Hitch (1/8) Movie CLIP – Shock and Awe (2005) HD

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Be in the room. Consantrate. Focus women respond when you respond to them My friend maggy is really talented designer, I’ve seen bussines plan and this samples look fantastic. and I would really, really like to get involved. I tell you what.. Let his come up in range investments that we think we my introducing and next month we’re run the whole lot of them buy you. Okey. Fine, thank you. Alright gentlemen, the next time… Lets go over this one more what is the objective? shock and awe.. that was shockingly awful.. What is the objective? Shock and awe.. What is the objective! Excuse me sir.. Yes, Albert? Yes Albert.. I don’t really agree. What that, uhm.. You don’t really agree would what? I think if you wanna waste one a half millon dollars your friends bussines That exactly what you should do! Albert! You don’t need us tell you what to do? We are bored advisers. We aren’t you kiddy garden teachers! and if you wanna taken seriously is an adult. ..I suggest you’re taken yourself seriously is an adult, instead of asking for permission to waste own money from bored room full of your daddy’s golf buddys. Thats qiuet enough! You know what?! I’m not finished! …..anybody in this room.. Handle! the attention and publicity.. that she said did we were whole life.. ..with half her class! We should be taken advise from you Mrs. Cole.. ..not the other are you around. Sit down Mr… No you know what?! I quit! Oh my god..

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  2. This is proof that Kevin James is a legitimatly talented and funny actor and deserves more than all these crappy Happy Madison productions he's been getting recently.

  3. I feel like at the end of the day, she's either going to be interested or she isn't. I don't get it, how can Hitch guarantee success with his clients. Is he a hypnotist?

  4. Hey guys. You want to know what exactly he's doing that catches her eye?

    It's respecting and treating her like an adult – yes, including telling it to her straight – instead of dismissing her like his boss did…and doing so earnestly because he actually /does/ view her as an adult and a person and isn't just saying it to get with her. Women are suspicious of suave guys because so many of the suave ones only want to f*ck us (see: that Vance schmuck elsewhere in this movie). We don't want dehumanizing, manipulative bastards. We want honesty and respect.

    And that you can't learn. Either you can give that to a woman or you can't.

  5. Los asesores de "Allegra",todos sabelotodos no le dejaban utilizar su dinero,cosa que Albert se retobo,diciendole a ella que ellos eran sus empleados,y ella podia hacer lo que sea con su dinero,claro que el jefe de los asesores se enojo,y Albert renuncio,.pero despues no ocurrio.

  6. Completely unrealistic movie done for losers to feel they actually have a chance with girls like her… Guess what, in real life she would find him disgusting and pathetic!

  7. I don't remember the name of the movie that bollywood made by stealing this script. But there is one just like this one out there!

  8. You know to be honest the movie tries to paint the investors as the "bad guys," but they're working with their client very well. They know that she's making a investment chance with emotion because it's her friend and could easily flounder and she's lost all that money. The only thing I'd have asked was for the investment team to look over the plans of the friends business and see if it really is worth it and reconsider.

  9. "What is your objective? Shock and awe. That was shockingly awful. What is your objective? Shock and awe. WHAT IS YOUR OBJECTIVE?!"

  10. Aww, they should've included the part right after this when he gets back to his office. Hilarious stuff!

    HITCH: How'd it go?
    ALBERT: I yelled at my boss… and I quit my job.
    HITCH: You did WHAAAAAT?!?

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