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We know heart disease is the number one
killer of both men and women in the U.S. so do you see the heart the rates of
heart disease going down or is it still a major part in the community? Because
you’re there, you’re seeing it.>Honestly from the people that come in I would say
the majority of the people have high cholesterol so I mean almost everyone
that comes in has a high total cholesterol every one.>Doctor?>Well, I mean
clearly when you look at the incidence of heart disease over the last 30 to 40
years we’re doing a lot better— It’s still the
number one cause of death in the United States and unfortunately all of the
advantages in the preventive space and in the treatment space with angioplasty
and thrombolytics and defibrillators and transplants and the like which has made
a huge impact upon having people with heart disease live longer this epidemic
of obesity and diabetes where there’s been a tripling of the obesity rate
since the early 80s was 11% in 1981 it’s close to 40% now and by 2030 50% of the
states in the United States will have obesity rates of 50% of more all of the
benefit over the last 40 years could potentially be lost if we don’t get
control of the obesity epidemic.>And you’re seeing it too, Samantha as well, and
it boils down to diet and nutrition do you find yourself talking to your
patients where they have to make these lifestyle changes?>Of course, for
some people it’s honestly it’s life or death.>Wow, life or death and that’s why
the healthy hub is such a great place to go to to avoid those terrible situations.

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