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student project high school of communication technology [Uhh..] [voices] Hey! [voices] voices [Voices from English lesson] Thomas! Thomas! Yes? [voices] [ talking people] [bum..] [ talking people] that night [voices] hey! next day [Voices from lesson] Hey! Are you going out with that girl today? Yes, I go. Are you nervous? quite yes chill, it ‘ll be all right [Voices from lesson] Hello Hi So where do we go? It’s up to you. OK [voices] Do you have a brigade? Yes, I work with children, I … hey! [She talks about her brigade] [voices] Thomas! [voices] hey [voices] Are you okay? Thomas! THOMAS! I must.. I .. I have to go Well,… bye that evening Stop it! next day Do you have a problem with something? you fag… [voices] Thomas! [voices] Thomas! [voices] THOMAS! THOMAS!! THOMAS!!! [voices] [voices] Roughly 13% of children between 8 and 15 years of age suffer from mental illness,.. that disrupts their daily lives,.. it takes an average of 8 years from the first symptoms,… to seek professional help.

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