home remedy for itchy scalp | Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp

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home remedy for itchy scalp | Home Remedies
for Itchy Scalp 0:00:00.000,0:00:05.640
scalp pruritus known as itchy scalp is a 0:00:02.520,0:00:08.670
common condition there’s a wide range of 0:00:05.640,0:00:10.650
causes seborrhoeic dermatitis can be the 0:00:08.670,0:00:13.019
result of stress seasonal changes 0:00:10.650,0:00:16.109
fluctuating hormones or an overgrowth of 0:00:13.019,0:00:19.020
yeast on the skin dandruff can be caused 0:00:16.109,0:00:21.830
by scalp that’s too dry oily hair and a 0:00:19.020,0:00:24.539
variety of skin conditions autoimmune 0:00:21.830,0:00:26.849
disorders such as psoriasis fungal 0:00:24.539,0:00:29.039
infections such as tinea capitis or 0:00:26.849,0:00:30.660
ringworm allergic reaction to a product 0:00:29.039,0:00:33.140
such as hair dye eczema atopic 0:00:30.660,0:00:36.180
dermatitis head lice stress or anxiety 0:00:33.140,0:00:38.520
diabetes herpes zoster or shingles some 0:00:36.180,0:00:41.010
causes of itchy scalp require medical 0:00:38.520,0:00:44.129
treatment see your doctor if your 0:00:41.010,0:00:46.860
symptoms last longer than a week include 0:00:44.129,0:00:48.629
pain sores or swelling include itching 0:00:46.860,0:00:50.879
so intense it interferes with your 0:00:48.629,0:00:52.739
ability to sleep or function there are 0:00:50.879,0:00:54.629
multiple home remedies which may be 0:00:52.739,0:00:57.480
effective for an itchy scalp that 0:00:54.629,0:01:00.030
doesn’t require medical treatment one 0:00:57.480,0:01:02.719
apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar 0:01:00.030,0:01:04.860
has antibacterial trusted source 0:01:02.719,0:01:07.740
anti-inflammatory and antifungal 0:01:04.860,0:01:11.130
properties it can help reduce itching 0:01:07.740,0:01:13.560
caused by dry skin try diluting apple 0:01:11.130,0:01:15.780
cider vinegar in warm water and using it 0:01:13.560,0:01:18.450
as a rinse after shampooing to alleviate 0:01:15.780,0:01:22.049
dandruff and an itchy scalp purchase 0:01:18.450,0:01:24.780
apple cider vinegar two organic coconut 0:01:22.049,0:01:26.790
oil organic coconut oil as naturally 0:01:24.780,0:01:30.000
extracted from mature coconuts 0:01:26.790,0:01:32.329
it contains lauric acid a saturated fat 0:01:30.000,0:01:34.979
that has antimicrobial properties 0:01:32.329,0:01:38.070
lauric acid helps the skin absorb 0:01:34.979,0:01:40.100
coconut oil efficiently this makes it a 0:01:38.070,0:01:42.720
soothing treatment for itchy scalp 0:01:40.100,0:01:45.960
coconut oil may be helpful for itchy 0:01:42.720,0:01:49.680
scalps caused by eczema it may also be 0:01:45.960,0:01:51.810
helpful for combating head lice one 2010 0:01:49.680,0:01:54.000
study trusted source analyzed the 0:01:51.810,0:01:57.149
healing power of coconut oil mixed with 0:01:54.000,0:01:59.280
anise researchers found this combination 0:01:57.149,0:02:01.500
to be more successful at delousing and 0:01:59.280,0:02:04.439
eliminating scalp itch than permethrin a 0:02:01.500,0:02:06.850
medication used to treat lice find 0:02:04.439,0:02:09.850
organic coconut oil online 0:02:06.850,0:02:11.770
three peppermint oil peppermint oil may 0:02:09.850,0:02:12.910
be effective at reducing dandruff and 0:02:11.770,0:02:15.670
soothing the scalp 0:02:12.910,0:02:17.920
coming down itch try diluting it with 0:02:15.670,0:02:19.660
another oil such as olive oil and 0:02:17.920,0:02:22.780
massaging it into the scalp before 0:02:19.660,0:02:26.170
shampooing you can also use peppermint 0:02:22.780,0:02:29.620
tea as a rinse after shampooing shop for 0:02:26.170,0:02:31.510
peppermint oil for meditation it may not 0:02:29.620,0:02:33.970
surprise you that activities which 0:02:31.510,0:02:36.160
reduce stress such as meditation may be 0:02:33.970,0:02:39.520
effective at eliminating itchy scalps 0:02:36.160,0:02:42.130
caused by anxiety it may also help with 0:02:39.520,0:02:44.500
itching due to eczema a study on 0:02:42.130,0:02:46.570
meditation and its effect on eczema at 0:02:44.500,0:02:48.610
Emory University indicated that the 0:02:46.570,0:02:50.770
perception of itching may be improved by 0:02:48.610,0:02:53.400
this age-old practice by providing a 0:02:50.770,0:02:55.900
coping mechanism and sense of control 0:02:53.400,0:02:57.700
meditation can be tried alone or in 0:02:55.900,0:03:00.910
conjunction with other itchy scalp 0:02:57.700,0:03:02.650
remedies if you’re new to meditation try 0:03:00.910,0:03:06.580
taking a class or listening to a 0:03:02.650,0:03:08.890
meditation tape app or podcast 5 tea 0:03:06.580,0:03:09.970
tree oil and essential oil available at 0:03:08.890,0:03:11.700
health food stores 0:03:09.970,0:03:14.980
tea tree oil has antimicrobial 0:03:11.700,0:03:18.040
antifungal and antiseptic properties 0:03:14.980,0:03:20.890
it also has anti-inflammatory effects 0:03:18.040,0:03:22.959
tea tree oil can be irritating to the 0:03:20.890,0:03:25.299
skin so it’s important to use it 0:03:22.959,0:03:28.180
sparingly or diluted prior to use 0:03:25.299,0:03:30.940
try adding 10 to 20 drops of tea tree 0:03:28.180,0:03:33.340
oil to a gentle shampoo or mix it with 0:03:30.940,0:03:36.190
olive oil and massage it directly into 0:03:33.340,0:03:38.410
your scalp tea tree oil can help reduce 0:03:36.190,0:03:40.810
or eliminate itching associated with 0:03:38.410,0:03:43.810
dandruff seborrhoeic dermatitis and head 0:03:40.810,0:03:46.780
lice tea tree oils should never be 0:03:43.810,0:03:50.709
ingested shop a selection of tea tree 0:03:46.780,0:03:52.870
oil 6 zinc pyrithione shampoo a large 0:03:50.709,0:03:54.820
study found that people with dandruff 0:03:52.870,0:03:56.680
and seborrhoeic dermatitis have more 0:03:54.820,0:03:58.600
than double the amount of histamine on 0:03:56.680,0:04:01.810
their head skin than those without itchy 0:03:58.600,0:04:04.299
scalps the study analyzed the effect of 0:04:01.810,0:04:07.360
shampoos containing zinc pyrithione on 0:04:04.299,0:04:09.760
histamine levels participants with scalp 0:04:07.360,0:04:12.070
itch who used sink pyrithione shampoo 0:04:09.760,0:04:15.010
had a significant reduction in histamine 0:04:12.070,0:04:17.139
levels and in itch intensity these types 0:04:15.010,0:04:18.780
of shampoos are readily available in 0:04:17.139,0:04:21.959
drugstores and in other 0:04:18.780,0:04:24.630
outlets the amount of zinc pyrithione in 0:04:21.959,0:04:26.760
each shampoo varies by brand so you may 0:04:24.630,0:04:29.610
need to experiment with several to find 0:04:26.760,0:04:31.680
the one which works best for you some 0:04:29.610,0:04:34.830
people may find that daily shampooing 0:04:31.680,0:04:36.840
provides the most itch relief others may 0:04:34.830,0:04:39.870
find that this is too drying for the 0:04:36.840,0:04:41.880
scalp they may find greater alleviation 0:04:39.870,0:04:44.400
of scalp itch from shampooing their hair 0:04:41.880,0:04:47.280
every two or three days instead of daily 0:04:44.400,0:04:49.500
this type of shampoo may be beneficial 0:04:47.280,0:04:51.720
to people who have an itchy scalp due to 0:04:49.500,0:04:54.450
allergies which produce an increase in 0:04:51.720,0:04:56.610
histamine levels in addition to its 0:04:54.450,0:04:58.980
positive effect on histamine zinc 0:04:56.610,0:05:01.320
pyrithione also reduces yeast growth 0:04:58.980,0:05:04.650
this is a cause of seborrhoeic 0:05:01.320,0:05:08.460
dermatitis shop for shampoos containing 0:05:04.650,0:05:10.919
zinc pyrithione 7 salicylic acid 0:05:08.460,0:05:13.050
shampoos containing salicylic acid are 0:05:10.919,0:05:16.010
effective at treating itchy scalp caused 0:05:13.050,0:05:19.200
by psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis 0:05:16.010,0:05:21.060
salicylic acid as a beta hydroxy acid 0:05:19.200,0:05:23.250
found in evergreen leaves and white 0:05:21.060,0:05:25.310
willow tree bark it has 0:05:23.250,0:05:28.680
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial 0:05:25.310,0:05:31.020
properties it’s also able to generate 0:05:28.680,0:05:33.150
exfoliation of the skin which may make 0:05:31.020,0:05:36.050
it particularly effective for the scaly 0:05:33.150,0:05:38.760
itchy patches associated with psoriasis 0:05:36.050,0:05:40.919
shampoos containing this ingredient may 0:05:38.760,0:05:42.990
vary by strength so make sure to read 0:05:40.919,0:05:46.289
labels and follow the usage instructions 0:05:42.990,0:05:48.180
given some salicylic acid shampoos 0:05:46.289,0:05:50.340
require light massage into the scalp 0:05:48.180,0:05:53.910
during use repeated daily or almost 0:05:50.340,0:05:56.220
daily shampoos with this ingredient can 0:05:53.910,0:05:57.830
be found in health food stores online 0:05:56.220,0:06:00.450
and in drugstores 0:05:57.830,0:06:03.810
salicylic acid shouldn’t be used by 0:06:00.450,0:06:06.090
anyone with an aspirin allergy 8 tea 0:06:03.810,0:06:09.210
tacones all shampoo ketoconazole as a 0:06:06.090,0:06:11.610
broad-spectrum antifungal agent it’s 0:06:09.210,0:06:14.460
effective at reducing malassezia yeast 0:06:11.610,0:06:16.020
this is a fungus which may become over 0:06:14.460,0:06:18.300
abundant on the scalp and caused 0:06:16.020,0:06:21.090
Malassezia folliculitis or scalp 0:06:18.300,0:06:23.610
psoriasis it’s available by prescription 0:06:21.090,0:06:24.669
and also as an ingredient in certain 0:06:23.610,0:06:27.189
shampoos 0:06:24.669,0:06:29.349
ketoconazole shampoos may reduce 0:06:27.189,0:06:31.770
dandruff scaly patches and the itch 0:06:29.349,0:06:34.569
caused by seborrhoeic dermatitis 0:06:31.770,0:06:36.689
shampoos may have one or two percent of 0:06:34.569,0:06:39.099
ketoconazole as an active ingredient 0:06:36.689,0:06:41.439
they may require different use 0:06:39.099,0:06:43.120
techniques such as daily shampooing or 0:06:41.439,0:06:46.389
shampooing every other day 0:06:43.120,0:06:50.020
don’t use ketoconazole on open sores or 0:06:46.389,0:06:52.569
on swollen skin 9 selenium sulfide 0:06:50.020,0:06:54.909
selenium sulfide as an anti-infective 0:06:52.569,0:06:57.879
medication used to treat seborrhoeic 0:06:54.909,0:07:00.460
dermatitis it works by slowing down the 0:06:57.879,0:07:03.759
growth of yeast on the scalp it’s 0:07:00.460,0:07:06.009
available as a shampoo and lotion it may 0:07:03.759,0:07:08.529
be prescribed by your doctor or found in 0:07:06.009,0:07:10.449
commercially prepared products the 0:07:08.529,0:07:12.159
recommended dosage for prescription 0:07:10.449,0:07:14.110
strength selenium sulfide as 0:07:12.159,0:07:16.449
twice-weekly for the first two weeks 0:07:14.110,0:07:19.150
followed by once a week use for up to 0:07:16.449,0:07:21.759
one month if you’re using a store-bought 0:07:19.150,0:07:23.939
product containing selenium sulfide make 0:07:21.759,0:07:27.219
sure to follow the label instructions 0:07:23.939,0:07:29.949
stop using it if irritation occurs or if 0:07:27.219,0:07:32.949
your symptoms worsen are there any risks 0:07:29.949,0:07:35.229
and side effects if your symptoms don’t 0:07:32.949,0:07:37.210
subside or if they get worse talk to 0:07:35.229,0:07:40.659
your doctor about medical treatments 0:07:37.210,0:07:42.580
these may be more effective essential 0:07:40.659,0:07:45.099
oils and the active ingredients in 0:07:42.580,0:07:48.189
shampoos may irritate swollen or broken 0:07:45.099,0:07:50.979
skin don’t use any ingredients you have 0:07:48.189,0:07:52.960
a known allergy to don’t treat children 0:07:50.979,0:07:56.370
with any product until you have their 0:07:52.960,0:07:56.370
pediatricians go ahead

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