High Cholesterol Foods List – 10 High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid

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Whole-Fat Dairy Products Go easy on milk products that have more than 1% milk fat, for instance cheeses (most of them), cream and nondairy coffee creamers. Fat-free milk, toned milk and non-fat dairy products are any day better than whole-fat dairy. Egg Yolks Eggs are a high protein food with lots of health benefits. However the egg yolk is loaded with cholesterol and can cause lot of harm. It is advisable to have egg whites and eliminate that yellow part. Fast Foods Fast foods like burgers, tacos, fries, packed chips and fried chicken are high in both total fat and saturated fat. You can replace these with healthier options like broiled sandwiches, salads with low fat dressing and foods that are not fried. Meat, Poultry and Fish These products are good for health when taken in regulated quantity. Limit these to no more than 5 oz (140 g) a day. Also balance these out by consuming other low-cholesterol foods. Ice-creams Apparently ice-creams are a high cholesterol food item. These have more fat than a deep-fried snack! You may turn to homemade fruit ice-creams to satiate those cravings. Alcohol A limited amount of alcohol is not harmful; in fact it might have positive effects on your heart. However excessive drinking, especially hard liquor, can raise cholesterol levels to an unwanted degree. Baked Food Items Yes, you need to cut down on those muffins, cakes, quick breads and croissants. Made from saturated or hydrogenated fat, whole eggs or whole milk, these can significantly raise the level of cholesterol in your body. Better opt for low-fat baked goods and limit the use of spreads or toppings as well. Nuts Nuts are a very good snack option for those hunger pangs in between the meals. Apparently, some of the nuts have high saturated fats. Only almonds, hazelnuts and pine nuts offer a balanced cholesterol amount. Aerated Drinks Aerated drinks are high on sugar content. All that sugar can easily affect your cholesterol levels. Aerated drinks are anyway not good for overall health. Liver As the fact goes, cholesterol is produced and stored in the liver. Consuming liver will lead to increased levels of cholesterol, at least temporarily. It all depends on your body’s requirement, whether the added cholesterol will be used up to meet body functions or contribute to the cholesterol your body won’t use.

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