House vs. Anti-vaxxer

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No formula, just mommy’s healthy natural breast milk. (sigh) Yummy. Her whole face just got swollen like this overnight. No fever. Glands normal. Missing her vaccination dates. We’re not vaccinating. (gribbit gribbit gribbit) Think they don’t work? I think some multinational
pharmaceutical company wants me to think they work, pad their bottom line. Mmm hmm. May I? Sure. (ribbit ribbit) All-natural no dyes is a good business, all-natural children’s toys. Those toy companies, they don’t arbitrarily mark up their frogs. They don’t lie about how much they spend on
research and development. The worst that a toy company could be accused of is making a really boring frog. (ribbit ribbit ribbit) You know another really good business? Teeny, tiny baby coffins. You can get them in frog green, fire engine red. Really. The antibodies in yummy mummy only
protect the kid for six months which is why these these companies think they can gouge you. They think that you’ll spend whatever they
ask to keep your kid alive. Wanna change things? Prove them wrong. A few
hundred parents like you decide they’d rather let their kid die than cough up forty bucks for a vaccination, believe me prices will drop really fast. (ribbit) (ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit) Tell me what she has. (sigh) A cold.

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  1. We need doctors like House to tell this to tell anti-vaxxer parents whom go to the hospital/clinic and wonder why their children are sick. This baby got away with a cold but what if it was worse?

  2. As strict as my parents were, I am thankful that they were smart and responsible enough to make sure my sister and I got all required vaccines. I pity the children of clueless anti-vax parents that are playing Russian roulette with their health.

  3. Calling from Canada. I was out at my parents farm one time and petted a kitten that turned out to be rabid. I had to have the rabies vaccine or I would have been arrested. I could just imagine myself foaming at the mouth and biting people. If you get rabies you are truly fucked, even jebus will not save you then.

  4. The worst thing about anti-vaxxers is they rely on the rest of the population to act as a buffer against disease: most choose to vaccinate = disease is much rarer = unvaccinated child is less likely to catch a deadly disease. They're sponging off society. On the off chance that the unvaccinated child does catch the disease, they then provide a gateway for other unvaccinated children to catch it and spread it. Unfortunately (not really a strong enough word), there are some children with disabilities and chronic illnesses who are physically unable to have vaccinations, even if their parents would want them to be vaccinated. So then… the disabled child catches the disease from the anti-vaxxer spawn (who is strong enough to recover from it) and dies because they have a weaker immune system. So then…. the selfish mindless idiot drone anti-vaxxer has voluntarily put their own child at risk and committed manslaughter in the process. Vaccinate your damn children, murderers.

  5. This scene really shows House's genius. He uses complicated reverse psychology to shut down this woman's whole view point on anti vaccination in just 30 seconds.

  6. Why is it that child protective services do not remove children from anti-vax parents. its a matter of the safety and possibly the survival of the child.
    if you do not vaccinate please do not procreate.

  7. Its mums like these who are obsessed with all natural medicine and living a healthy life yet fail to read up the facts and end up getting cancer from vitamin overdose that really are stunting societies growth. They also all tend to be christians too.

  8. It's sad when you meet these kind of people. They are so set in their ways that they would rather accept the possibility of their loved one dying than be wrong.

  9. Vaccinations are necessary, now do you need a yearly flu shot if you are 20-40 and healthy? Probably not, but there are some baseline vaccines that you NEED to get in order to … survive past age 2!!!!

  10. You know you have to be one hell of a fool to not vaccinate your child. You also have to be willfully ignorant to not research how vaccines work if you feel they could hurt your child. Also don't go to some random site that does not cite sources or links you do debunk studies.

  11. HA HA HA. Anti-vaccers are idiots. That whole myth about them causing autism is false. The guy that started it ADMITTED it and has long since retracted it. Some of you people need to grow up and get some basic health education.

  12. Some parents are so stupid. They think vaccinations cause autism and cancer or make their kids sick forever. Some other even more retarded parents neglect their children proper healthcare and choose to pray instead, then they die but they think oh ok my child is in a better place.No they are not, well they are no longer with you so yeah technically they are in a better place but are still nowhere. But dumb parents come in all forms, like ones who shit out three kids and just have a minimum wage job and wonder why they can't pay all the bills. Hmm that's a toughie, maybe you should use your small brain as much as you use your loose cunt, snatch, tax deduction, idiot factory, whatever you want to cal that bloddy roast beef butterfly with down syndrome between your cellulite and stretch mark ridden thighs. What the fuck was this video about again, I might of went off on a tiff.

  13. A common peasant thinks they know more than a scientist. Only in fucking America. And the Middle East…and probably other countries where scientific ignorance is fluent.

  14. Vaccinate your fucking kids. I came down with whooping cough and was miserable for a whole summer because I didn't get the vaccination.

  15. We used to use something called variolation. We'd take pus from a pustule on a person dying of small pox, make 4 or 5 cuts on another person and lay the pus onto the cuts. And eventually they would get minor symptoms, and then they'd be okay. However, one woman found out that she didn't get smallpox because she was infected with cowpox. So one scientist did a bunch of tests, and eventually gave people cowpox as a way to prevent small pox. Fast forward about 200 years, small pox is an eradicated disease.

    Don't tell me that vaccines don't work.

  16. FYI, referencing fair use law in your description doesn't mean your video falls under fair use. It has never worked that way.

    Even if it did, that wouldn't protect it from a DMCA takedown strike. YouTube doesn't give a flying fuck about fair use.

  17. In Germany, there are Kindergartens and Preschools who don't let you sign up your child if you can't provide proof that your kid has recieved some vaccinations.
    I think that should become a law.

  18. I don't think anti-vaxers are idiots, I think when you are a parent you can be very susceptible to information talking about your kids being in danger and we need to go after the dangerous idiots who are spreading this message which is killing so many children from easily preventable diseases.

  19. Anti-vaxxers, some kindo f warped self-righteousness beyond selfishness. There are people who CAN'T get vaccinated, and live with compromised immune systems. Let's just keep them all inside, right, to satisfy your idiocy.

  20. Anti-vaxxers unite….so I can know how many retards are there and are willing to kill their child to save him from so called autism vaccination causes

  21. It's sad that according to the WHO, there are more than 100 countries that are ranked ahead of the US in terms of vaccination rates. Many of these countries are ones that we consider "third world," such as Bolivia, Uruguay, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Iran, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan. It's even more sad that there are so many mothers in the US who place more weight on some celebrity's unsubstantiated opinion than on scientists' research.

  22. Scary how utterly stupid some people are. Listening to airhead celebrities like mccarthy over doctors that studied medicine for TEN YEARS. FUCKING MORONS

  23. I dont understand anti vaxxers, they prefer their child to die of something as horrid as small pox rather than take care of an autistic child? An even thought, how does that argument made sence. In countries with high vaccination ratios there's the same amount (if not less) people with autism rations than countries with less vaccination ratios. Is somethin you can research in a fucking minute on the same search enginee were you read your crap, for gods sake 😐

  24. Why….how did this happen? Why isnt vaccines for babies mandatory? Babies die to everything, basically. Thats Parents 101

    I guess. sure, you havent seen anyone get polio in a long time, but thats because its been vaccinated

  25. ah, good ol' Greg House being the master troller he is.
    I thank the Lord David Shore for creating such an enlightening character.

  26. people who really believe vaccines cause autism are some of the lowest form of fools, because theres no proof to it!

  27. I'm all for vaccination, but luckily herd immunity means that if a minority don't vaccinate they should still be safe.

  28. i dont see fucking doctors and biology proffesors giving advice to actors on how to act on tv and cinema , so why doesnt Jenny mccarthy shove a di&# in her mouth and stick to what she knows.

  29. My belief: you should only be exempt from vaccines if you have a medical reason (such as being allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine). Other than that, there's no excuse.

  30. this is almost exactly how Sherlock would talk to people in the books. I find the similarlys between the two characters interesting

  31. I know a guy who knows someone that is anti-vax not because he thinks they don't work but because "they do work and that's the problem" xD

  32. when i was 18 (so not even a child) i got chicken pox. I got an extremely severe case of chicken pox. It went into my lungs and I am permanently scarred from it. I grew up before there was a chicken pox vaccine readily available and almost died because of it. Not only do I have the visible scarring but also my lungs are,this means for the rest of my life I will easily end up with chest infections and now have asthma. I can not say this enough, if you have the option for your kids. Get them vaccinated, those childhood illnesses can be fatal.

  33. From this point on, all comments on this video will be held for review. The incessant spam from certain brain-dead anti-vaxxers spreading their bullshit conspiracy "theories" is unacceptable, and YouTube's blocking feature is broken so that it does not prevent replies to comments, only top level comments, from being seen. Otherwise I would just block the offending users.

    Therefore, if you comment on this video know this: If you say anything that could be interpreted as even slightly anti-vaccine, your comment will not be approved. So do not bother. I refuse to give your dangerous beliefs a platform, no matter how small. And if you are a libertardian who whines that I am somehow violating your right to free speech by doing this, your comments will also not be approved.

    If, on the other hand, you are an intelligent person with some valid points to make or relevant information to share, feel free to do so. Your comments will be approved. But know that I am not the US government. I am not bound by law to let you say whatever you want here. I am the dictator of this channel, and I will not allow the comments section here to become the cess pool it is on most YouTube videos.

    So if you want to post spam or rant about your political or religious beliefs, go somewhere else. Most of the internet is available to you for that, including the rest of this site. This tiny, tiny corner of it will not be a part of it. If for no other reason than I'm sick of getting notifications every time you idiots gets into arguments that go on for months.

  34. Normally House's clinic scenes were funny, but this one is just sad. So many people still value their own ego over their child's life. even if vaccines did cause autism which they don't, guess what? Autism isn't the worst thing that could ever happen to your child. suffering and dying of a preventable, nearly eradicated disease is the worst thing that could happen to your child.

  35. Do pharmaceutical companies try to make money? Sure. Do they scam people? Borderline yes, sometimes. But are the vaccines necessary? Absolutely! And there's very limited profit on them so the conspiracy idiots picked a poor target. Then again, what else is new;)

  36. anti vaxers will let their children die from a disease that no 1st world citizen had died from in more than 50 years and its the pharmaceutical companys that's the problem?

  37. People who don't vaccinate their kids fail to understand statistics, history, and herd immunity. And probably several other important things that aren't coming to mind right now.

  38. Too bad this television show is speaking the truth and thousands of babies die anually due to stupid parents like the one in this scene.Ive seen it happen and it's horrifying.

  39. And then she talks about how the baby coffin market is just a scam for the devil himself to eat your babies.
    You can't win with anti-vaxxers.

  40. If you think vaccines don't work a very simple thing to do is go to a third world country and see teens with polio. As i am from one I can attest that the only presence of polio I have seen is in adults as even the super poor now can give free polio vaccines to their children.

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