport of calcium. Without K2, you’ll get things like high blood
pressure, hardening of the arteries, a lot of soft tissue calcium, and osteoporosis,
all because maybe you didn’t have enough bile. You need this bile to actually help absorb
all these key nutrients. If you’re driving at night and you can’t see
in the dark, that’s night blindness, that’s a classic vitamin A deficiency, but it won’t
work because you might not have the bile to absorb it. Right shoulder pain, sometimes back right
through here, this muscle right there, and in the back of your scapula. Why? Because, the gallbladder will refer pain up
into the right side. Because, your liver and gallbladder is right
here and it can go right in the back, upper back, anywhere in this whole area right here,
even down to the hand, up into the neck, that’s a symptom of a gallbladder issue because maybe
you don’t have enough bile. Headaches, especially if they’re on the right
side, jaw pain on the right side, back here, that’s a gallbladder issue as well because
there’s a nerve that goes right from here all the way up to the right side and if there’s
pressure here, bloating, it’s going to put pressure right through here. These are just hidden things that are going
on with this gallbladder. You can actually take purified bile salts
as a supplement to actually substitute what you’re missing to help build this thing up
to help you with these symptoms. Again, we want to get to the cause of the
problem, we don’t want to treat these separately like most people do. We want to understand the why behind the symptom.

100 thoughts on “Hidden Gallbladder Symptoms

  1. How to find a Dr who cares? I have all these symptoms and I do feel like I’m dying! I can’t eat, can’t take my vitamins, I’m sick all the time, so much pain and I can’t see (especially at night!) I’ve lost over 30lbs and still losing. Throwing up yellow nasty stuff from both ends.
    No tests done and I got told it’s probably just a virus. I should not be weighing 111 lbs! Especially at my age!

  2. would this help my gastritis? iv tried every thing and nothing really helps. and also i started a keto life style and my doctors told me to stay away from vegetables because that makes it worse and causes bloating. i really would love to stay on this keto thing i fell amazing. i really hope dr burg u see this comment

  3. Suffering from every single symptom . Than you for the education Dr Berg. My doctor suggested removing rather than trying bile salts!

  4. Last time I tried a bile salt pill I got one of the worst chest pain ever! I felt like something was stuck somewhere. Anyone knows why this happened?

  5. My gastroenterologist wants to do a nuclear medicine injection that helps the scanning Imaging show if my gallbladder is working properly and liver. But it's radioactive and it's toxic probably so is anybody think that's a good idea and if you had it can you let me know if you have any weird symptoms afterwards. Thanks

  6. Dr. Berg, you help me so much with advice for many health issues I have. No other doc even suggests these things. They either shove a new script at me or strongly suggest surgery. Thank you so much.

  7. May God bless you 😢 I wish I knew all this thing before they removed my gallbladder without explaining anything to me. I wish we could have more doctors like you.

  8. So I don’t understand I’m 30 almost 31, male, 6’2 295-310 lbs and I have had some gallbladder attacks lately so I’ve been on a 3 day flush so far. Your telling me that I’m not passing gallstones ????…… how do I get rid of gallstones then I’m confused doctor. I’ve been having stomach pressure as well as pressure in my mid back from the attacks.

  9. I need to stop researching, because I'm scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks. I been trying diet changes and liquid flushes but the vomiting and pain always come back. And I can even feel my gallbladder spasm feels like a round ball. I hope I don't struggle afterwards but I feel there is no alternative😭

  10. I started eating to gain weight and i get headaches im eating some much that my stomach is sticking out after meals could it just be putting pressure on my gal bladder

  11. To those who think the epsom salt and olive oil form these stones: Andreas Moritz even told us to take these stones to a lab and do a research on what they are. Also, gallstones that are hard as a rock do not form overnight as you need to take the epsom salt and olive oil 1 night before the flush you degenerative monkeys. Besides there are plenty of other protocols like the coffee enema which also results in dark greenish gallstones being pooped out.

    Dr. Berg has his own agenda and is being funded by a specific industry. I assume it is the meat, egg and diary industry since he constantly promotes the ketogenic diet and how to overcome fat and protein indigestion. His wife even said once in one of their live Q&A video's and I quote "That's why we are getting the big moneys". To which Berg shockingly looked at her and responded "No we aren't Karen".

  12. Would it make any sense for a person with gallstones to do the ketogenic or paleo diet? I've never had an attack.

  13. the reason I like you is this I am source man meaning whatever symptoms in anything I look for the source / cause of it I have found cause to my ignorance

  14. In the tail end of a gall bladder episode. Just started getting them within the last 5 years or do and haven’t had a ton of them but the 5 or so that I have had ….??? OMWord….. I’m 56, I have kids, I’ve had major surgeries, broken bones, blah blah blah and NOTHING has been as bad as these attacks. But I agree in not getting things just cut out, just ordered the gall bladder supplement on his site….. going try it and see if the added bike salts and other ingredients help. I have everything he talks about on this and other related videos. So we’ll see.

  15. Perhaps you can elaborate more on your scientific opinion about the liver and gallbladder flushes? What do you mean when you say that the flushes will waste the bile that we need?? Isn't the bile formed constantly??

  16. I am just wondering whether the color of the intestinal waste can indicate a bile problem, and can all of these bile deficiency symptoms occur despite a normal coloring of the waste?

  17. i was so shocked becuase everything sympton he said i currently have and will now focus on getting the proper vitamins in me, thank you doctor i really appreciate it and hope for the best

  18. So BILE supplements will remove all these symptoms, because you do not recommend a flush? And how to get rid of gallstones. Someone please explain

  19. my gallbladder is full of stones i keep getting attacks ive changed my diet ive had scans n tests my dr said theres no cure only to remove it i had an attack that lasted 5 hrs dr gave me diclofenic tablets for the pain as ibrufen paracetamol or buscapan didnt work i was drinking peppermint tea used hot water bottle nothing worked i had to deal with it . dont want this pain no more my only option is remove it but then im not going to be better off. i also have ibs . im not regular never have been. the pain is worse than labour starts off right side just under the brest it travels quite quick towards the left down both sides of my body my bk my left showlder blade i have cold sweats soaked through i feel sick but feel both ends need emptying i go weak cant move n the pain is continuouse it doesnt come n go. i read that drinkin apple cider vinegar n lemon on an empty stomach in the morning would disolve the stones but not willing to try it its not gd for the body any recomendations im eating vedge and low fat things

  20. I had my gallbladder removed last year, the pain was intolerable and it was shot.
    I don't miss it, at least so far I haven't, also no more headaches which I don't miss either!
    I take ox bile salts with enzymes to help when needed but this is becoming less and less necessary as my body adapts.

  21. Thank you for the explanation! I was so confused because I had done a gall bladder cleanse before my last pregnancy, and it was the only pregnancy where I actually had a gall bladder attack! I had to have an ercp, spent 3 days in the hospital. They told me I need my gall bladder removed, but I don't plan to!

  22. Oh and what are the best bile salts to take? I went to Holland and Barratts in England and they had different ones. Nothing that said Just Bile salts. Can you deliver to UK? Pain in arm right now with weakness. Always get the head and neck thing always on right side. and achy right side right breast ache, round to back like you said. And rib., will start with improving gallbladder because it might very well be that.

  23. What if you don't have a gallbladder? Does one still need a supplement? Is digestive enzymes different than bile salts?

  24. Hi if you suffering from headache /migraine pls read it. I was having headache almost everyday and finally could understand what cause it. Gallbladder,yes ….. I found the cure and today my 17th day free of headache,it is like a miracle to me,I still can’t believe it. What I have been doing is drinking celery juice every morning on empty stomach,that’s it…. I heard it from the medical medium and first I didnt believe it because he is not the real doctor but there are hundreds people can’t say lie so decide to try for my terrible headache,and it turned out a miracle really …. I also have low thyroid ,right shoulder pain and usually was having headache from the right side of my head,and low Vit D even n using 5000 amount daily still low,and of course bloating… If you are suffering these especially headache pls try just 1 week,empty stomach,celery juice and you will feel difference in couple days no bloating no headache and can’t wait to see my other problem will solve,so I will never ever give up the drink this miracle juice…..so forgot to mention it …..celery juice help to increase your bill in gallblader and stomach acid too to help digestion and also it is one of the most alkaline vegitable!!!!!

  25. Wow he is so true about the nerve that runs up to the neck,this is what I have but on top of that I have 2 pinched nerves in the C6,C7 vertebrae & I drink a lot!! Its agonizing to live with every second I'm awake!! Very smart Doctor! Thank you.

  26. Hi Dr, I'm RSA, 75 years, weight 74 kg , liver normal no stones , gallbladder don't fluss out it's size were 13,8 cm ,no stone's, then they drained it ,600 ml out , now it's 5,8 cm , only now and then I get stabbing pain's, still bloating, diaree. What am I to do

  27. As I was trying to figure out how to help my gallbladder I think it repaired itself. I did cut down on the kale shake, added acv and small amount of pineapple for enzymes.

  28. True story: I stumbled across a different video as a “suggested” video a few weeks back. It was Dr Berg’s gallbladder/right shoulder pain video. I have someone in my life that suffers that. His dad just had his gallbladder removed so I was interested in a possible connection. Fast forward to a few days ago. I’ve been suffering some sort of “tennis elbow” pain. Right elbow but mostly really sore in my right forearm. It’s not 100% gone but from one time of massaging where I hope my gallbladder is in the shower the pain seemed to really lessen. I was so surprised. NOTHING has helped the pain except ibuprofen, which I only take occasionally. I’m going to keep massaging and see how much better it seems to feel. This pain in my arm is mostly unexplainable. Possibly from painting in Dec but I don’t know. I can’t believe the knowledge of videos like this, a traditional dr probably would have recommended a cortisone shot or something.

  29. I like Your videos Dr Berg but I gotta admit I clicked on this one because you look so cute, like a Ken doll. Your health and fitness regimen works for you 🙂

  30. Describing exactly all my symptoms.
    Anyone with Gilberts Syndrom here? There is a big connection of all your problems to the Gallbladder!

  31. had a bad migraine i was very afraid but i noticed it went away slowly as i constant burped and belched and the pain was mostly on the right side, i had gotten it after eating alot of red meat and caffeine and i bloated and was nauseous i woe up in the morning migraine head pressure and was very worried but i couldnt stop belching it was reliever my symptoms i had facial pain and pressure and forehead but i noticed bac pain on my right side and when laying down my stomach on the right and rib cage where live and gallbladder was was in excruciating pain.i had every gallbladder symptom migraine bloating constipation excessive belching and bloating it too me almost 3-4 weeks to get over this and i alkso thin pancreas was inflamed well why so long cause i didnt grab meds and i didnt know till after it was my gallbladder and liver acting up so i kept inflaming it by eating still pizza Chinese and fats food so it lasted longer as soon as i stopped no red meat little to no spicy foods and plenty water i felt better way better also my diet is very bad i was having chinese and pizza every other week for bout almost 2 months i had every symptom migraine bloating excessive burping belching constipation and what relieved my migraine was the excessive burping i wanted to see if it was my gallbladder so last week i had burger king and my stomach bloated and i had a headache so i was sure it was from the diet and food

  32. Can not having a gallbladder cause dizziness? I started suffering from it after my surgery and all my ear and brain tests are all normal

  33. I had my gallbladder removed 10 years ago. I had all these symptoms (except the right-sided shoulder, neck, head pain) before removal. But now I have all those pains, too. Does having NO gallbladder cause those pains also?

  34. Thank you. It's of great value to us . I have pain near the gallbladder area. More serious in the evening. I have belching too. Had twice pale feces. I don't know if this is also a symptom, when i press the region with my finger, it seems there some small things hard below the skin but not very deep. Also have pain on the upper left abdomen ( edge of rib cage, near stomach, spleen region, it's burning all the time. Worse after food. Or no food) . What kind problem might I have. Any suggestions on what kind of tests should I do would be appreciated. Been like this 2 years….already. also occasionally feels itchy in different regions. I got burning sensation everyday both on the left and on the right upper abdomen (left : the junction of lower edge of ribcage and edge/bottom of stomach; right: gallbladder region) feels really bad.

  35. So bad for years!!! Right side of my skull goes numb! 10s of thousands of dollars in therapy! Many suicidal hours!

  36. Wow you have solved my mystery of what's going on with me!! I am so glad to have access to a real doctors information, as opposed to an agenda driven, big Pharma sales whore..like most or many doctors. Thank you for being a good goddamn person.

  37. I have polyps in the gallbladder..i burp a lot..i do get lots of migraines irregular heartbeats..pain in the jaw but all in the left side

  38. Great videos – thank you!! I am having so many of these symptoms. My doctor has ordered a gallstone check. Your explanations are so simple and detailed. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much!!!

  39. Dr Berg, great video! Taking supplements for symptoms not lab-tested is almost always a huge waste of money which never addresses the actual problem. Dr Berg, can any of these systems you speak of here be lab-tested to confirm the actual problem and more important, if benefit can be had and symptom improved with these what exact tests can be ran?

  40. Where can I get Bile salts,I am living in Holland, the doctor never talked about it,I have allthe symtomps,(sorry for my grammar), do I need a recept from a doctor or is it in a health store?I have no galbladder and I have Hashimoto.

  41. I'm being told to have my gall bladder removed! Told it's Not needed? So I will end up a total mess if it's removed? Please respond. Thanks

  42. I discovered TMJ treatment “FοΚemΚem Ta” (Google it) and proceeded to make use of it in the few days in the future. I am now able to get enough rest through the night, the inflammation in my face has disappeared and the agonizing discomfort I`ve been suffering from pain had also reduced to nothing. I`m very happy. My life has never been this full of excitement..

  43. This is the first time any fucking doctor has mentioned about not feeling satisfied after meals as a genuine symptom and what it's related to

  44. Damn this may be my problem but not entirely sure dont have the head pain but my ultrasound was fine other than polyps in my gallbladder ive been in a lot of pain though

  45. I have had all these symptoms and more over the last 20 years.
    Now i get shocks in my neck like I have a shock collar on or something.
    Also my wrist joints, hip and right arm are so sore at times but when I move them and burp a lot the pain subsides.
    Is this normal?

  46. I have recently been diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and do have gallstones and ovaries issues. your plan says high fat but my Dr says low fat diet for the gall bladder issues. I notice i am in pain no matter what I eat, keto, plant based, high fat, low fat.I am at a loss. they are also pushing for surgery! I do not want to remove my thyroid! please help

  47. Never remove the gallbladder God put in there for a reason. Gallbladder removal creates bile reflux in the long run in which Gastro dr's don't know how to address or remedy, besides ultimately performing a Roux-en-Y. After the surgery, You'll loose weight (since it's a weight reduction surgery as well), but you stand a high chance of dying from this type of procedure, due to malnutrition.

  48. A you are a great teacher about the why. No one else teaches people like you do. I am learning soooo much. Could you maybe squeeze in a bit more time on how to resolve these issues. I know I have a fairly large gall stone so am starting to wonder if there is enough space in my gallbladder to store enough bile for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. Would you expand on what can effectively decrease the size of these stones. I really do not want to have my gall bladder removed someday. I like your gall bladder medication but you said, I think, not to use it if one has diarrhea, which I have had, recurring, for the last 3-4 years(yes, very annoying and very concerning).

  49. Is there any thing else we can do by diet , rather than taking bile salts, Please someone give me the answer.

  50. Another thing, my liver is fatty, and my odor when I work and sweat, is more intense in my right arm pit than my left. I deduced it as being directly associated with my Hep C. I contracted Hepatitis C in Basic Training, from the Ped-O-Jet pneumatic injectors. But now, decades later life got a lot more challenging.
    I love your videos, Dr Berg. Good to get real training, and truth about sources of ill health. Good stuff!

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