How insulin resistance leads to high cholesterol

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It all begins when key cells start to ignore
insulin. The glucose gates don’t swing open on cue. And glucose molecules get stuck on
the outside and……… more and more of them arrive. And in a flash, sugar levels
rise to DANGEROUS. Prompting a metabolic crisis. But with enough yelling and screaming and
insulin reinforcements, the glucose eventually gets moved out of the circulation. And an
uneasy “peace” returns, until the next meal. And then it all begins again. But there
is more to this story…………….. join us for this episode of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY
TV as we get insulin’s take on the problem. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you
by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps
& other health horribles, through BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Remember, small things can make
a big difference to your health. Now removing sugar from the circulation, is only half the
insulin story. It is the story that gets everyone’s attention because HIGH SUGAR LEVELS are TOXIC
! But, insulin is not just in charge of sugar. Officially, he is in charge of putting ALL
the groceries away. All the groceries, this includes sugars, amino acids and fats. Now
he does have to co-ordinate his activities with the liver. You see, the liver is in charge
of feeding everyone, when insulin is NOT around. And it is a very important job. The liver
has to keep the brain supplied with SUGAR ! If sugar supplies in the blood are low,
the liver has to whip up a batch of sugar pronto, in a process known as gluconeogenesis.
It is quite literally a matter of life and death, since parts of the brain cannot use
anything else. And a STARVING brain is life ending. But two cooks spoil the broth. When
insulin is supervising the putting away of the groceries, he doesn’t want competition.
He wants to be the EXCLUSIVE provider. So he suggest, to the liver to stop sugar production.
Not forever of course, but just long enough, to get the groceries packed away safely. Worried
that the liver will be bored, he encourages the liver to switch it’s attention to fat
production i.e. lipogenesis increases. Now this is pretty important, since when there
are a lot of groceries, it is prudent to store them up………………. for rainy days.
SREBP1c , this is the Sterol Regulatory Element binding protein 1 c, is the little guy who
carries out insulin’s orders, in the fat production department. He kick starts the
fat production system, which involves arranging for several fat metabolising enzymes to come
on line and get busy. Now we’re told, the problem in insulin resistance, is the cells
IGNORE INSULIN. So we’re “expecting” ; Glucose production to continue. And fat
production to cease. But this is not what happens. Glucose production does continue,
but so does fat production. Mmm, it turns out, SREBP1c, is on his own agenda. Insulin
resistance is selective. And this is what contributes to a lot of the metabolic mayhem.
Instead of lipogenesis being something that happens in response to the arrival of a big
supply of groceries, fat production is an on going process. One of the consequences
of this continuous fat production in the liver becomes a FATTY LIVER. What to do with all
that fat ? Now grappling with a self-induced oversupply of fats, the liver makes a plan
to distribute it. So fat levels or triglycerides, in the blood rise, along with cholesterol
, you see cholesterol is involved in fat transport. Oh dear ! The fat cells try hard to take up
all the extra fat, until they too fail. Insulin’s dilemma – cells are spoilt for choice. Now
if you’re delivering food across the body, you don’t want the liver, stealing your
thunder, by waving juicy fatty acids to all the cells, you’re servicing. Insulin’s
grocery delivery programme is thwarted. Back on the ground, cells become fussy ! Leading
to “insulin resistance”. So why the “dis-obedience” ? Researchers from South University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center think they know why. SREBP1c is not actually ignoring insulin
per se, he has ANOTHER BOSS. Is this the REAL bogey man in metabolic syndrome ? Is insulin
just the fall guy ? Might be. mTOR is an important nutrient sensor, so if you want to get on
top of insulin resistance, you’ve got to get on top of your nutrition. Download the
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