home remedy for congestion | How can you clear up sinus congestion?

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home remedy for congestion | How can you clear
up sinus congestion? 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.290
sinus congestion occurs when a condition 0:00:02.159,0:00:06.569
causes fluid to become trapped in the 0:00:04.290,0:00:09.599
sinuses making them feel blocked and 0:00:06.569,0:00:11.099
painful many natural home remedies can 0:00:09.599,0:00:13.769
help a person feel better 0:00:11.099,0:00:16.430
including hydration steam inhalation and 0:00:13.769,0:00:19.230
applying a warm wet towel to the face a 0:00:16.430,0:00:21.570
virus or cold as the most common cause 0:00:19.230,0:00:24.170
of sinus congestion but a bacterial 0:00:21.570,0:00:26.070
infection can also occasionally cause it 0:00:24.170,0:00:29.580
according to the Centers for Disease 0:00:26.070,0:00:31.610
Control and Prevention CDC a person with 0:00:29.580,0:00:34.500
sinus congestion may experience 0:00:31.610,0:00:36.510
headaches a blocked or runny nose a sore 0:00:34.500,0:00:38.460
throat tiredness coughing this article 0:00:36.510,0:00:40.950
looks at six simple natural home 0:00:38.460,0:00:43.980
remedies for sinus congestion as well as 0:00:40.950,0:00:46.200
when to see a doctor home remedies there 0:00:43.980,0:00:48.379
are many home remedies that a person can 0:00:46.200,0:00:52.739
try to help relieve sinus congestion 0:00:48.379,0:00:54.809
these include one staying hydrated the 0:00:52.739,0:00:56.510
mucous membranes can become inflamed 0:00:54.809,0:00:59.399
during sinus congestion 0:00:56.510,0:01:02.219
however staying hydrated can help the 0:00:59.399,0:01:04.290
membrane function correctly drinking 0:01:02.219,0:01:06.180
plenty of water and other fluids may 0:01:04.290,0:01:09.000
help relieve the symptoms of sinus 0:01:06.180,0:01:10.890
congestion a person may find that 0:01:09.000,0:01:12.780
keeping a water bottle close to them 0:01:10.890,0:01:16.250
throughout the day can encourage them to 0:01:12.780,0:01:18.720
drink more to breathing in steam 0:01:16.250,0:01:21.299
breathing in steam can help keep the 0:01:18.720,0:01:23.460
mucous membranes moist this is 0:01:21.299,0:01:26.340
particularly important during winter or 0:01:23.460,0:01:28.560
in colder climates this may help relieve 0:01:26.340,0:01:31.619
the symptoms of sinus congestion and 0:01:28.560,0:01:33.570
encourage the sinuses to unblock running 0:01:31.619,0:01:35.640
very hot water from a shower and 0:01:33.570,0:01:38.490
breathing in the vapor may help unblock 0:01:35.640,0:01:41.159
the sinuses and relieve symptoms it is 0:01:38.490,0:01:44.220
also possible to use a humidifier for 0:01:41.159,0:01:46.439
the same purpose 3 raising the head 0:01:44.220,0:01:48.869
during sleep to help encourage sinus 0:01:46.439,0:01:51.960
blockages to clear a person may consider 0:01:48.869,0:01:54.240
raising their head during sleep a person 0:01:51.960,0:01:57.360
can use extra pillows to prop their head 0:01:54.240,0:01:59.040
up conversely keeping the head level may 0:01:57.360,0:02:02.040
result in a greater buildup of 0:01:59.040,0:02:04.590
congestion over night for using 0:02:02.040,0:02:07.649
eucalyptus oil eucalyptus oil relieves 0:02:04.590,0:02:09.989
the symptoms of sinus congestion it may 0:02:07.649,0:02:12.090
also help kill germs in and around the 0:02:09.989,0:02:15.420
nasal passage that contribute to a 0:02:12.090,0:02:17.700
– infection a person can use eucalyptus 0:02:15.420,0:02:19.920
oil by applying it to tissue paper and 0:02:17.700,0:02:22.920
sleeping next to it or by adding it to 0:02:19.920,0:02:25.319
hot water and inhaling the steam however 0:02:22.920,0:02:27.480
if a person applies the hot water and 0:02:25.319,0:02:30.810
eucalyptus oil mixture directly to the 0:02:27.480,0:02:33.269
skin it may cause burns menthol based 0:02:30.810,0:02:35.190
oils are also popular but they work by 0:02:33.269,0:02:38.160
making a person feel as though they can 0:02:35.190,0:02:41.940
breathe more easily they do not unblock 0:02:38.160,0:02:44.670
the congested sinuses 5 applying warm 0:02:41.940,0:02:46.410
wet towels a warm wet towel held against 0:02:44.670,0:02:49.590
the face may help relieve the swelling 0:02:46.410,0:02:51.900
and inflammation of sinus congestion it 0:02:49.590,0:02:54.120
may also help keep the mucous membranes 0:02:51.900,0:02:57.090
moist by breathing in moist air which 0:02:54.120,0:02:59.579
can help it function properly people can 0:02:57.090,0:03:01.590
also soak a towel in warm water wring it 0:02:59.579,0:03:03.450
out and drape it over their face in a 0:03:01.590,0:03:06.450
way that is still comfortable for them 0:03:03.450,0:03:08.970
to breathe through their mouth 6 trying 0:03:06.450,0:03:11.280
a neti pot neti pots are small tea pot 0:03:08.970,0:03:13.349
shaped devices that help a person pour a 0:03:11.280,0:03:16.019
salt water solution into their nasal 0:03:13.349,0:03:18.299
cavity this may help relieve the 0:03:16.019,0:03:20.069
symptoms of sinus congestion by keeping 0:03:18.299,0:03:23.040
the mucous membranes moist and 0:03:20.069,0:03:25.319
functioning properly neti pots may also 0:03:23.040,0:03:27.150
help treat congestion by flushing out 0:03:25.319,0:03:30.359
the sinuses and the build-up of any 0:03:27.150,0:03:33.000
material causing a blockage it is vital 0:03:30.359,0:03:34.650
to follow instructions carefully the 0:03:33.000,0:03:37.650
United States Food and Drug 0:03:34.650,0:03:39.599
Administration FDA note that if a person 0:03:37.650,0:03:41.819
has not properly cleaned the neti pot 0:03:39.599,0:03:44.669
before using it it might actually cause 0:03:41.819,0:03:47.130
a sinus infection people should clean 0:03:44.669,0:03:49.470
neti pots using distilled sterile or 0:03:47.130,0:03:51.840
previously boiled water that is free of 0:03:49.470,0:03:54.269
harmful germs over-the-counter 0:03:51.840,0:03:56.340
medication nasal sprays that include a 0:03:54.269,0:03:59.819
decongestant may be helpful in relieving 0:03:56.340,0:04:01.349
congested sinuses however Harvard 0:03:59.819,0:04:03.690
Medical School point out that 0:04:01.349,0:04:06.989
decongestants can also cause problems 0:04:03.690,0:04:09.410
for example sometimes congestion can 0:04:06.989,0:04:12.359
become worse after a person stops using 0:04:09.410,0:04:14.700
decongestants taking painkillers may 0:04:12.359,0:04:17.669
also help relieve pain due to sinus 0:04:14.700,0:04:19.650
congestion if a person experiences 0:04:17.669,0:04:21.690
side-effects or the medication is not 0:04:19.650,0:04:24.300
working they should speak to a medical 0:04:21.690,0:04:25.500
professional when to see a doctor though 0:04:24.300,0:04:27.840
a person can usually 0:04:25.500,0:04:30.390
resolves sinus congestion using home 0:04:27.840,0:04:32.850
remedies complications can arise in 0:04:30.390,0:04:35.850
these cases seeing a medical 0:04:32.850,0:04:37.890
professional as important the CDC 0:04:35.850,0:04:41.760
recommends seeing a medical professional 0:04:37.890,0:04:44.460
if a person has a temperature above 100 0:04:41.760,0:04:46.230
point 4 f38 see symptoms that are 0:04:44.460,0:04:48.930
worsening symptoms that have not gone 0:04:46.230,0:04:51.140
away after 10 days frequent sinus issues 0:04:48.930,0:04:54.980
symptoms that over-the-counter OTC 0:04:51.140,0:04:54.980
medication does not resolve

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