High cholesterol levels in perspective

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High cholesterol is seen as the kiss of death…..
If your LDL level has crept up, a little – IT MUST BE BROUGHT DOWN, because you are a heart
attack waiting to happen. A high LDL cholesterol level, is often linked to metabolic syndrome,
these metabolic anomalies, are increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease,
diabetes , even Alzheimer’s. But there is a lot more too the story. In this episode
of Better Body Chemistry TV – we put that high cholesterol in perspective. Better Body
Chemistry TV is brought to you by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING
YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps & other health horribles , like high cholesterol,
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As we said, a high LDL count, is probably not a sign of good health, but researchers
from the University of Warwick have found cholesterol, is NOT the biggest risk factor.
The team from the University of Warwick have identified three things, which are far better
indicators that you have A SERIOUS problem. Cholesterol seems to get a lot of attention,
but five health problems are typically linked to metabolic syndrome. This includes, high
blood pressure, high triglycerides, high sugar levels and high weight, specifically around
the belly aka. a BIG TUMMY. Now to qualify for a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, you
usually need to be able to tick off at least three of them, which isn’t that difficult,
because insulin resistance coupled with chronic inflammation, underpins the bad body chemistry
at the route of all these metabolic problems. So high cholesterol, actually officially the
trouble is not high LDL cholesterol, but low HDL cholesterol, is just one of the symptoms
associated with metabolic syndrome. It is worth pointing out, you do not have to be
overweight to have metabolic syndrome – something which is not always appreciated by “the
skinny”. And being overweight does not, automatically mean you have metabolic syndrome
either, but the odds are pretty high, and get higher with each passing year that you
are heavier than you should be. So which of the five health problems REALLY matter, if
any ? Well, the Warwick study picked apart the health happenings of 3078 individual with
a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. The big THREE turned out to be : high blood pressure,
high sugar levels and high weight. What had marginal significance was the high cholesterol.
But the real ticket to pinpointing troubled hearts is something not on the usual list
of suspects. The multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (MESA) is a study, that measured a whole bunch
of things in 1330 people, considered to be at intermediate risk of having a heart attack.
Among the things that were measured were the CAC score – this is the amount of calcium
hiding inside the main heart artery. Other things that were measured were the ankle-brachial
index, the brachial flow mediated dilation, how thick the carotid intima was, how much
C-reactive protein was present, which is a measure of inflammation and whether the people
had a family history of heart disease. The people included in this study were WATCHED,
for 7 years. And it turned out that the CAC score that was the most helpful, in predicting
who would have a heart attack. So what does all this mean ? Well, both high sugar levels
and high blood pressure, put a huge amount of strain on the integrity of the blood vessels.
The cells lining the blood vessels need help, being “patched”. And cholesterol is one
part of the patch, but seriously damaged cells need more than a patch, they need to be replaced.
And a special breed of vascular stem cells steps up to the party, replacing the damaged
beyond repair, endothelial cells. The trouble is that on occasion, on occasion, the stem
cells can get a little mixed up – remember stem cells, can pretty much become ANYTHING.
What happens is, these stem cells morph into bone cells, instead of a vascular smooth muscle
cell. And probably it is these cells that are gathering the calcium, inadvertently turning
the heart, into bone. So “fixing” your cholesterol, is not FIXING the trouble and
might be creating NEW troubles, because well cholesterol is a “patch”. The key to FIXING
the trouble, is to limit that damage to the cells lining the blood vessels. Want to know
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