Homemade humidifier DIY using cheap ultrasonic mist maker / fogger

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Hi ! Let me show you how to build a cool ultrasonic
humidifier like this one. It’s really easy to craft even for beginners
like me. To build one for yourself, you only need a
plastic bottle, a computer fan, an ultrasonic mist module, a LED adapter and a power supply. The cheapest items I could find were on eBay. Check the links in the video description to
see what you need to buy for this project. You should be able to get everything for less
than 10$. Let’s see how to build this humidifier. First, you need to get a plastic bottle that
is tall enough to prevent water from spilling all over the computer fan. Then, use a cutter to create a small hole
on the side of the bottle, near the top. For this project, you need to cut and strip
the wires powering the ultrasonic module. You can now insert the mist maker in the plastic
bottle, through the hole you just made. You need to tape the fan over the hole and
connect everything to the LED connector. The humidifier is ready to be filled. It’s better to use distilled water because
tap water contains minerals that would precipitate in the tank as the water evaporates. You can now plug the power supply and enjoy
your homemade humidifier. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please give it
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48 thoughts on “Homemade humidifier DIY using cheap ultrasonic mist maker / fogger

  1. Are you from montreal? Do you by any chance have some extras I can buy off you? I rather not wait I have a project that requires this right now.

  2. So wait what, do you cut and strip the mist maker's cable and attatch it to the LED connerctor, along with the two wires from the fan? And then re connect and then plug it in? You're missing a step I swear 🙁

  3. PVC in a humidifier?! I ordered this, but after seeing PVC in this video, I cancelled my order immediately. It is very toxic.

  4. What adapter are you using a 12V or 24V one since I am unsure whether the DC connector will support a 24V connection through it

  5. what exactly the computer fan do !!
    what if i didn't use ''the computer fan'' because ill made this on something like a bowl instead bottle ?
    and thanks for the video

  6. can the mister also work with essential oil? and does the Ultrasonic module has to be in the water? is there a way to make it work where it is not directly touching the water ( like the ones you buy in the store)? thank you

  7. I like to get 35% hydrogen peroxide and dilute it to 3% with distilled water to raise the oxygen levels in my room. It is super amazing i feel like i now have my very own oxygen chamber! Great project by the way.

  8. really cool, but why you dont explain how to wire this 🙁 … now i get the items but i donk now what to do :(((

  9. Instead of using a fan you can cut a smaller hole and use an aquarium air pump. You can this setup inside a cloning dome into your cloning dome.

  10. Great idea!!!!! How long can you keep it running? Do you need to let it rest or can you keep it running for hours without rest?

  11. what do you mean:" connect everything to the LED connector"??? Help don't know how to connect these thing.

  12. I am conducting a research, can i ask, if i will be creatinga nd using the said machine, it is said that it is only 24 in voltage. does this voltage may affect high in my electric bill if i will be using it, over a week. everyday?

  13. Hi There,
    Im having some trouble making this. When i connect the fan and the mist maker to the LED connector the mist maker stops working but the fan still works, But when i connect just the mist maker to the connector it works fine. How do i solve this problem ?

  14. Hello, nice video
    What if i put the humidifier deep in the water, will it work?
    Or can I connect with something that floats to keep it on right level?
    Because I want to put on my incubator and i don't have to much time to refill the bottle to often

  15. Can I use oil instead of water in this arrangement. Actually, I have to make fog from pepper oil in order to get pepper fog dispertion @DIYElectronics

  16. Hi! I have seen some info that the ultrasonic mist maker would break if an essential oil was used. is that true?

  17. Tap water works fine! Unlike boiling, these lil machines do NOT create precipitate as the energy "nebulizes not only the water but also materials in the water" meaning crushed bacterial cells (damaged from the nebulization) AND calcium gets flung into the air too.

  18. " it's really easy" they say " stoped watching after parts needed . Ultrasonic mist module . Might as well just buy a cheap one off Amazon for 20$

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