How Desensitization Therapy Can Reduce Your Reaction to Allergens

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[♪♪♪] Desensitization therapy
is used in many settings. The easiest way to talk about it
probably is to talk about allergy shots. And people who have allergies
to dust, or pollen, or pets, your own immune system is what’s triggering
the symptoms of these allergies. Your immune system is overreacting
to these harmless things. These are not bacteria or virus
that’s going to cause some illness. They are harmless, but your immune
system doesn’t see it as harmless, and it causes the symptoms. One way that you can treat that
is by allergy shots, and allergy shots have been around
for over a hundred years. And how you do that is you actually
are injecting people with the things that they’re allergic to. It starts off with very low doses,
very weak, watered down, but over time, you can do stronger
and stronger and stronger doses, and it gradually teaches your immune system
not to react so strongly to these allergens. And allergy shots, like I said,
we know the most about them, they’ve been around for a hundred years, it’s a course of treatment
from three to five years. But we do desensitization for other things,
including bee sting allergy or aspirin. Certain medications
under certain conditions – if you have an infection
and the only antibiotic that would be helpful is vancomycin or penicillin, we can do
what’s called a drug desensitization, oftentimes as an inpatient,
to be able to safely give you that medicine to treat the infection. [♪♪♪]

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