How is the coronavirus affecting you & your energy? Adrienne Everheart

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hey everybody I’m Adrienne Everheart I’m
so excited to be here with you tonight because I want to discuss the corona
virus with you I received today so many emails and messages from women and they
were talking about going out for a date or going out and doing something but at
the same time they were really nervous about this virus and just even people in
general have been nervous about it and you know I’m just gonna talk a
little bit about it but first a disclaimer I am NOT a medical
professional I am I am a person who suffers with a compromised immune system
I’m going to talk about that so I might have some information that might help
you I have some things here tonight I’m going to share with you that are helping
me psychologically and I hope they will help me physically if when and I’m just
gonna talk about overall just what we as feminine energy feeling women are
feeling and I really thought about not even discussing this with you and just
you know kind of ignoring it but I don’t feel like I would be being that
comforting voice to you who’s there for you and someone who is supportive for
you so I want to talk about these things with you and I want to see how they’re
affecting your life but I’m not a medical professional none of this is
medical advice so I just want to get that out of the way but I will just talk
a little bit about my own situation and then I would love to hear from everyone
in this chat and just kind of sound off about as a potentially single woman and
you may be a single mom if something like even a really bad flu bug hits you
how do you cope you don’t have a man there or another partner in your life to
really be there and support you and this is something that is true of a lot of
people including the elderly they don’t have
partner and so this is where I want us to understand something that is the most
important thing about feminine energy in my opinion is that we are all in this
together we are sisters in this okay so I want you to be able to reach out for
help if you need it whether it is coronavirus whether it is a bad cold a
flu you need someone to talk to whatever it is I want you to not feel shame or
guilt to reach out and get support that you need so we’re going to talk a little
bit about that everybody’s sharing lots of love in the comment section thank you
please do give my video a little thumbs up if this is helping you it’ll help
other girls to find it as well so I’m going to talk a little bit about
my situation and I have an autoimmune conditions and I have to take a
medication that suppresses my immune system so for example when my husband
gets hit with a cold or a virus he goes down for like a day or two I can go down
for like a week and I get hit really hard when an illness happens in fact you
know someone might come over to our house with a cold or something and I’m
doing everything I’m being very you know conscious about keeping clean and things
like this and you know sometimes I’ll still get it and it’s it’s terrible and
I have to be really vigilant and my husband is a masculine energy man so you
cannot imagine how much I have had to work on him to make sure his hygiene is
where it needs to be so that I stay alive well and healthy and it still
doesn’t work sometimes we’ve had many arguments over it because I will get
sick he’ll be the first one to get sick and then I’ll get sick okay so I just
want to make sure everybody knows that just because I’m a dating and
relationship coach mean that I don’t have challenges in my
own relationship and my own stresses and things that happen to me and it’s really
important if you are a person who has a chronic health condition I believe it’s
really important to let a person know about it by date three let them know
okay so someone is saying they can’t hear me I think everyone else can hear
me so you’re on your own turn up the volume I don’t know I’m gonna talk a
little bit about some things in particularly the n95 mask there it is
right there so this is a respirator it’s not a mask like a surgical mask that you
would wear but this is a called a respirator it doesn’t have the dial that
helps it stay cool when you talk and we actually had a bunch of these out in our
shed and these are supposed to protect you
you know if you’re painting doing drywall something like this and then
also medical professionals can wear these to offer themselves some
protection now I talked to my assistant Amy she is an EMS worker and I asked her
I said you know there’s no videos on how to wear one of these properly and of
course the media is saying that we do not need to wear them unless we are
thick okay and it’s important that you know it’s n95 because this one doesn’t
allow droplets to penetrate so let’s talk a little bit about this there’s no
video that tells you how to wear this properly and even health care workers in
hospitals may not know how to wear these properly Amy told me that when you wear
one of these they actually put a special hood of
and they test it by spraying chemicals that you kinda taste or smell to make
sure it’s being effective so we can’t do that can we all right
the other thing is is Amy said that these really aren’t gonna help you much
if you don’t wear gloves – so just tonight I’m leaving Whole Foods and I
see a woman walking in with just one of the surgical masks that go behind your
ears let’s say cover your cough you know they’re they’re a dime a dozen these are
the ones you can’t find right now and she’s like this with her mask and what
is she doing she’s touching her hands all to her face and so this is one of
the reasons why the government is not saying don’t wear these because we’re
gonna be touching our face look we were doing something the other day and we had
these on oh yeah we were I’m very allergic and I have we were raking up
and cleaning some leaves so I wear one for my allergies and I got so hot in
this thing and I had to take it off and I’m hit I’m just going all over my face
trying to take it off so this is why this is why it’s not a good idea because
you’re gonna end up touching your face now there’s a couple of nurses in here
who have hyped up so my question is this we’re being told not to touch our face
scratch your eye scratch your nose shut your mouth I get it it can go in here
here and here okay but just touching your face how
does coronavirus get you know from here to here it’s a really good question
because can we even scratch our faces with like a knuckle so I’m a person that
I live my life opening doors there’s a door handle
I’ll scootch down my shirt and open it from the bottom of the door handle okay
I will knuckle things like at the ATM or the supermarket when I’m paying I
knuckle things and just little things like this that I mean I’ve had
autoimmune conditions since you know 1997 so I’m not new to this and these
are just some things that I want you to consider doing on your own anyway no
matter what any threat of any virus is out there because again a lot of you are
single parents you’re single women you don’t have someone else to fall back on
that’s gonna be there and help you through something like this so masks
they’re being told to wear these only if you are sick and infected that’s what
we’re being told so far this is nothing airborne like the measles but at the
same time you got to do what’s right for you and you know that’s up to you but
you definitely will touch your face more with this it’s got a little piece of
metal so you can tighten it around your nose this of course goes over your head
but I guess this one goes on first I probably wear them wrong all the time
okay so we’re going to talk about the n95 mask now the other thing that I use
because again I’m I am NOT foreign to getting sick um I have one of these guys
and what this does is it measures your pulse but it also measures the level of
oxygen in your blood and it’s just good to know if your oxygen is getting too
low if you need to go find a healthcare provider if you can stick with anything
now an interesting thing about this virus and the media is that of course
the media is just destroying our you know it’s just we’re being told not to
panic the US government but we’re also being told that they need to make more
tests kids but we’re also you know being told
don’t really go to the hospital unless you’re having difficulty this will be an
indicator if you’re having difficulty it’ll tell you how well your oxygen is
of course having trouble breathing or anything else these are all reasons to
go but I just feel like we’re kind of being told some conflicting things
how many else how many of you out there also feel it’s a little conflicting
alright yes and note we are absolutely being told not to panic
but I want you to be prepared and I think as single intelligent women if
you’re single you don’t have a partner being prepared is part of being in your
feminine energy cuz this is you on a pedestal and you come first and you’re
taking care of yourself and things that are important to you above anything else
so that’s why I’m talking about this tonight it’s big reason now another
thing I have is something called boost and this is oxygen and a can and I you
know sometimes I’ve had respiratory problems and I would take a little
oxygen from here to kind of help me feel a little better and I think that this is
something you might want to have a couple of cans up somewhere if you are
prone to respiratory problems or your children are these are these are pretty
affordable and you can’t take them on a plane of course but I do keep these in
my house just in case another thing we’ve done is my husband and I we’ve
gotten like a couple extra supplies to last maybe about two weeks should we
need them and we didn’t really have room in our kitchen and our kitchen pantry to
store this stuff so we actually used my in my little art room slash treadmill
room we have some shelving and I she had plants on it outside but I moved
it inside and we put a bunch of dry goods canned goods extra cat food extra
dog food things like this to keep on their shelves to keep ourselves just
that little bit of comfort knowing I’ve just got a little bit extra brittany
recommended you know not hi Brittany not trying out what people who are
touching your face estheticians things like this I definitely I usually go get
a massage down the street at this great place and I felt this anxiety to do it
and remember all of this isn’t about panicking is just about doing things
that make you feel more comfortable which is a big thing in feminine energy
it’s a big thing I teach is being tough and pretending you’re not in pain or
you’re not worried or you’re not anxious is a lie men do it all the time they’ll
be the first person to tell you not to worry about something and what they’re
really saying is I don’t know how to fix it so I have nothing else to say okay so
you have to do what’s right for you ladies and again this is what I’m doing
this is what works for me someone said have at least four weeks of
supplies I don’t believe anything should happen to water but again I’m not an
expert why not go ahead and have what you need that makes you feel comfortable
okay next one up is green tea I love to drink
tea and there is some antiviral in properties in green tea if any sort of
virus gets in my body maybe just maybe I can slow down the replication process
with this I don’t know if it’s proven I have been told that if you add milk to
green tea it loses that potency to help you so something to think about I love
green tea I’m a decaf drinker though another thing I use is I have a neti pot
and especially if I kind of feel like something’s coming on a neti pot you
know you add salt I always boil my water even though I use triple I use this
triple filtration osmosis water I boil my water because there can be things
alive in water amoebas I believe that will actually grow inside your body and
kill you from water this is you know what happens at water parks sometimes
and things like this so I always boil my water add it to the salt and then while
it’s still very hot I top top it off with some of the triple distilled water
that I use now will a neti pot help you keep from getting this virus I don’t
know or any virus I don’t know but when I have a cold and when I have an illness
and I’m having difficulty breathing or I’m feeling congested or I’m just
feeling uncomfortable in my sinuses and even my throat
I’ll use my neti pot and I’ll clean everything out and it takes a little
practice to learn how to use but I feel little better you know I feel like I’ve
kind of helped myself somehow and this could be psychological but again how you
feel is the most important thing one thing I do with a neti pot is after I do
my sinuses I can tilt my head back and I’ll feel it drained down the back of my
throat and it can kind of clear out whatever’s back there as well so again
these are things that I’m doing and I love to hear from all you girls in the
comment section I’ve got such a I I think I’ve
got one of the most intelligent and caring groups on YouTube comments you
guys always impressed me how smart you are
okay so here’s another thing I do as I have a little respite orient exerciser
and you know what you do with this thing is you’re able to expand your lung
capacity and exercise your lungs and I would imagine if I were in a situation
and I had you know something like a virus that was really affecting my
respiratory system you would want to keep this thing in check you would want
to keep your lungs moving so a lot of people get bedridden and then you’re not
getting up walking around you’re not exercising your lungs so I think that
this is something good to have again if you have children who have asthma or
you’re prone to respiratory things always ask your doctor first but this is
something that I have okay now the next thing I want to talk about and you guys
are having fun in the comments oh the next thing I want to talk about is just
the power of prayer and it has been said that there are no atheists in foxholes
and I think prayer God the universe nature whatever it is that you feel
connected to either as a creator or a being or an observer whatever it means
to you or for you prayer can be a very comforting thing
not that oh you know great person or great spirit protect me but you can if
that’s what feels right for you but prayer for a lot of people is a moment
to really slow down and we’re on our phones all day long our
rains are just moving moving moving we’re so plugged in now you add in you
know we can’t turn on the news or hear about this virus somewhere and our
brains are just spinning and you know I’m not immune to it I have been waking
it before a.m. some you know some mornings and the first thing I want to
do is check the news it’s bad it’s bad on me so I think turning to some time
where you pray and you are just thankful for everything you have in your life
because virus are not any of us it’s all over
any of us at any moment we don’t know and I think it’s just so important to
just take time and be grateful for what you have and the people who do love you
if you can take that a little bit further with the men in your life focus
on the good they do give you and focus on what is working in your relationship
because women we can really really pick some things apart and find out what’s
wrong with a situation and we can worry and I think it is our nature to worry
because we are you know we have it in our DNA to care for you know a baby and
we want to be able to think ahead about all the what-ifs
so we can worry our head can spend stop calm yourself a little bit of Prayer a
little bit of meditation just a quiet moment connect with what you’re grateful
for and see if that can’t just calm that energy you know energy is an interesting
thing as a feminine energy coach when you’re anxious
your energy is like this okay we’re up we’re down we’re up we’re down we’re up
were down we’re reacting we’re reactive we’re anxious we’re tight
with our bodies and so this isn’t being warm open receiving relaxed unzipped and
we really want to return your energy to something more like this you’re gonna
have a little highs you’re gonna have a little lows you’re gonna have high no
we’re gonna you’re gonna feel things it’s human you have emotions you’re
gonna feel things but we’re trying to get away from a jagged feeling of chaos
and that’s where I think something like prayer meditation slowing down finding
out what you feel in your body is the most important thing just notice what
you’re feeling in your body so it never fails I will believe I have something
figured out I’ll think I have something figured out and a cloud will catch my
eyes or my puppy or my cat kitten will be sleeping and I’ll just take a moment
and just watch them sleep and a new thought will come into my head like
something I have previously I was so confident I knew the answer to something
and so slowing down and stopping that thought turning off your phone and just
giving yourself permission even just one minute to just daydream and just kind of
be in your body and relax it’s gonna help you immensely so someone just
talked about zinc cough drops and I forgot to mention zinc there’s a little
bit of evidence that says zinc will help slow down the replication process of a
virus inside of you I happen to believe this I’ve had doctors tell me it doesn’t
do anything but I have noticed that I feel a little bit better again is this
psychology or is it real I don’t know it’s what
feels good and feels right for me so you got to do what feels good and feels
right for you as long as it’s not hurting your body or hurting another
person in any way so I have these little zinc gummies that I will eat I can’t
take too many of them because they hurt my stomach all right so everybody I
wanted to do this very often ship topic video just to connect with all of you
just to get us all together a lot of people have been asking what I do this
is what I’m doing and as always just keep it clean and everybody says don’t
touch your face there’s a video on YouTube right now that has helped
officials saying the importance of washing your hand and not touching your
face and then they’re like this and then they’re like this or like this it’s so
hard to not touch your face it’s a great practice but the truth is well here are
a you know species of face touchers so I think staying clean I do use hand gel I
do things like that but most importantly our energy may be in this little jagged
place here my husband and I are at the grocery store a few days ago it was
crowded on every aisle there were coughing children and I doubt they had
coronavirus they just probably had some illness I don’t want to get it
I’ve been sick twice since a little bit before New Year’s Eve I do not want to
get sick again I’ve got enough going on in my life
right nobody wants to get sick so we are you know we’re tense I’m having to avoid
these kids we’re trying to pick out things to kind of you know have our
pantry stocked I can tell my husband really doesn’t
want me doing this and guess what me neither
I just won’t have food in this house if something goes down right I want to have
food in house anyway and so we’re both tense and we’re
feeling it and I’m trying so hard to just like breathe and slow myself down
and take that long inhalation in through your nose and out through your mouth and years ago I read a book called a
minute for yourself and that book has stuck with me for life because you
basically take out a timer and time one minute and see how long it is there’s
just a minute and breathe and slow down even if you just go to the bathroom or
go sit in your car or you know close off your bedroom door take that minute and
breathe and slow down so we can get your energy back to this that’s when you’re
in your feminine energy that’s when you’re feeling calm so everybody we’re
all sisters in this there’s almost 150 of us in this chat what if we all just
stop and take a big nice slow deep breath in through your nose out through
your lips with your lips you practice kissing if you’re ready inhale one more this time make the exhale last a long
time inhale all right how do you all feel you feel a
little better I am Wow I didn’t know I needed that
all right so thumbs up if this video has been helpful for you again
I cherish being in your life and I love being part of your life and we just have
got such a great community here I’m glad it feels better and we are all sisters
in this we all have to stick together wherever we are on this planet whatever
is going on virus or no virus let’s be good to one and you know one another and
if you are well and you’re healthy you might want to isolate yourself
I really think of some people that might need some help because we are in a
community whether it’s your neighborhood your neighbors nearby an elderly couple
you may know of or any way that you can help think about that as well because it
is love that keeps this planet spinning and I really love keeps us all very well all right any questions just you know just to have a little fun I’m gonna you
know not my normal topic or anything you want to share if any of you are single
parents or women that are alone in this or anything that you would like to share tips for inspiring your husband to help
keep a sanitary home Jen I tell you you might need to help me out with that one
I have let my husband know from day one that I have a little bit not the best
functioning immune system and and and just a week ago he was in Tunis emptying
the Dyson vacuum and then he went about making me breakfast and yes he makes me
breakfast and I shouldn’t complain but I don’t want the Dyson in my breakfast
commingling right and I had to stop him and it grabbed him by his wrists he was
like what and I said I don’t think you just wash your hands he’s like oh he’s
mad at me it is so hard to catch a man and correct them without them getting
angry at you so this is something where you sometimes have to wear the yoke and
wearing the yoke means kind of just let that person have that moment and you
don’t try to prove your point because you can’t because you need them you just
need them to behave in a way that’s gonna help you right so when you get
into that lock with a man and you’re like you should just be respecting me
because I have an illness and we need the house clean or anything you get into
this gridlock he digs his heels in right so you’re better off to just wear the
yoke and if he’s like I was you know I was gonna wash my hands let’s say it’s
something like that or you don’t need to worry about this virus or we don’t need
to be that clean you’re probably right you’re wearing that yoke you’re probably
right yeah I feel really scared about it you don’t need to feel scared I know
it I know I know but your help means everything to me
we would fall apart if we didn’t have us together doing us and then when you see
him do something good you comment on it positively so my husband used one of my
little hand wipes he doesn’t know that I am cut I’m saving those things but he
used one of my hand wipes nan said honey thank you and he goes well you know you
know I’m doing what I need to do all right
so reward the good wear the yoke don’t get an argument with him about it
because he’s just gonna go into gridlock and and remember it’s we want to have
that person working with us if they become if you become adversaries in this
process you’re not going to get what you want nothing positive is ever gained
through force or beating somebody over the head with it and you know that so
you have to do something different and a lot of this stuff is very humbling but
it works all right let me go back here I sell some good questions pop up ah auntie Lisa said group Internet hug
that’s very sweet how to trust him after he leaves or left again mm-hmm
time and you may never when somebody leaves and walks out on you
it gives you some post-traumatic stress it really does and you’re just never
feeling confident but there are some things like you know marriage letting
that person know that this really hurt before and it just feels so good that we
can finally trust each other and I know that you won’t do anything to hurt me
just how about conversation don’t make it bigger long drawn-out I do a similar
conversation like that in 500 ways to talk to a man how long should I be
talking with a man before he asked me out
date in my opinion no more than two days in fem Tolls femm it stands for feminine
energy mindset method I talk about how you go from a couple of rounds of
texting no you know hi how are you yes hi what do you do hello and then the
next time he texts you go around or two of text and then say you know what phone
called for the lovely what do you think get him on the phone have a conversation
make sure he’s real if he doesn’t ask you out then the next time you guys text
let him know say this feels wonderful but I’m not into texting I’m really
looking for you know to go on dates what do you think question mark okay someone
says they got sepsis last year but he forgets how serious it is I think that’s
just like some male coping technique I really do
to minimize damage they definitely don’t want to be blamed or guilted see someone
said um wipe down doorknobs things like that it’s all good see here yeah I had talked about PTSD be having
trauma from this and from a man walking out on you and it will become the reason
you push them away so you can’t let the darkness win you can’t let the darkness
win and also practice affirmations of things like it feels so good to come
home and know I’m gonna have a loving partner there and it feels so good to
have no doubts that I’ll wake up and my partner’s car will be there and it feels
so wonderful to have a partner that I can really trust not because I’m in like
some insecure person who’s afraid everyone’s gonna abandon me but because
I like knowing that what commitment really means and I’ve attracted someone
who is committed so practicing some affirmations like that someone made a
donation thank you so much sorry says her elderly parents the dad forgets to
wash his hands all the time and he was ticked off at her until he visited a
friend who wasn’t washing their hands yes exactly
funny how that works yeah and when someone leaves you it I know I’m going
back and forth with conversations every when someone leaves you it really messes
you think look Jeff walked out on me two different times when we were dating and
each time it was for three months and for a long while that was his MO that’s
what he did something is too hard I leave okay and that’s where you just
want to you know have a talk with a man that you know it feels so good to know
that this is commitment means that whatever’s going on we can give each
other a little space but we don’t abandon one another okay see what else if your man is working
from home due to the virus how do you keep the
energy light and keep him missing you stay away stay away as much as you can
don’t bother him don’t bug him don’t offer to make him lunch just stay away
give him that time and space cuz chances are he’s probably a little extra
stressed out and you want him to miss you my guy is down right now Maria says
he’s down I’m losing patience any advice so in 500 ways to talk to a man ebook I
talk about depression and when a guy is down and we will get really impatient
with a man and imagine how men feel with us when we are down and you know not
feeling happy and good it can go both ways it can be really frustrating so
make sure you’re not spending too much time with him and thinking about solving
his problems get out of his psychology that’s the best thing I can tell you
just get away from his psychology he’s a man he has to figure it out and you can
always say to him as I say in 500 ways I feel so helpless that you’re going
through this we please let me know if there’s anything I can do and if he
comes to you and he talks to you about his problems you’re gonna have a limit
on that you don’t have to sit there and be his therapist for hours you can
listen to him for about 10 or 15 minutes I used to really really get him toll
welcome in the eyes nod listen nod listen let him feel important
let him feel heard remember a lot of this work is wearing that yoke I’m
talking about and but then say you know honey oh you know my neck is beginning
to hurt I’ve been sitting here for a while and we let me know if there’s
anything I can do and you draw a line at you
your boundaries so you don’t get so overwhelmed cuz you’re at your breaking
point now you see any other question oh my goodness
someone got an engagement ring that got ghosted I mean you can email me my
assistance will let you know if you know anything is available but I’m currently
pretty booked up unfortunately but I’m so sorry that happened to you that is so
so strange but unfortunately I hear about it a lot all Diana I’m so sorry
a man just you know it was unfortunate what happened to him but a guy she was
dating passed away and just as much as you can tap your heart and send him love
whenever you think about him tap your heart and send Emma you hamper and nurture yourself yes girl Kaley I love your question what do you
think about going from blonde to brunette way off subject but I feel like
I’m the boring same looks you know one of the first things I do in ABC’s to get
him back and in Tim tools is I get you to change up your look a little bit and
just start small don’t do anything to Jurassic but yeah
change ever your look a little bit try something new find a stylist that’s
really down with you know doing something interesting or fun because you
will feel good and when you feel good that’s what matters right Christina says
again I want to be emotionally there for him I can’t be a therapist or her mom
but how else can’t we I didn’t feel emotionally safe and they can let their
walls down that’s just not your job you see that’s the man’s job
how can he feel emotionally safe because you unzip your heart and really tell him
how you feel you don’t hide behind I’m fine everything’s okay
you know things like this you reveal who you really are
feminine energy is about being authentic and in your body and speaking what you
feel from a very authentic place you see and when you can do that one of the
reasons he’s probably opening up to you is because he feels comfortable to do
that you just don’t want to get into this trap of I’m here to solve your
problems and listen to you forever he has to be a man he has to figure it out
for himself all right everybody I’m gonna say good
night I hope you’re all gonna keep well and if I didn’t answer your question in
this video or if you have something that you know you want to talk about please
use the comment if you like this video can you stop what
you’re doing and just give it a thumbs up and like it I love being here for you
and I love being your friend and you know someone to help guide you in this
process whether you’re single or in a relationship feminine energy realizing I
had this in me is one of the best things that I have ever done with my life it
has made me such a different person I was such a ballbuster I was such an
angry ballbuster you wouldn’t believe it and don’t get me wrong I’ve still got
that side but I only use it with the things I need to not my relationship
with my husband and I used to have a lot of anxiety things like this I just don’t
have that anymore and so much of it is about control and when something’s out
of our control we get anxious and we get angry I promise you anytime you feel
angry what are you trying to control what are you trying to control alright
alright everybody much love and stay well I love to hear from you in the
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feminine more with the way you dress and when you’re going out on dates or just
being with your husband and I’m going to talk a lot more about how feminine
energy whether you’re dating or married in a relationship it’s kind of all the
same thing I can’t wait to share more of these videos with you so please thumbs
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I’m grateful for all of you good night mMmmm bye-bye

32 thoughts on “How is the coronavirus affecting you & your energy? Adrienne Everheart

  1. Thank you for posting this, Adrienne, I’m grateful for your thoughtful and comforting presence. Sending intention for continued health and well being to you and those close to you, and to everyone else ❤️🙏🏻

    This is definitely a very serious issue. It is beneficial to increase awareness and seek facts and balanced opinions.

    That said, it appears that governments everywhere, the media, and other various organizations are in “never let a crisis go to waste” mode.

  2. Thank you for making this video, you have such a calming voice and this has definitely helped me very much with my anxiety 😘

  3. Just ordered myself and mom both the Boost as well as the lung exerciser, thanks for the recommendations. Using a Neti pot with boiled water always makes me feel like a new woman. I have some asthma so I find that it helps a lot if I avoid burning candles or cleaning with harsh chemicals, as much as I love candles. I also knuckle everything and cover my hands with my sleeves before touching doorknobs. I just got married a few months ago to a teacher and have gotten super sick twice, once with bronchitis and again with my first flu. The idea of catching COVID, or even worse the thought of my mom catching it, makes me almost lapse back into my old panic attack days. I have been SO stressed out about it. It feels good to know that its OK for a FEMM girl to take whatever measures she needs to take to ensure she feels as comfortable as possible. Love your content so much — I watch every video and recommend you to all my friends. God bless you and keep you safe and healthy! XO

  4. Adrienne thank you so much for this! I am in Italy, we are on lock-down. My man is freaking out way more than I am, although I wash my hands way better!! 🙂 yesterday he lost it, and I….well, I went nose to nose with him cuz I was tired of always wearing the yoke 🙁. It was great seeing you, thank you for this video! Love ❤

  5. I went n took myself off my imunosupresant Adrienne cos of fear but I'm going back on it! Cos I didn't discuss with my doc. Then I thought logically I was put on them drugs4a reason so my own internal illness more important 2control and I'll have to deal with corona if I get it! Thank u Adrienne!!💖⚘ I was so run down. I'm only on it1yr but I've been picking up every bug. I will say elderberry has helped me!! I was fine til virus fear! Thank u angel!

  6. Good vid. I'm like you. I had autoimmune, and I knuckle atms, self service points, avoid public toilets etc. I boil water and live non_toxic, non chemical life.

    I eat a lot of superfoods that boost my immune. I eat baobab, chlorella, spirulina. Baobab is 10 times the vit C of an orange. Chlorella and spirulina are complete foods with extensive nutritional profile and removes toxins from the body. I've not had a cold in 7 years. Xx

  7. I need your email please, I need your help and I sent but a message came that your email is not a working email now

    Yes, thank you w/ love

  9. if cooperating throws him off/out of wack it almost sounds as if hes not ready and has a rough spot to work on intrapersonally.
    i caught fungus from the dud typo dude i was dealing with. it affects me way differently than it does him! I've had weathering immunity before '97.

  10. Adrienne it sounds like a mood/ego! Asking for your desire – catalysing ''gridlock'' – what in the tar – ??

  11. I like your femm perspective on this topic 🌺, despite I always see things and illnesses from a spiritual point of view and I think that also this virus comes for a reason to work on ourselves and evolve. Fear affects the lungs according to German New Medicine as a way to biologically have more oxygen due to lungs expansion, and then during the reparative process lungs experience edema and inflammation and it is when pneumonia may arise. But still fear is the cause… And I am italian, and a lot of panic has been spread. Knowing this, I feel like I should really work on the fear that is affecting everyone, but still I am trying to be femm in the process and recognising it is fine to admit our weaknesses, not to act like a male in this, because I understand that this can be my risk. Thanks for sharing ❤️✨

  12. Thanks for you loving and honest view in this topic. I'm immun compromised as well and since there are 4 confirmed cases in my town and I work at a school I am indeed scared. I try to meditate, be in trust and stock up vitamins and antiviral herbs.

  13. Adrienne,

    I love your comforting presence, too! Will be ordering the face mask with a respirator.

    High value men love women who think about their health and hygiene and worry about issues like this from time to time.

  14. ♥️🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻♥️ I love you And the level of compassion that you have for your followers here, you’re so wonderful! One thing we should do is definitely take extra measures to be mindful. limit our time in crowded places, avoid hospitals if possible (?). This time we should go introspective, protect our bodies and mental energy away from busy places anyway stay at home and definitely up vitamin C, stay hydrated and rested and avoid stress. It’s very hard for me to believe anything in fact I have not been watching the news at all for the past year I watch PBS NewsHour maybe once a month that’s about it otherwise it triggers me. I’m trying to keep my vibration high 👌🏼💕😊love your channel thank you so much for everything you do!!

  15. I've been in healthcare for 25 years and work a a huge hospital. We all think it's a joke and totally blown out of proportion 🙄. People are overreacting. We see waaay more people every year die from the flu…and nobody bats an eye about that. Just wash your hands a lot and don't touch your face i.e rub eyes, pick nose, fingers in the mouth. Basic common sense

  16. Thank you so much for posting this. I really felt like you were speaking directly to me. I am a single mom, like you were talking about–and that does make it very scary. I think even just having people acknowledge that yes this is scary REALLY helps. I'm tired of hearing people either in total panic mode, or just completely blase about it all.

    I had commented yesterday on your earlier video about Corona and you had responded to me. <3

  17. Thank you thank you thank you! everybody needs to come together, but not in person 🤪. We need good information, we need loving support. 💖 🔥 🌹

  18. Omg I never knew you had an autoimmune and are on an immunosuppressive medication. I also am, I have RA and am taking a monthly injection. I have been going back and forth with worry. Thank you for sharing this 🙏

  19. Adrienne, thank you for pointing out the importance of FEELING good, and for reminding us that we're all sisters and we are in this together.

    I also love what you said about taking a quiet moment to pray or just collect thoughts.
    I hate to tell you, it IS air-born and always has been. Tiny driplets cary the virus through air. If sb caughs, it can travel up to 4.5 m (says the last specification from Chinese authorities).

  20. Thank you so much for bringing out different products that we should have possibly on hand… A sense of anxiety overtakes me when I think of my children catching this virus or any virus even the flu or scarlet fever… I have to agree a 110% the key to comfort is prayer and breathing and trusting and taking precautions and preparing. just really loved this video, You're the big sister I never had.🥰😘

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