How Allergy Treatment Impacts Patients’ Medication Use

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

I truly feel that in home
sublingual therapy is making these patients compliant. They are thrilled to
be able to take this little packet with them on the go, to be able to do this at
work, to be able to do this at home. They’re able to just be as successful in
treating their allergies as possible. They are so successful that my numbers
in antibiotics and steroid use over the last year for my patient panel has went
down by one third. I am thrilled to say that I have given less steroid
injections, less medrol dose packs, less augmentin for sinus infections, you name
it. My patients are seeing the full effects of treating their allergies head
on. For the large majority of patients this is just an amazing option and for
a direct primary care physician, it’s an affordable option. I urge you to look
into it. I urge you to help some of your patients and see if this is right for
them and if not, transfer on. If you could take care of your patients in this
way and see the numbers improve that I have, my antibiotic and steroid point
accounts that go down as I have, and have my own personal success story, why
wouldn’t you?

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