Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Bites Scars & Allergies – Natural Treatments

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Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to talk about mosquito bites. Some of the symptoms of mosquito bites are itching, swelling,
skin rashes and occasional infections. But dont you worry. Here are some simple remedies
that you can try at home. Here’s remedy no 1. Take a mixing bowl. Add
1 tablespoon of dried garlic powder. Add 3 tablespoons of salt. Now add equal amount
of water to this. Mix this well and apply this solution to the effected areas. It may
cause a slight irritation for few seconds but great relief will follow. Pour some lemon juice in a mixing bowl. Add
a few leaves of basil. Apply this on the effected area. It may cause slight irritation in the
beginning but great relief will follow. Another remedy for this problem is apply minced
garlic or onion on the effected area. Keep this on for a few minutes and then wash it
off for great relief. Hope this video helped you. Stay healthy.
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30 thoughts on “Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Bites Scars & Allergies – Natural Treatments

  1. wonderful remedy. May God bless you. Thank you a lot. What a relief. I always gotten swelling and burning after mosquito bit, I just rubbed the affected area and every affected areas gotten healed.

  2. I just tried the garlic and salt remedy and i let it sit on my mosquito bites. i get a lot of mosquito bites on my feet and its getting serious. they hurt so bad. once i did the garlic and salt treatment i washed it off and the area was purple ish red and swollen. it hurts. 🙁

  3. good vid👍ineed a help near my undereye igot hurt so there it got bloodclote my eyes looks vertblack circle how to get rid off pls reply me

  4. I'm studying treating hives at home and discovered a great website at Avyan Hives Plan (google it if you're interested)

  5. the first remedie worked really well I didn't try the oyher ones but the first one works thank u so much

  6. Plz can any one say the solution to remove the mosquito bites it was in my forehead it was very large in size it makes my face unlike plz can i have a solution

  7. Tiger Bam works wonder. Reduces the itch and the bite bump. The basic Colgate toothpaste( white) also gives relief. I suppose anything with menthol in it reduces the itch and bump.

  8. Mam my problem is when mosquito bit me on that area blood come (but blood quality is too little) and when blood is dry on that area ther was spot on my hands. ……….. Give me the solution………😃😃 Please

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