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hey what’s up it’s Jeffrey Lin. Today I
want to talk about four things that could be causing your allergic reactions
and inflammation is to be worse when it’s hot if you’re like me with multiple
immune chronic illnesses there’s always different things to fight through in
every season and these are the kind of things that usually bother me during the
summer and it’s not something that our doctors you talked about it’s not a heat
stroke even though that’s a big component you do want your body to be
able to release heat well enough that your body doesn’t overheat so for
someone like me with eczema that’s pretty hard because my skin is so
damaged that I can’t really sweat I wasn’t able to sweat for most of my life
and so a lot of that heat as well as the internal poison toxins that the body’s
trying to get out through the skin it would just just kind of get stuck below
the skin because the skin was so damaged it couldn’t release the toxins but also
during the summer your inflammation from your immune illnesses generates a lot of
heat and so your body needs to really release more heat than a normal person
would before we get to it hit the subscribe button while we do the intro wait okay now from the beginning number one there’s probably more
particles and pollutants outside during the summer it’s not necessarily that the
industries and cars are producing more pollution it’s that the heat from the
summer brings up all the particles and the dust and the chemicals that are
lying on the bottom of the floor and raise it up into the atmosphere and
spreads it around as most of us know heated air rises up and when that
happens outside during the summer on a big scale
the air current brings up a lot of pollution and particles and chemicals
things you’ve heard about like PM 2.5 and PM10 PM 2.5 is a smaller one
they’re microscopic but it still gets in your lungs and it can still cause
allergic reactions and triggers and makes it difficult to breathe that’s
usually what the air quality monitor warns people about especially those who
have sensitivities to air and breathing problems
so just behind our house about a 15 or 20-minute drive there’s a mountain range
but during the summertime a lot of that dust and current is being pulled up by
the warmer air we just can’t see the mountain range at all it’s just purely
covered by dust it’s completely Browns completely grey so that’s what happens
and during the winter time we can see the mountain range perfectly so all that
stuff is in the air and all that’s air is dangerous so if you’re living in a
hotter area remember you know try to have a mask like this you can bring
around and just try to stay indoors as much as possible number two when you’re
inside weather if you’re in a car or inside your house heat can cause a lot
of toxins and chemicals to be released from paint from plastics from materials
from your carpet even from your drapes basically a lot of things
are used to build the house modern dated houses and cars car
interiors the plastics the leather the materials that are used to treat the
leather all of these things can and do release toxins they’re called
VOCs volatile organic compounds these are things you gotta be careful for what
even when you’re inside so on the car sometimes you do need a mask or you need
somehow the air purifier and that’s why I did a whole tutorial about air
purifiers and what kind of you should choose for your house because the house
when it’s heated above a certain temperature it’s constantly releasing
these toxins and these chemicals called VOCs or volatile organic compounds I do
use a air monitor called a where air monitor here
and it does track VOCs it doesn’t break down exactly which chemicals and toxins
are being released but it does a pretty good job of tracking in you can often
see the correlation of when the chemicals are rising when the
temperature is also rising so if you need an air monitor to help you track
that aware is one that I highly recommend but I’m sure there are others
out there but VOCs volatile organic compounds they don’t often don’t
immediately affect you but if you’re extra sensitive if your immune system is
extra reactive like mine you might but even if you don’t feel some reactions
initially these chemicals and toxins are so small an amount that they kind of
build up in your body over time and so they don’t usually cause a media
reaction but they often do cause a long-term health issues as they build up
in your body and the third problem that heat can cause even when you’re indoors
is aggravate our own internal inflammations or
inflammations on the body on the skin for those of us with eczema asthma is
often the inflammation and closure of the Airways in the lungs and you know
your gut gut issues a lot of times our informations and swelling of your GI
tract so you’ve got to try to keep your environment as cool as possible I know
you know keeping your A/C on all the time is expensive but if you can try to
do that not only will that sort of lower the VOCs and the chemicals that are
being released from the house or the car but it’ll also just make your body
temperature a little bit cooler and try to calm down that inflammation that’s
already going on it’s the same idea as you know when athletes sprain an ankle
and it’s swollen well that’s inflammation and they put
ice on it just to try to cool it down and it’s also the same reason why I
think well part of the reason why I often do better when I travel to
northern Europe just because it is so much cooler there than it is in LA so it
might not completely heal my inflammations and reactions but at least
it’ll sort of calm that down and help that inflammation cool down a bit
instead of you know aggravated even more by adding more heat and making it harder
for the body to deal with those reactions a fourth trigger that he can
cause to make inflammations worse is just preventing you from sleeping and
sleeping well most of us intuitively know this you know when it’s hot and
humid it’s just really hard hard to fall asleep but the body really needs to be a
couple degrees cooler for it to fall asleep and even for normal people if you
make a room cooler they can fall asleep faster and fall into a deeper sleep then
if it were in a hotter environment so if you can keep your room cool when you’re
trying to sleep that value to fall C faster and get better sleep and sleep is
so important for whatever illness or even if you don’t have an illness just
repairing your body you really need to do that and when you don’t get sleep
obviously your condition gets worse just try to keep a room as cool as possible
and that’s kind of goes along with just being indoors
the heat can still cause problems so if you can keep the a/c on even if you try
to make the room smaller so it doesn’t spend as much energy so you can keep the
cost low that’s one of the things I try to do I try to stay in this room as much
as possible instead of trying to heat the whole house I mean instead of trying
to cool the whole house I just try to cool this room that I’m in I hope you
found that helpful if you don’t know my story my name is Jeffrey Lin I was born
with multiple chronic illnesses and they’re beyond what doctors understand
they kind of identified it as severe eczema severe asthma and severe
allergies but that doesn’t really describe it I have internal
inflammations everywhere you know for ten years I couldn’t touch water I’ve
had my skin be cracked like lizard skin and so that’s the dry eczema and I’ve
also had the wet eczema where I looked like a burn victim and it’s constantly
leaking in my skin or whatever’s left of my skin would be leaking in stick to my
clothes or my sheets and then anytime I move I’ll pull off you know I reacted
whether that’s coming several days away that’s why I’m making this video about
weather and heat because there are so many things that triggers just not any
single thing that causes problems for me so on this channel I’m sharing all
my experiences and little tricks and hacks that I’ve figured out over the
years because again doctors haven’t really seen the kind of combination of
immune illnesses and reactions and how severe I am so you know I’ve been
figuring things out basically by myself for most of my life and a lot of these
tricks have helped other people so here I am sharing it with you if you found
this helpful please hit the subscribe button and also comment below what
things really aggravate your condition what have you noticed what patterns have
you seen and let’s just try to help each other out thanks guys

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