Home Health Monitors : Reading Home Cholesterol Test Results

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So, this particular cholesterol test works
by giving you a value based upon the blood sample that you give that corresponds to this
chart to give you your overall cholesterol reading. And, according to this chart, 26.5
means that I have a total cholesterol of 160. Anything below 200 is considered to be a good
total cholesterol score. Two hundred to two forty on the scale is the borderline high
cholesterol and anything 240 or above means you have a high total cholesterol. What this
means for health is that the higher your cholesterol, be it borderline or high, the higher your
increased risk of heart disease due to increased cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is what
helps to form the plaques in the arteries of the heart and, of course, when an artery
in the heart becomes entirely blocked, that is functionally what is a heart attack. It’s
not a good thing when blood can’t flow through the heart freely. And it seems to be the crux
of most heart diseases, some sort of issue in this modern age that we block our own hearts
up with fats an cholesterols. So, this test can be a good way to monitor where your overall
cholesterol is at without the pain and discomfort and time out of your schedule of a venous
blood drawing test.

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