Homemade Asthma Chamber Spacer for Humans and Animals

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Hello, everyone. It’s unit 13 on scene here at homestand. I want to share with you our improvised field expedient metered dose inhaler Spacer Chamber Something that I formed together out of necessity out of part I actually had on hand I didn’t buy a single thing for this everything here. I don’t know where the parts came from but they were here Alright, let’s get into the kit contents the spacer chamber is made from a recycled clear Tube mailer with holes cut into the ends To fit the items that I want to put in there Just remember to cut the holes a little small so you have a nice snug fit, and you’ll get a good seal And the next item here is the one-way valve which I salvaged out of this I don’t know what this this meta breather thing is used for or how I got it, where it came from but there it is and works out really good for What we how I want to use it and then here’s a mouthpiece with the expandable tubing that came out of one of these volumetric incentive things I’m not sure exactly how that’s used either or were I got it but there you go another thing is the airway connector with a swivel that’s really useful you’ll see soon enough, and some recycled inhaler dispensers, they’ve been cold sterilized so don’t freak out any of you people who freak out on such things and just rest assured that you know they’ll only be used during the austere conditions and that the person that they are recycled from or the individuals that are recycled from don’t have anything to worry about. So it’s pretty simple to put together. Just insert that You know you would insert whatever inhaler you have available at the end there put the one-way valve in Really simple, huh swivels around any direction that you need to Pop either a Mouthpiece on And you can see pop a little boop give it– I would because of that space in there and the diameter I would go ahead and give it a couple of hits inside that chamber Just to give them that person a good full dose of whatever They need a dose of and then you can see…any resuscitation mask will fit that so it makes it really nice and easy to deliver that if somebody needs to use that more than they can the mouthpiece or say you’re trying to deliver it to somebody who semi-conscious and then here’s a resuscitation infant resuscitation mask where I use that, that’s swivel or that airway connector And then you can see here let’s, yeah, coordinated I am you can see here. How well that will work to deliver um that to really any patient where that That size mask would fit the swivel With that right there would be really good for delivering it to an infant and small child that that mask would fit on that’s swivel And then I just don’t even know why I put that on there It’s just a different mask, but you can see another bag valve mask or resuscitator mask What works just fine, ok and for ok from I like 1,000,000 try on this voiceover for the Canine Feline recovery oxygen mask set there’s a large feline which also fits pug dogs And then there is the the longsnout type cone that fits large in a larger and smaller muzzles of dogs See the important notes going across the bottom of the screen to remind you to occlude the green exhalation ports in order for that mask to be effective on any of those masks there If you don’t do that, it won’t work .They’re not going to get any of the drug so remember that And then there’s just an overview you can just see how kind of, almost looks like it was made like that You know it’s pretty nice little kit. I wish I could find some more of those recovery tubes Because there I would just like to have make a few more kits of that they have if I can get all the other parts all right, and then last but not least here is really important to have some type of anti-static Something or other going on inside that plastic because it will create static in there or build up and All the the mist will get sucked right up onto the plastic is really interesting to see happen So I have a non scented fabric softener sheet that I just wipe the whole interior out with and that completely prevents that from happening [okay], I just get a close out the video with The credits and then also the scope of practice for this kit So that you can see what my intentions were When I set this thing up Okay, I think that I’ve communicated all the things that I thought were important about this Improvised field expedient asthma Spacer Chamber Inhaler I don’t know what you want to call it. I was going to call it the 285 improvised inhaler Because it’s got to 285 written on it for some reason So anyway That’s it This is unit 13, and I’m going to be out of here

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