How Dirty Is Your Phone? (Eco Probiotic Systems)

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The way it works is we’re gonna grab our swab We’re gonna collect as much bacteria off the cell phone. Pop it back in here. It gives us a 15 second countdown 769 colonies of bacteria and that is a dirty cell phone. We want to apply our eco probiotics Mist and what’s happening right there is we just sprayed millions and millions of probiotics We’re gonna Re-swab that surface and retest it again 19 colonies of bacteria. So it went from 769 down to 19 colonies of bacteria. Here’s the real test We’re gonna wait about 20 minutes and we’re gonna see if the cell phone got dirty or cleaner. 8, the original test we had 769 After we cleaned that it went out to 19 colonies of bacteria we have about 20 minutes and it actually decreased to 8 colonies and the reason why this happens is because Probiotics is a living bacteria. It’s gonna keep cleaning wherever you spray on up to 3 to 5 days

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