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Hiking City Creek Canyon Well, I completely underestimated my asthma today. Three days of temperature inversion and smog, and I’m completely shot. Today we had green air quality this morning and the numbness and my fingers and my feet was no longer there. So I thought let’s go on a hike and meet up with some people. Take some ask my medication beforehand. I was feeling alright and just the walk up here completely kicked my butt. So I made it through the worst of it. All of the yuck came out. I had the typical sweat it all out, have fever until you feel better. And that’s where I’m right now, hiking by myself. Well, it’s beautiful and peaceful also. After about 20 minutes my breathing got a lot better, and I was able to really hike and also have some snacks. I’m back down the canyon and I’m feeling great. I did bring all of my medicine, but luckily I didn’t have to take it. About an hour into the hike I felt great. This is typical. I’m really struggling. I’m sweating. I’m having fever and it feels like something is getting sweated out through my throat and it’s no good. But afterwards I feel amazing! It’s usually also the case when I hike with my husband. I’m the slowest, slowest hiker to begin with, I’m really struggling, especially if I had asthma the day before and then as soon as I break through this I have the most energy and I can hike longer than most people and stronger. That’s pretty amazing. Well, I’m feeling good right now. Salt Lake City looks amazing! See how beautiful it looks! And I’m ready to start the day. I don’t know if you can see this in the video, but there are some quail. These guys are so funny. And they go into hiding. Oh, there’s so many in that bush over there. Oh, what a bummer it won’t show on the video. Oh and babies too! Let’s see. Oh no, they run all away. Utah State Capitol! Now this is something that makes me very happy: First flowers of Spring!

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