How can lawyers use Quora for marketing..?!

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There are millions of people using Quora. And you know what…according to alexa, India
ranks second in the number of active users on Quora. Hii Budding Lawyers, Prasanna Naidu here. In this video I am going to tell you can use
Quora to target your potential clients. Before that, I would like to tell you that
I come up with such videos helpful for lawyers and law students every week. So, If you are new to the channel then do
subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon. Do you know what is Quora? I am not talking about that song… So, for those who don’t What is Quora? Quora is a question & answer website where
Quora users can ask questions, answer to any question and also edit their answers later. Why must you start using Quora? Get Exposure to millions of monthly visitors. Demonstrate your expertise on almost any topic. Learn from others about your industry Like experts in your industry, clients or
in general public. You can find what type of questions are people
asking regarding your industry. And you can give direct answers to anyone
asking about your services. You can share links of your website or blogs
in your answers. As you know that there are so many people
using Quora in India. Obviously there will be people asking questions
related to the field in which you are practicing. So, what you have to do is, create your profile
and start sharing your knowledge by answering to such questions. And, ya… you won’t be paid here ok… Yes, you have to share your precious knowledge
for free… Because, only then people who ask those questions
will come to know that you are an expert in that field and you know in and out about it. Once they come to know that, those users will
obviously contact you whenever they have any work related to that field. And you will get a client who will pay you
money… obviously after the work is done… So, How should you get started? Go to and log in. You can login with your gmail account by clicking
here or your facebook account. Or else you can click here and sign up first
and then log in. After logging in, first fill up all your profile
details… Add a good quality photo, then write a good
bio, add credentials, start following topics & spaces related to your field…. To find topics, use the search box at the
top and start typing in a keyword. Quora will give you instant suggestions based
on what you type. By doing this thing, Quora will come to know
what type of questions must be sent to you… And, once you start following a topic it will
show up the top questions in that topic. So, you will gain more knowledge by reading
those answers and if you really like a answer you can follow the writer of that answer. So, by this way you can also grow your connections. In your ‘About Me’ section over here,
write in detail about you. Areas of expertise, interests, cities in which
you practice, schools and colleges you attended, previous work experience and links to your
other social media accounts. To link your social media accounts, go here…settings….and update it here. But, don’t make it boring, Keep it brief & it must answer all questions regarding your professional life usually expected by a user. Submit Answers…. To do that just click on a specific question…and
click answer. Type your answer here. Wherever you can do make use of all features
available here…like adding bullet points, images, etc. It makes your answer look more professional
& authoritative. Write good quality answers and as detailed as you can. If you can add a story it would be great,
because storytelling works very well on Quora. You can also add your blog links over here,
but don’t do it for every answer. Because it is called Spamming..!! You can do something like 3 answers without
link and one answer with you blog link. But, make sure that you don’t look spammy. And whenever you answer a question, your Bio
or Tagline will be displayed beside your name. And the best part you can choose a different
bio for every answer you submit. So, if you are practising in multiple areas
of law, for ex: criminal law & cyber law. Then when you submit an answer related to
criminal law, you can add a tagline like ‘Practicing criminal law since….year’ and you do the
same thing for an answer related to cyber law. To do that, just click on the edit credential
link….and choose your bio here. After you are done, you can post your answer
to twitter as soon as you submit the answer. Or, after submitting… you click here and
share your answer to any social media platform you want. Ask questions..!! To ask a question, you have a button over
here, just click it…type here and add a question. You can also ask question to specific Quora
user and also in spaces…. Once you start receiving answers, be sure
to let people know you appreciate their help by clicking on the Upvote and Thank link beneath
each answer. Become Active… share good answers written
by other users, upvote it, comment on it, upvote comments of other users. Because, whenever you do all these things
the user on whose answer you commented or upvoted gets a notification about it. So, there are more chances that that user
will check your profile and start following you. Edit your Answers
Most of your answers are based on information. And information keeps on updating with new
stuff, so even you keep on updating your answers with latest information. Hope you liked this video, If you did then
please share this video wherever you can and Do, tell me in the comments below, what type
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