Home remedy for runny nose | What home remedies can help with a runny nose?

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Home remedy for runny nose | What home remedies
can help with a runny nose? 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.310
a runny nose can be one of the most 0:00:01.860,0:00:06.990
annoying symptoms of the common cold 0:00:04.310,0:00:10.320
thankfully there are several natural and 0:00:06.990,0:00:12.120
home remedies to try in this article we 0:00:10.320,0:00:15.120
look at the following ways to stop a 0:00:12.120,0:00:18.000
runny nose hot drinks hot steam 0:00:15.120,0:00:20.039
inhalation hot baths neti pots capsaicin 0:00:18.000,0:00:22.020
we also look at the evidence supporting 0:00:20.039,0:00:24.750
these remedies and list some tips for 0:00:22.020,0:00:27.930
coping with a runny nose five ways to 0:00:24.750,0:00:30.179
stop a runny nose one having a hot drink 0:00:27.930,0:00:33.210
a hot drink is a traditional well known 0:00:30.179,0:00:36.440
remedy for a cold in fact there is some 0:00:33.210,0:00:39.329
science to back up this home treatment a 0:00:36.440,0:00:40.980
2009 study published in Rhine ology 0:00:39.329,0:00:43.340
found that drinking a hot beverage 0:00:40.980,0:00:46.260
helped to reduce the symptoms of a cold 0:00:43.340,0:00:48.059
the study noted that the effect might be 0:00:46.260,0:00:51.300
mainly psychological but it also 0:00:48.059,0:00:53.370
identified a physical reaction the hot 0:00:51.300,0:00:54.989
drink stimulated a nerve linked to the 0:00:53.370,0:00:56.850
oral and nasal cavities 0:00:54.989,0:01:00.600
which may explain the relief of cold 0:00:56.850,0:01:02.520
symptoms to hot steam inhalations there 0:01:00.600,0:01:04.799
are different ways to perform a hot 0:01:02.520,0:01:07.710
steam inhalation but the basic idea is 0:01:04.799,0:01:10.080
the same a person adds herbs or 0:01:07.710,0:01:12.799
essential oils to hot water leans over 0:01:10.080,0:01:15.840
the water and breathes in the steam a 0:01:12.799,0:01:17.939
2015 study published in the journal of 0:01:15.840,0:01:20.280
dental and medical sciences looked at 0:01:17.939,0:01:22.409
way steam inhalations containing various 0:01:20.280,0:01:25.110
additives helped to treat symptoms of 0:01:22.409,0:01:27.090
the common cold the study found that 0:01:25.110,0:01:28.950
symptoms improved faster and more 0:01:27.090,0:01:32.579
effectively with inhalations than 0:01:28.950,0:01:34.380
without 3 a hot bath a person can likely 0:01:32.579,0:01:36.799
get some of the benefits of steam 0:01:34.380,0:01:39.090
inhalation while soaking in a hot bath 0:01:36.799,0:01:41.640
resting in a hot bath will naturally 0:01:39.090,0:01:44.090
lead to inhaling some steam while also 0:01:41.640,0:01:47.610
helping to relax the muscles of the body 0:01:44.090,0:01:50.549
for neti pots a neti pot as a device 0:01:47.610,0:01:52.920
that looks like a small tea pot people 0:01:50.549,0:01:55.950
use it to flush out the nose and sinuses 0:01:52.920,0:01:57.869
to use a neti pot a person should lean 0:01:55.950,0:02:00.360
over the sink tilt their head sideways 0:01:57.869,0:02:03.390
and pour water from the pot into one 0:02:00.360,0:02:05.399
nostril until the pot is empty if done 0:02:03.390,0:02:08.129
right the water will be released from 0:02:05.399,0:02:09.929
the opposite nostril the person should 0:02:08.129,0:02:11.910
then refill the pot and repeat the 0:02:09.929,0:02:14.220
process on the other side 0:02:11.910,0:02:16.200
neti pots may seem like a strange 0:02:14.220,0:02:19.170
concept and they are a bit messier than 0:02:16.200,0:02:21.620
nasal sprays however they can be 0:02:19.170,0:02:24.150
effective at clearing up a runny nose 0:02:21.620,0:02:28.200
various brands are available to purchase 0:02:24.150,0:02:30.600
online a 2009 study in the Journal of 0:02:28.200,0:02:32.790
family practice found that large volume 0:02:30.600,0:02:34.920
low pressure irrigation such as that 0:02:32.790,0:02:36.870
achieved using a neti pot was more 0:02:34.920,0:02:39.000
effective than nasal spray at improving 0:02:36.870,0:02:42.840
the investigated nasal sinusitis 0:02:39.000,0:02:46.020
symptoms including a runny nose 5 chilly 0:02:42.840,0:02:47.850
nasal spray or spicy food a 2016 review 0:02:46.020,0:02:49.830
published in current Allergy and Asthma 0:02:47.850,0:02:52.020
reports found that nasal spray 0:02:49.830,0:02:54.030
containing capsaicin the compound that 0:02:52.020,0:02:56.330
gives Chili Peppers their heat could 0:02:54.030,0:02:59.700
effectively treat non allergic rhinitis 0:02:56.330,0:03:02.940
this condition causes a runny nose among 0:02:59.700,0:03:05.970
other symptoms spicy food can initially 0:03:02.940,0:03:08.160
make a runny nose worse however the 0:03:05.970,0:03:10.290
authors noted that capsaicin is unique 0:03:08.160,0:03:12.480
among natural irritants because the mild 0:03:10.290,0:03:14.250
irritation it causes as followed by a 0:03:12.480,0:03:17.280
long lasting period during which 0:03:14.250,0:03:19.410
symptoms significantly improve while 0:03:17.280,0:03:21.540
capsaicin nasal spray has proven 0:03:19.410,0:03:24.050
effective people are not advised to make 0:03:21.540,0:03:26.760
their own at home using chili powder 0:03:24.050,0:03:29.940
tested brands are available to purchase 0:03:26.760,0:03:32.160
online a person with a runny nose may 0:03:29.940,0:03:35.100
also benefit from eating the spiciest 0:03:32.160,0:03:37.260
food they can handle the runny nose is 0:03:35.100,0:03:39.720
likely to get worse during the meal but 0:03:37.260,0:03:42.330
any sinus congestion may improve shortly 0:03:39.720,0:03:44.370
after the meal is finished tips for 0:03:42.330,0:03:46.290
coping with a runny nose the following 0:03:44.370,0:03:48.330
are some straightforward tips to help 0:03:46.290,0:03:51.420
clear up a runny nose and make the whole 0:03:48.330,0:03:54.810
experience less unpleasant use soft 0:03:51.420,0:03:56.940
essential oil infused tissues one of the 0:03:54.810,0:03:58.950
most irritating parts of having a runny 0:03:56.940,0:04:02.160
nose as rubbing the skin raw by 0:03:58.950,0:04:04.800
continually wiping it using extra soft 0:04:02.160,0:04:07.280
essential oil infused tissues may soothe 0:04:04.800,0:04:10.640
raw skin and prevent further irritation 0:04:07.280,0:04:13.620
these tissues are also available online 0:04:10.640,0:04:16.590
use the most effective remedies just 0:04:13.620,0:04:18.540
before bed sleep is essential for mood 0:04:16.590,0:04:20.400
and overall health not least when 0:04:18.540,0:04:22.530
recovering from a cold 0:04:20.400,0:04:25.740
use the most effective treatments at 0:04:22.530,0:04:27.990
bedtime to ensure a restful night focus 0:04:25.740,0:04:30.870
on relaxing at home until the problem 0:04:27.990,0:04:32.580
clears up it might be hard to enjoy a 0:04:30.870,0:04:34.759
social event while feeling 0:04:32.580,0:04:37.380
self-conscious about a runny nose 0:04:34.759,0:04:39.419
viewing the symptom as a reason to stay 0:04:37.380,0:04:42.270
home and focus on recovery can be 0:04:39.419,0:04:44.280
helpful when to see a doctor a runny 0:04:42.270,0:04:47.490
nose as typically not a medical 0:04:44.280,0:04:49.889
emergency however it can be a symptom of 0:04:47.490,0:04:52.949
certain chronic or acute conditions such 0:04:49.889,0:04:54.990
as a sinus infection or rhinitis if a 0:04:52.949,0:04:57.330
runny nose does not begin to improve 0:04:54.990,0:05:00.000
after a few days it may be a good idea 0:04:57.330,0:05:02.010
to consult a doctor especially if the 0:05:00.000,0:05:04.850
person is also experiencing flu-like 0:05:02.010,0:05:04.850

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