How could smart inhalers help people with asthma?

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For some people I only see them for ten minutes a year so the rest of that week, that month, that year, they are looking after themselves. Most of the time they’re doing a great job. What smart inhalers might do they basically take the technology that’s in your smartphone and can use that with the inhaler to try and help you manage your asthma more effectively. This might be as simple as reminders so you know when you’re taking your inhalers and when you’ve forgotten them It may also allow you to track your symptoms and going a step further it might be able to let your Doctors and Nurses know when you’re struggling with your symptoms and how well you’re using your inhalers then. One of the advantages of this is that your Doctor or Nurse will know when your asthma is not good. So rather than having to ask for help that help has already arrived before you’re in difficulty. On the flip side, if your asthma’s very good and you’re not needing your reliever inhaler very often then it might be that this will prevent you having to see your Doctor or Nurse at a time that is inconvenient to you because they know that your asthma is under control.

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