High Blood Pressure Diet and Natural Remedies

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Hey, I’m Jordan Rubin, and welcome to “Ancient
Medicine Today” brought to you by draxe.com. We’re here to share with you how to use food
as medicine. Today we’re going to talk about a topic that
affects tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the
world, but the good news is you don’t need to turn to modern medicine. We’re going to teach you how to use ancient
medicine for a high-blood-pressure diet and natural remedies. Blood pressure can be a challenge. There are, as I mentioned, many people that
are hypertensive, or have high blood pressure, some don’t even know it, and medications certainly
work, but they come with side effects. I truly believe that elevated blood pressure
can absolutely be lowered and we’re going to share with you a few tricks of the trade. And as always, if you love this information,
click the “like” button. And, if you know someone who has high blood
pressure, who has some kidney issues and wants to improve their health, this is the show
for them, so make sure to click that “share” button. Let people know that there is ancient medicine
for high blood pressure. Let’s get started. Number one: Vegetables. I want to let you in on a little secret. My opinion is that the key or a key to overcoming
high blood pressure is to balance your dietary potassium and sodium ratio. Check this out: The average American consumes
about 10 times as much sodium as they do potassium in their diet. The natural diet should be opposite: more
potassium than sodium. What does that cause? High blood pressure. What does that cause? Holding of water. What does that cause? All kinds of issues with energy and other
imbalances. So vegetables and their consumption. You see it on the screen, multi-colored vegetables
all have potassium. In fact, some of the best are celery and its
juice, watermelon and its juice, especially the rind. These are great sources of dietary potassium
and sodium. When you consume a beverage or food, you want
to have at least a ratio of potassium and sodium of 3:1. So vegetables are a great source of potassium. Virtually any vegetable can help you, and
juices, as we’ve talked about before, serum soluble nutrition getting right into your
cells, immediately available. Number two: Fresh fruit. Right here we have apricots. Fresh or dried, fruit is a great source of,
again, potassium, and also antioxidants. Both fruits and vegetables have antioxidants
which protect your cardiovascular system, your capillaries, your veins, and your arteries. Consume fresh fruit and, as always, consume
it in moderation. We like the higher-fiber lower-sugar fruits. Grapefruits are great. Green apples are great. Berries are amazing. In fact, cranberries . . . I’ve been saying
this, Dr. Axe got me turned on to cranberries not just for thanksgiving, but every day,
great source of antioxidants, super low in sugar, and really good sources of fiber. Think about this: Potassium, fiber, good fats,
and antioxidants. That’s the answer for blood pressure. Number three: Lean proteins. Blood pressure can be a little bit related
to blood sugar. So, consuming lean sources of protein . . . and
really what this is meant to say are sources of protein where the animals are on a native
diet. Pasture-raised animals have a better ratio
of fat. And, when you eat animals, you’re not what
you eat, you’re what they ate. Speaking of potassium in animals, bone broth
is my favorite blood pressure food. Bone broth contains naturally occurring potassium
in a form your body can use immediately, serum-soluble is what we call it, and the potassium and
sodium is organically bound going to work right away. As always, consume one to three servings of
bone broth. Make it yourself, find recipes at draxe.com. Buy it in its frozen or container form at
your local health food store or progressive grocery, or use a powdered protein made from
bone broth. I make sure to get a minimum of three to five
servings a day and it will help tremendously with blood pressure. Beans and legumes. Remember we talked about fiber and antioxidants,
beans are great sources. My favorite beans would be lentils, split
peas, mung beans, adzuki beans, and black beans. The darker the bean, darker the color, the
more antioxidants. There are many other good beans. Make sure to soak them to make them more digestible. Healthy fats. This is a broad category. Right there you see an avocado, and avocados
are a great source of omega-9 fats, fiber, vitamin E which is good for the heart as well,
powerful antioxidant of the fat-soluble variety, and avocados are good for the gut. Other sources of fat that are really good
for blood pressure would be almonds, the oil of olives, otherwise known as olive oil. Olives themselves are really good, and the
fat from healthy eggs and animal foods, butter and ghee, coconut oil is great. Healthy fats are really important, particularly
those from cold water fish, flax, chia, and walnut known as omega-3s. When you consume grains, make them sprouted. Sprouted grains, which you can make yourself
or now buy bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, even flour from your health food store that’s
sprouted, unlocks the nutrition, and grains can be a good source of fiber and B vitamins,
and also potassium depending on what you put on the sandwich or on the pasta. But, if you consume grains, try sprouted,
and organic unsweetened dairy. Now, I’m going to give you a caveat here. Dairy can be sort of a catch-22. Dairy, in the right form and that would be
A1 beta-casein-free. I know that’s confusing, but let’s make it
easier: dairy from goat, sheep, or special cows. How do you know they’re special? You need to know if they’re A1-free, they’re
grass-fed and organic. Dairy products can actually, according to
clinical studies, lower blood pressure likely due to the high amount of electrolyte minerals. Calcium is even helpful for lowering blood
pressure, as is magnesium. We talked about potassium, and sodium. All right, here’s some quick tips. Cook at home. Now, I don’t know about you but I like to
eat out. However, I’m also a label reader, which doesn’t
happen when I eat out. So the question is: What oil did they use? The question is: What’s in the sauce? What is in the condiments? We just don’t know these things. We don’t have that information, and who wants
to be the weird person to ask? We want to make sure that we eat at home and
we eat fresh meals. And you’ve come to the right place for good
food because the Dr. Axe Facebook page, YouTube channel and website have hundreds of amazing
recipes, you can even sneak these delicious foods in the diet of your kids and, yes, your
husband’s, if you’re a wife watching today. Increase fiber intake. Fiber is great for the gut, it’s great for
the heart, and those with a higher fiber diet tend to have lower blood pressure. We talked about this before: lower sodium. I don’t know where you’re at on the salt side,
but sometimes I salt my food before I taste it. My mom used to get really mad at me and she
would say, “Don’t add salt until you taste it,” and it really is a good habit. If you consume salt, which I would minimize,
I recommend consuming a high-mineral salt such as a Celtic salt, maybe a Himalayan salt,
one of those salts that have additional minerals other than sodium, but in general, you’re
better off lowering sodium. I do have a favorite condiment that sort of
replaces my sodium. I don’t even know if it’s called a condiment. Whatever it is. It’s called Herbamare and it’s a blend of
organic spices that are sort of marinated with whole mineral sea salt. I’ve been using it for 20 years and it’s really,
really amazing. Lower sodium and increase potassium. There’s the standard-bearer for potassium,
bananas, but there are other low-sugar sources such as greens, I mentioned celery’s amazing,
watermelon and its rind. Every fruit and vegetable has potassium. Oranges do, too. Bananas just get all the credit for potassium. Get more of that. It naturally produces sodium and helps your
extracellular fluid be really, really healthy. Staying hydrated is absolutely key. One of the areas you need to focus on for
blood pressure is your kidneys. So many people have kidney issues they don’t
even know about. So, staying hydrated with pure water, certainly
with teas and herbal infusions, and there are many great fermented beverages we’ve talked
about and, of course, bone broth. Portion control can be important. However, I would also say that the time you
eat is absolutely critical. I’ve seen people lower their blood pressure
by simply extending their daily fast because the morning meals called break-fast, or breakfast,
but what if you had breakfast for lunch? What if you had it for dinner? I’ve seen people eat the same amount of food
in a smaller period of time and have lower blood pressure. That’s pretty awesome. Folks, I’m Jordan Rubin here on “Ancient Medicine
Today” brought to you by draxe.com. And as always, there is more expanded information
on the website, including nearly 2000 articles to help you lower your blood pressure and
really help just about any health condition you have. And, if you loved this information, click
that “like” button and make sure to share this information with everyone you know who
needs to either lower their blood pressure or they have maybe a hereditary sort of risk
factor for elevated blood pressure. This information is great for them. And as always, ancient medicine doesn’t have
side effects. We’ve got side benefits. All right, here is a quick lowdown on today’s
program. To lower blood pressure naturally, diet and
natural remedies would include vegetables and fruits high in potassium, fiber, and antioxidants,
sort of a trifecta of health. Lean proteins: You want to consume proteins
from animals that graze and eat properly. That would include red meat, that would include
poultry, that would include eggs, and we’ll get to dairy in just a moment. Bone broth is the beverage for blood pressure
probably sort of 1A with juices, fresh juices being 1B. Beans and legumes have fiber and they have
antioxidants if they’re colored. Make sure to get more of those. Healthy fats including monounsaturated omega-3,
as well as medium-chain fats and short-chain fats are all good for your blood pressure,
but also for your cardiovascular system in total. Sprouted grains: If you eat grains, make them
germinated. That just means you unlock their health potential. They’ll be healthier for you, good sources
of fiber, surprising sources of antioxidants, and B vitamins. And last but not least, consume dairy, but
make sure that it comes from goat or sheep, cows that are A1 beta-casein-free, and fermented
grass-fed organic is really good. Sheep yogurt is one of my favorites. A product called amasi is really good as well,
some kefirs are really good, and they have been shown to lower blood pressure, especially
if they’re fermented. Here’s some tips. Cook at home, really, really important for
you. Prepare your own meals. Draxe.com has the best healthy recipes you’ve
ever seen. And we want to increase fiber intake while
simultaneously lowering sodium, increasing potassium. Staying hydrated is critical for your kidneys
which control blood pressure. And, either control portions by eating the
right foods first, I’ve talked about this on previous programs. Protein is a good start, your highest fiber
veggies next, then go to the grain or the fruit and I bet you won’t even be hungry for
dessert, or you can eat at certain times of the day where you extend your fast, which
preserves your body’s enzymes and can help lower blood pressure. Folks, I promise you that if you’re one of
those folks that are mildly hypertensive, meaning you’ve got sort of a little elevated
blood pressure sometimes, or you could be hypotensive and have low blood pressure, getting
your potassium levels right, increasing your fiber and antioxidants, and eating good fats,
plus all these tips will get it done. So, remember, we are here each weekday, actually
Monday through Thursday 10:30 a.m. Central Time, and Friday, we might be here
whenever, you just got to be surprised. So sign up and subscribe here to this channel
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click that “like” button, share this information with others. Tens of millions of people today are counting
on you to give them ancient medicine for their modern world. I’m Jordan Rubin on behalf of Dr. Josh Axe
for “Ancient Medicine Today.” God bless you. See you next time.

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    Mainly cocoa baking powder brings down blood pressure.

    In our food processor I mix the cocoa with medjool dates and nuts n dab of extract to make cocoa balls. May add some Himalayan salt to the balls if your blood pressure isn't real high cuz its loaded with minerals that we need. At times I may add oatmeal n raisin for a cookie. Some people like rolling them in hemp seed or organic sugar free coconut or chopped nuts.

    But please NOTE: Be careful of using too much cocoa powder because it can cause low blood pressure and even seizures. If you are feeling overly lethargic stop eating cocoa powder and check your blood pressure.
    We use organic everything if possible.

    Taking walks is a must and btw fruits and spices thins your blood, vegys thicken your blood.
    Dairy n meat n any fats thicken blood so badly and cause heart and artery problems and leg cramps. Mixing meat and vegys is really bad on the heart. Make sure you eat the hotter spices and fruits to keep your blood thin. Ginger n cayenne pepper is good.
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