How it Works – Asthma Care

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Buckeye Health Plan is your guide to better
health. Living with asthma, or caring for someone
with asthma, can be challenging. Buckeye is here to help. This video will provide information about
ways to control asthma so you can live a healthier life. Asthma is a common chronic disease that can
make it difficult to breathe. Symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness
of breath and a tight feeling in the chest. An asthma attack can be caused by an allergy
to animal dander, dust mites or mold as well as other triggers like cold weather, an infection
or even exercise. While asthma is not curable, it can be managed
using medication as prescribed and making healthy choices. Buckeye care managers can help Medicaid members
get their asthma medications and breathing equipment at no cost. Some medications may require preauthorization. After you’ve been diagnosed with asthma,
your Buckeye care manager will help you set goals and stay connected to the care you need. First steps are to: Explain the disease, help
you develop a care plan, and get you the medication and equipment you need. Your ongoing care plan will include details
on how to take your medicine correctly and eliminate triggers that can bring on an asthma
attack. Your care manager can even go with you to
medical appointments to listen and ask questions on your behalf. Buckeye even offers members free transportation
to doctor’s appointments to ensure you get the ongoing care you need. And if members need care after regular business
hours, they can call Buckeye’s free, 24/7 nurse hotline to talk with a healthcare professional
at any time at no cost. Asthma management is just one more way Buckeye
is your guide to better health! For more information about Buckeye’s asthma
management program, call our Member Services team at

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