Hillary Gordon, MD Pediatric Allergy/Pulmonology Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

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My name is Hillary
Gordon and I’m an attending in Allergy
and Immunology at Nemours. I’ve always wanted to be
a physician for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved
working with kids. I think that kids have a unique
perspective on the world, which is really interesting to see. A lot of times, there’s
children that need an advocate. And I like that part of
Pediatrics where we can really advocate for our patients
and help their families get them the tools
that they need to grow up happy and
healthy and become productive members of society. My favorite part
of the day is when I see a patient that I’ve
been working with for a while and they come in and they’re
doing better than they were the last time we saw them. It’s just really
nice to see someone that you’ve worked with
get better over time. Or even if they’re
not doing well and they have a
concern or question, being able to work with
them to take that next step. But I really enjoy
seeing the families that I’ve gotten to know
over months or years as they improve. I’m really proud of
our team at Nemours. I think that we work
really well together. And we try to collaborate
with other teams at Nemours. Allergy overlaps with
a lot of other fields. So I think that we work
hard at making sure that we’re collaborating
with different departments and that all of our physicians
know all of our patients. And that we’re always trying
to give our patients the best treatment that we can, whether
that’s allergy shots or food challenges, whatever
we can to help improve their quality of life.

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