How Consuming Neem Can Prevent Cancer – Sadhguru

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Sadhguru: Neem has many incredible benefits but one of the most important things is
it kills cancerous cells. Because it’s a spermicide,
it must be consumed in small quantities. Slide – How Consuming Neem Can Prevent Cancer When I say cancerous cells,
every one of our bodies has cancerous cells. But they are disorganized, they are all over the place. For some reason if you create certain situations in the body, they will get organized. So from petty crime to organized crime (Few Laugh) – serious problem, isn’t it? There are petty criminals everywhere in every town. Here and there they will do little pick-pocket,
this that, no problem. But if fifty of them get organized in Coimbatore city, then suddenly the whole atmosphere in the city will change because these fifty guys together can do such things that it will become dangerous for you to step on the street. So, that’s all is happening in the body. There are cancerous cells. These are criminal cells. They are running around. If they are loafing around by themselves,
no problem. If they all gather in one place, if they meet in one place and they hit it off, then it’s a problem. So if the law enforcement is good, they see this, initially a criminal is happy picking somebody’s pocket. Every day picking pocket when two of them meet,
they will dream of burgling a house. When five of them meet,
they’ll dream of robbing a bank. That’s how it is. So, if the law enforcement is conscious and active, they will make sure here and there they will pick up one guy and throw him in, they will do something, you know, so that they never gather in enough numbers
to become a major problem. So the same thing with the body – before they gang up, if you keep breaking them up here and there, killing a few guys, every day neem just does that. It just reduces – it keeps the number of cancerous cells in the body within a certain percentage where it doesn’t really gang up against the system. So it’s a very important thing to consume neem. Only thing about neem is if you consume it in excess quantity, it also kills the sperm cells. That is, we will have the fortune of a reduced population (Laughter) if everybody in the world consumes enough neem (Laughs). Because it’s a spermicide, it must be consumed in small quantities because it’s not for us to decide
what should happen to an individual. And women when they are pregnant,
up to four months of pregnancy or to be safe up to five months of pregnancy, one should not consume neem because it is a spermicide. When the fetus is developing, the role of the sperm is still there to a certain point. Four months is what is prescribed, I am saying five months one can start after five months.

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  1. Israel has just come up with a cure for cancer next year will be on the shelves that are grocery stores at least an hour pharmacies for our own consumption that way with all the people that will die in the next couple years in regards to what’s going on in the world and how bad it’s going to get we do not need spermicide to depopulate there is already too much harming us And causing women not to be able to get pregnant with radio waves microwaves and other things this already Depopulating the world..,, We are always caring our celphones on our bodies holding our laptops or iPads or whatever computers on our body on our stomach’s etc. this is not helping the situation of people procreating or having healthy children

  2. I wish Sadhguru can visit South Africa. To educate to an extent of his education. Please support my newly opened channel as it deals with enlightenment and understanding certain basics of life. Much love to you all. 🍁🍁🍁🍁

  3. Sadhguru ji please make us understand the Bengal situation. The situation there is giving me tension, that would happen in my country if the situation goes like this. What Mamta is doing there is right ??? People need your insights on serious issues. She seems to be the cancer for this country : (

  4. AU SIVAYA SIVA. Sadhguru .Am very proud of you ,In my country we have many many Neem . Apart all you have said what else can use the Neem for

  5. I love how you compare cancer to criminal activity. You have a wonderful way of explaining everything

  6. Blockages of the lymphatic nodes are a common ailment that can cause cancers of many types. Using a natural liver/gallbladder flush once monthly will reverse risk of this illness. Health bliss net has a good info page for this. also pure gum turpentine is a known cancer treatment. Take extra precaution and research as many resources to be sure it is the procedure for you before undertaking any treatment.

  7. Some days he told need is not good for health. Which one we believe.whether it take or not. As part vadic procedure it's good for health . In our old generation may be available news born baby after three months should take oil bath ,that time daffanatly need,turmaric paste applied and taken bath. Purpose of need paste apply for eye's for batter vision and apply for ears for growithing the nervous system. So this much I know vary well. But I think he may not know this subject. As per today also good for health neem need for health.

  8. If one of these omniscient hocus pocus magicians gets cancer I wonder if he'll look into the 84 galactic cycles inside his cells as revealed by Yoga and cure the cancer …or instead opt for chemotherapy and Western medicine. I think we all know the answer to that. Y'all are so gullible, you're being conned.

  9. Any data from double-blind tests on a thousand people? If not then this is not Sadhguru but Joothguru….

  10. just because sum1 died of cancer even after consuming neem leaves doesnt makes him wrong. there are 1000 aspects of human body and every1 is different. it doesnt mean that consuming neem will never get you cancer or anything.. surely it will help majority of people but few of them are surely gonna suffer n that doesnt makes him wrong. docters here claiming him wrong …than what about your medicines and hightech technology for surgeries still cannot save life?? why people are still dying of disease?? … dont act smart like you know everything about medical universe.. i have seen this video for first time but im extreme admirer of ancient medicines and ayurveda of india.. one thing you all should knw …compared to todays modern society there wer very less disease and more healthy people in ancient time lived extremly healthy life…this proves that ancient medicology and knowledge was far more superior than nowadays technology n medicines.. and abt neem tree leaves .. even our grandparents have said abt usage of neem leaves for healthy life …there are strong reasons and knowledge behind all this coz without that it wont be written in ayurveda with such importance.. thing is people gettin cancer even after takin neem leaves are only highlighted which r extremely less in ratio and bluffing abt it …n majority people who r leading healthy life they wont say it .. so inshort that one thing which gone in wrong way has become fact and 1000 things which r going in right way people cannot say it because till now they have not suffered from cancer ..thats funny and shows how dumb literate humans are.

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