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Simple tasks can seem like endless chores
when hay fever and other airborne allergies strike. Thankfully, there are over-the-counter
allergy medications such as antihistamines which can help relieve symptoms. To understand
how antihistamines work, let’s take a look what happens during an allergic reaction.
A normally harmless substance like pollen causes the immune system to overreact. Immune
cells then “attack” the pollen. This sets off the release of the chemical histamine
and other substances, which in turn triggers allergy symptoms. Like runny nose, sneezing,
and itchy, watery eyes. Histamine is the main cause of allergy symptoms. But an antihistamine,
such as the name implies, works by blocking it from triggering an allergic reaction — which
relieve symptoms. For relief from nasal congestion, antihistamines are also available with an
added decongestant so you can enjoy your day. For allergy relief plus a powerful decongestant,
ask for Zyrtec-D behind the Pharmacy Counter.

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