Hiking into the Grand Canyon (winter)

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Helicopter was cancelled. So we’re going for a hike down the Grand Canyon. Woo hoo! How you doing, Kristen? Hey! I’m good, Kristen! So, there’s actually two Kristens on the tour. So– Yeah! Kristen and Kristen. Spelt the same way; drink the same alcohol. Same taste in men! So the fog has cleared; we’ll actually get to see the Grand Canyon. Finally. I’m excited. Luke– Oh my god that’s amazing! Holy shet! God, you guys! Holy shit! (Chelsea) Why did they cancel the ‘copter thing? (Kristen Nuss) How could you ride a helicopter over that? Holy crap! Holy shit…. what the fuh (screaming and laughter) (Kristen) If you want I’ll just take it all on my camera? Yeah that’d be easier, eh. (Nikki) It’s just a drop to the next part. (Chels) I know, that’s what I said. (Nussy) Hey, babe. It is so scary standing there. Go, Chels. What are you doing? No, don’t– Smile! Ben! It’s not funny– DON’T!! Fuhhck (Tegan) That’s the sickest photo though. (Phoebe) It just gets better! (Kristen) I know, how good is it? Oi… slippery there guys. (Phoebe) Hi! (Maddy) Hey… I still am freaking out. It’s amazing. So beautiful. A lot of people are nearly slipping though. Chelsea’s really struggling. She’s wearing converse. Ohh… Woahhh! (Chels) I got this! Yeah, really glad I didn’t bring more stuff. (Phoebe) Cooooo-eeeee! (Luke) Fuck, that’s some echo. Check out the— (distant) Coooooo-eeee! (close) WOOO!! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!! (no reply) (woman singing haunting opera) (the same song coming out of her phone) (Maddy) Gives it a more like, mystic vibe. (singing continues and echoes, filling the canyon with colour) (Phoebe laughs) Just can’t slip any further. (singing along to music) “Just say you feel the way that I feel “I’m feeling sexual, so we should be sexual” (heavy panting, out of breath) I can’t breathe. (stranger) What’s that? Do you want a photo with the view? (stranger) Yeah. (singing along) “I JUST HAD SEX” (Chels and Luke) “When I had the sex, it made my penis feel great. And I called my parents right after I was done.” (Kristen) You guys alright? Is it steep? Drops. (Jake) Ooh shit. I wanna have a look! Wow. I’m glad we made these last extra steps. Yeah. Me too. Told you. This little bit. Holy shit no oh my god don’t do it no Oh!
NIKKI! OHMYGOSH (Nikki) It’s not bad, it’s fine, it’s fine. (Kristen) HOHhuh…. You can do it. You’ve got it, you’ve got it. Yeah, girl! Woop-woo! So we hiked 2.4 k’s… and we hiked the Grand Canyon. It was very difficult. But we’ve made it back to the top. And my hands are tingly. We did it. Oh, sorry. (Phoebe laughs) Like, why was that a smart idea? Is damn good pizza Kristen. After the hike it is great. It is good. (chuckles at these mere mortals posing for a “Photo”)

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