How Is Asthma Different from Breathing Problems Due to a Cold or Allergies?

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

– Asthma’s more of a genetic disease, which will affect your
lung and your airways, your bronchial tubes. Colds and allergies usually affect the sinuses a little bit more, and they affect more your upper airway rather than affecting more of your lower airway such as asthma can. People could have colds and allergies where they’ll feel a little sniffle, they’ll feel a little short of breath, but they won’t actually go into a severe asthma attack
where they might need to be prompted to go to the emergency room for some type of assistance or help. Whereas if you have asthma, you could easily have an asthma
attack which would prompt you to go to the emergency room. Usually colds and allergies you could get by with just some over-the-counter remedies sometimes. A lot of times you need to use additional medications. But with asthma you really need to treat it more with an inhaler and sometimes steroids as well, too.

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