High Cholesterol Medication

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>Let’s talk about medications now, let’s
say you have high cholesterol, you come see dr. Feldman, what’s prescribed as a
statin therapy? yes statin drugs really are the drugs
that have been available since 1985, the development of statin drugs led to two
researchers at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas winning the Nobel
Prize, Mike Goldstein and Joe Brown in 1985, what statin drugs do is they block
the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver cells where most cholesterol is
made, and by blocking the level of cholesterol synthesis, it tells the liver
cell I need more cholesterol and it up what we call up regulates increases the
number of receptors that take LDL from the blood, into the liver cell, so two
good things happen, the liver cell has more cholesterol to make all the steroid
hormones and sex hormones and cell membranes that we need cholesterol for,
and by up regulating the receptors and taking more bad cholesterol out of the
blood, there’s less bad cholesterol to be put into plaque. These drugs have
dramatically reduced the morbidity and mortality from coronary artery disease,
it’s been said that statins or – atherosclerosis, what antibiotics were
too infectious diseases, and I think the prediction is based upon both population
levels of bad cholesterol going down, from better nutrition, more exercise and
the use of statin drugs that a hundred years from now, when they’re sitting here
on all health all the time health channel, atherosclerosis will not be
the number one cause of heart disease, and the number one killer of men and
women in the United States, the way 100 years back, we were dealing with
rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease, and with the introduction of
antibiotics, we rarely see new cases of rheumatic fever, and we really see new
cases of rheumatic heart disease, so these drugs have fundamentally altered
the morbidity and mortality the death and disability associated with coronary
artery disease, because by reducing bad levels of LDL cholesterol, we make less
plaque, and the plaque that we make is more stable, and less likely to cause
things like heart attack.

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