High Cholesterol Symptoms in Hindi|5  lakshan badhe hue cholesterol ke|Shaun Tips(2019)

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Vitamin D makes our Bones and skin strong Bile acids help in digestion of fat we eat in our diet Hormones are utmost for all the functions of our body and to make all these in our body.. “CHOLESTEROL”…that too in very small amount.. when this “CHOLESTEROL” increases in our body.. ..It can make our life difficult. Sometime it may take your life too. But this “CHOLESTEROL” will make you aware of many “SYMPTOMS” before taking your life It will warn you time to time. And if You will take the hint of these “WARNING SIGNS OF INCREASED CHOLESTEROL”.. ..You will take necessary action for it. It has been seen that if timely action is taken for “RAISED CHOLESTEROL”, then chances of “HEART ATTACK” and “STROKE” either.. reduces OR they do not happen. In Today’s Video, we will tell you “FIVE WARNING SYMPTOMS OF RAISED CHOLESTEROL”, so that… you can take timely action for it. and if your doctor feels that you need to take some treatment for it…then go for it. “FIRST SYMPTOMS OF INCREASED CHOLESTEROL” is.. “TINGLING SENSATION IN LEGS AND HANDS” the functions of TINGLING SENSATION, feeling of cold, feeling of hot… ..are done by the nervous system of our body. ..and our nervous system work through the various nerves in our body. The main function of the nerves is to make the body aware of… …different kind of sensations. Everybody part needs blood, oxygen, and nutrition to accomplish its task. And the function of delivering nutrition is done by our Blood Vessels(ARTERIES). When cholesterol increases in these arteries, ..blood flow get slow down. Due to this slow blood flood flow adequate nutrition does not reach to the nerves. When these nerves do not get enough nutrition… then these nerves do not work efficiently. and this inefficiency leads to… “TINGLING SENSATION IN OUR LEGS AND HANDS”. In addition to “Tingling sensation”, there is a pain in legs. This is also due to the decreased blood flow in that particular area… that leads to a deficiency of oxygen and other nutrients… and that cause pain in legs. “2nd SYMPTOM OF INCREASE CHOLESTEROL LEVEL” “PAIN IN BACKSIDE OF HEAD, SHOULDER AND NECK” Because “CHOLESTEROL” start depositing in the arteries of Brain which slow down the blood flow in brain and nearby areas.. That leads to deficient nutritional deliveries and cause pain.. Pain in the shoulders and neck can also be due to cervical pain… But if you are more than 30-35 years then… and you are facing such kind of problems then… you must check for “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL” too. At least it will rule our cholesterol related cause. and it will help in reaching an appropriate diagnosis. “THIRD SYMPTOM OF iNCREASED CHOLESTEROL” “EXCESSIVE PAIN IN LEFT SIDE OF CHEST” When this pain radiates towards the neck and towards the left hand. it means this pain is related to your heart. Because “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL” also get deposited in our arteries of the heart. That will slow down the blood flow to heart muscles… Because the heart is also a kind of muscle… When a sufficient amount of oxygen does not reach to heart muscles… the heart does not work efficiently and decreased oxygen causes ischemia in the heart Due to which heart has to work very hard… that cause “EXCESSIVE PAIN IN THE HEART”. there are many other reasons for the chest pain on the left side… However, “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL” may be the initial cause of chest pain. and it may lead to “HEART ATTACK” in the future. “4TH SYMPTOM OF INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL” “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION” which means there is a problem with the erection of the penis. The function of erection is also depended on the blood flow in the penis. When blood flow is deficient, then it causes “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”. and this is very common in “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL”. It has been observed that people who have “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION”, were also having… “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL”. The problem of “ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION” get resolved as the cholesterol level settled normal. “5TH SYMPTOM OF INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL” “HYPERTENSION” ..means increased”BLOOD PRESSURE”. it may appear confusing how blood pressure can increase when blood flow is slow. Just imagine Two water pipes out of which lumen of one pipe is opened… ..when water flows through this pipe it will produce less pressure… but if the lumen of the second pipe is not fully opened… …then the same flow will create more pressure in the lumen. A similar concept applies in the artery when there is “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL” When our arteries are loaded by “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL”… then blood exerts more pressure on the arterial walls, that increases “BLOOD PRESSURE”. People who are “HYPERTENSIVE” are also affected by “HEART DISEASES”, “DIABETES”. Our basic purpose to tell the “FIVE WARNING SYMPTOMS” of “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL” was to make you aware of “BAD EFFECTS OF HIGH CHOLESTEROL”. so that if you are facing any of symptom,… you can take timely action to prevent “CARDIAC DISEASES” and “STROKE”. so guys, go to your doctor and talk about it. There is no need to worry about it… If you are watching this video and if you have understood the symptoms of “INCREASED CHOLESTEROL LEVEL”… …it means this is the first positive point towards good health and it shows that you are conscious about your health. and you will take appropriate action. If you like this video, then please “HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and BELL NOTIFICATION” If you are our old friend then please comment down below and share your feedback. “THANK YOU SO MUCH”

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