How I Cured My Asthma

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Hey everybody, what’s up and welcome to my youtube channel mermaids real As a child and young adult asthma ruled my life If I laughed too hard, I needed my inhale. Before I worked out, you guessed it. I needed my inhaler. One year, I even rang in the New Year at the ER because I needed a nebulizer treatment Then in 2012, I had a car accident and was dealing with some chronic pain from some injuries. While I was treated by some of the best surgeons that Western medicine could provide, I wasn’t prepared to take prescription opiates for pain management during that time period. After doing a ton of my own research and consulting with holistic doctors and a few functional MD’s, I decided to try a diet that was geared towards managing pain. I discovered that the best diets to manage chronic pain are those that lower Inflammation in the body, so I stuck to an anti-inflammatory diet. Here’s what my diet consisted of: only organic whole foods such as: veggies fruits Grass-fed meat, fish, and eggs. I cut out dairy and gluten because they are notoriously tough to digest. Although I started the diet to help reduce my pain levels, I was shocked by an additional extraordinary benefit. After a couple weeks, my asthma went away completely. I had no idea that would happen once I was free of my asthma. I experimented with reintroducing those foods back into my diet. I found that dairy was my main culprit. Every time I ingested dairy, my asthma symptoms would spike through the roof. To date, It’s been a couple years since I’ve needed my inhaler. I still avoid dairy 100% of the time I avoid gluten about 99% of the time, and I avoid processed foods a majority of the time although I cheat, and I’m addicted to dark chocolate. To explain why I got better on this diet. Here’s some science for you: According to an article on mind-body-green, on how ditching dairy cured my asthma, the reason why the correlation between asthma, and allergies is often missed is because not all food allergies are alike. allergies to nuts often deal with IgE Antibodies and reactions are immediate. However another more common type of allergy deals with IgG antibodies, and reactions can take anywhere from about an hour to days. That’s why sometimes It’s hard to see the correlation. Hillman, the author of that article, says that he cured his asthma when he discovered he had a delayed reaction to dairy. Once he completely gave up dairy, his asthma disappeared forever. Medical doctor and author Mark Hyman writes, asthma is a huge problem it affects 25 million Americans, and it’s increasing every day Why you might ask? For a number of reasons. He says increasing environmental toxins, increasing pollution, increases in food sensitivities and gut problems, food additives and dyes, increasing use of antibiotics and medications, and an increasing consumption of Franken- foods, which have altered proteins and strange ingredients. All these can trigger asthma So how can you cure your asthma according to Hyman? He says you should focus on finding the root cause of asthma for you Not just treating the symptoms. Get rid of the bad stuff starting with foods that might be a problem. For many its gluten and dairy.. for others, it can be common allergies such as eggs or nuts. Then put in the good things. Take in the types of foods and vitamins that the body needs in order to heal. If you’d like a more In-depth video on how you can look to cure your asthma, I’d be happy to make something about it. Just leave me a comment below. Please give me a thumbs up if you found this video interesting or helpful. Also, please subscribe to join the mermaid’s reel community. i’m getting close to a thousand subscribers. When I reach the 1,000 subscriber milestone, i’m going To be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to one of you guys. The only rule is to be subscribed Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in my next video. Bye!

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  1. Awesome tips.Sis I am having mucus always in my throat.
    Does foods added baking soda causes inflammation?

  2. Good info. Much appreciated. But whats with trying to show your boob v???
    Whats with the deepening of voice? Trying to sound sexy? What would u get?

    No offense. Just curious.

  3. I've had it all my life. To this day my asthma is not triggered by food but by what is floating in the air and getting in my lungs like dust, pollen, dander, cigarette smoke, etc. My father would smoke 2 packs a day while I was still in the crib and when he quit after 20 years he was diagnosed with asthma. Perhaps that has something to do with it?

  4. I just had an asthma attack today and got diagnosed with survier asthma. We were doing sports day and when we done cross country i had the asthma attack.

  5. For a striking example of the power of acupressure see Gach GV26 via Google.
    I got rid of my asthma very simply by pressing on the face between my nose and the upper lip. This obviously relaxes the chest airways by acupressure (GV26 reflex loop). See Then I trained to breathe in through the nose to get the same effect. Low and behold, the beastly asthma was gone for ever.
    Why should a spray be the only treatmentI ?

  6. Like the idea of diet cure. I love stories about how people cured their asthma symptoms, and hearing about it being a lasting cure.Thx

  7. Need some more info on diet…could you help me….wanna know on diary products….I there a source to Inbox

  8. Thank you for the video with good advices.

    I was fighting asthma for 8 years. Now I am so happy and grateful because I am fully free from it.

    And how did I do it? I ditched dairy and I consume high quantities of Panax Ginseng. Panax Ginseng is just amazing, I have no other words!

    I hope this will help you guys.

  9. I’m plant based, gluten, soy, corn and dairy free for about a year and my asthma returned! I haven’t had asthma since I was a like 8.. Really trying to find out what it could be? I don’t want to rely on inhaler. I have to use it every night. I get an attack every night

  10. Ma'am I'm just fed up with my sinus and shortness of breath ……can I get rid of asthma and sinus forever …..plz ma'am reply I'll be so grateful to you…..GOD BLESS U……regards from Bangladesh

  11. Like some others I developed asthma by breathing unnaturally through my mouth as a bad habit while a still a child. Then with some determination I managed to change to normal and healthy nose breathing and also belly breathing. The asthma was switched off naturally.
    It is extremely regrettable and a disaster for public health that asthma has for centuries only been treated medically by herbs and pharmaceuticals which do not cure.
    So much is written on suppressed natural cures (for example by Kevin Trudeau) but a genuinely natural approach by natural breathing for asthma is missed out.

  12. Great information. I also cured my asthma naturally giving up dairy and increasing my water intake. I also interviewed a naturopath who cured his asthma with an ancient breathing method. I would love to interview you on the Latin Roses YouTube channel. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] Kind regards😊

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this!! My young son suffers from asthma and for me as a mom it's been extremely disheartening to hear the medical world tell you there is no cure. Your video brought me so much hope! I can't wait to start implementing the advice. ♥

  14. Suffered from asthma all my life, I cured my asthma by vaping high quality medicinal weed 🔥🌲💨 It opens my lungs all the way up.. Probably due to the natural endocanabinoids system we humans have in our bodies… Not even dairy or gluten effects my asthma. I am completely asthma free.

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