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Welcome to Advantage Allergy Services
and our quick video explaining how allergies may impact your daily quality
of life. Daily and seasonal allergies affect the workforce, it’s documented
that 25% of our population has allergies. Allergies cost employers millions of
dollars in productivity losses. The perception illustrated is that allergies
are misdiagnosed as sickness and that it’s communicable. Disruption in the
workforce is multiplied. Management is forced to deal with sick employees and
productivity losses. Burden is placed on employees to self-medicate or face
termination. Wellness program could test allergies. Dangerous job sites are not a
place for self medication. On-job site injury risks need to be managed. This is
a fine example of a corporate wellness program under utilized. Transportation
employees can really benefit from allergy testing and treatment. Improving
safety records reduces liability insurance and expenses due to loss of
productivity. Self-medicating is not safe for these workers delays from workers
missing days leads to unmet schedules and budget overruns. This is an accident
waiting to happen. Storage and dust mites as well as
pollution exacerbate allergy environmental as well as occupational
allergies must be considered when calculating low productivity and high
costs. Environmental allergies hinder outdoor activities. The only true way to
enjoy the outdoors is to desensitize through immunotherapy. Grass, weed and
tree pollens are the main causes. Children with allergies and asthma need
treatment. The best way to aid their needs is to see their pediatrician for
total care so the continuum of care is met. School is important. For teachers the cost of allergies is multiplied. Every
time the teacher is absent, they use a substitute and the curriculum is
disturbed for all. Schools could benefit from services. Testing for food allergies
will give you the knowledge to avoid those foods you’re allergic to. Your
quality of life is now improved there is no therapy for food allergies yet.
Antibiotics are the first line of defense against infection. Alternative
means could be less effective. Test prior to surgeries or procedures is the smart
way to find an allergy. Venom allergies are very dangerous. Most patients do well
with a venom therapy if tested positive. Ants and flying stinging insects such as
bees wasps and hornets may be treated.

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