How Multiple Allergies and Symptoms Add Up – Amy’s Dog Allergy Story

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Multiple allergies and the symptom
threshold, Amy’s allergy story. Did you know that it’s possible for some people with allergies to only experience symptoms if they are exposed to a certain amount of allergens? Let us explain. Meet Amy. In the spring, she brought a new furry friend into her life, Dudley. Dudley quickly became her best friend. However, Amy started experiencing a constant runny nose, sneezing and red watery eyes. Could she be allergic to Dudley? After her symptoms seemed to worsen in the fall, and her antihistamine wasn’t controlling her symptoms, Amy made an appointment with her healthcare provider to get tested. The results of a blood test using whole allergens helped her healthcare provider identify that Amy is highly sensitized to mold, dust mites and to Amy’s dismay,
she’s also sensitized to dog dander. But that’s not the end of the story. Amy really didn’t want to give up Dudley. So, her healthcare provider suggested that she tried to minimize exposure to her allergens in order to lessen her symptoms. Amy’s healthcare provider was able to develop an allergy management plan that significantly reduces her exposure to both mold and dust mites and also provided tips to keep Dudley’s dander under control. Like, bathing him regularly, keeping him off her bed, and vacuuming daily. To her surprise and delight, this new exposure reduction plan helped reduce her overall allergy symptoms, which meant Dudley could stick around after all. But, how? For some, allergy symptoms may appear only when they
encounter two or more things they’re allergic to. At the same time, that’s why Amy started sneezing after she brought Dudley home. It’s not as she’s allergic to dogs, it’s that she’s allergic to mold, dust mites and dogs. When exposed to all three things, Amy reached her tipping point of experiencing symptoms, also known as the symptom threshold. Amy’s healthcare provider advised her to reduce exposure to other allergens in order to minimize her symptoms around Dudley. By determining her triggers and learning how to manage exposure, Amy is able to keep her new best friend. Want to see more stories like Amy’s? Visit

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