How Is Asthma in Children Treated? – Craig Nakamura, MD – Pediatric Pulmonologist

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There’s a lot of newer
medications coming out now. The standard therapy and most
effective single medicine for asthma is inhaled steroids. It’s not the
bodybuilder steroids. These are medicines we use
that a tiny, tiny dose, delivered straight to the lungs. Because we’re delivering
it straight to lungs, we can use a really
low concentration, and you don’t see the secondary
side effects you hear so much about with steroids. So that’s the standard
therapy right now. People do much better
on inhaled steroids. There are newer agents that
come out that focus on chemicals within the body. And in fact, some of
them, the newer ones are injections where
you can actually put in a chemical
which searches out some of the triggers for allergies. And so one of the things
if you control allergies, which is present in maybe
70% of people with asthma, then you actually will
control the trigger of it. So that’s kind of where the
curve is going right now.

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