High cholesterol? Could be more to it than just nutrition

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Hey what’s up guys Dustin Williams here
with Dustin Williams Performance and Precision Fitness and I want to talk to
you today a little bit about cholesterol High levels of cholesterol is something
that I’ve seen quite a bit with a lot of the clients that have come in here to work with me and most of the time when you have high cholesterol you have two
things. The first thing is you get told to change your diet. The second thing is
you get told to take some medication maybe like a statin. Now there are several
things that I like to work with, with people before just jumping into this. One,
may be your diet is not that bad You know maybe you pay attention to a
lot of the foods that you eat. You eat less processed stuff and you focus more
on those things. There’s a lot more to cholesterol than just your diet or
taking a medication to get a lower. We need to be looking into why is your
cholesterol high in the first place and there are two areas that I typically
start off working with people that I see most common. The first one is your
thyroid function. The better your thyroid functions the more it will
metabolize cholesterol. So, your thyroid and cholesterol actually work together
in order to create your sex hormones. So, this is like progesterone,
pregnenolone, DHEA, testosterone, these types of hormones are created with
thyroid and cholesterol working together So, if you have enough cholesterol in
your system, but your thyroid isn’t functioning properly then that thyroid
will not metabolize the cholesterol to be used for the creation of sex hormones
That’s one of the more common things that I see. So, you can get your thyroid
checked and find out what’s going on with that. The other thing is inflammation. It
can be acute, you know short-term inflammation or chronic inflammation, but
either one of these can actually create an increase in cholesterol as well.
Cholesterol is being used as a protective measure in that aspect if you
have inflammation, so that’s another thing to check into. What I would do
before you jump on any type of medication like a statin or anything
like that… I’m not a doctor, but my recommendation would be to have your
thyroid function checked to make sure that it’s working properly and also look into
some inflammation first as well as of course your diet in general. Start those
three routes first before trying to take any medication. If you guys have any
questions just holler at me let me know

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