How Natural Remedies Helped Fight Off My Allergies

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I have been suffering from allergies for
my whole life quite severely About six years ago I probably started getting
allergic eczema and I just thought it was probably one of these rashes and would
go away. It would always come up when I was stressed. It would come up on my arms and behind my legs and it started getting really really bad. It really
impacted in my life I couldn’t do my job and it would really really get me down
This is what I started getting it was just blotches in the face it was
really uncomfortable it was itchy what the doctor called it was allergic
eczema. I also got steroid cream for this as well. Just a really mild one to put over the patches to calm them down but again you don’t want to be using
that every day because steroid cream it’s really not that good for your skin.
It thins your skin. Eventually my allergies were getting worse and worse
and worse to the point where my face started getting swollen. This was the stage
for me that was the worst. I went to the doctor I was crying I was in so much pain
and they at that point said right we’re going to send you to get all your patch tests.
You go to a dermatologist they ask you all the things that you think you could be
allergic to and you tick them off and they put all these wee dots on your back, of the
things they think you’re allergic to They have a section for creams, they have a section for foods they have a section for fragrances and they put them all on your back. I had it all down my arms and I had it all down my back and it’s almost
like little like corn or blister plasters that they put on to cover up
the allergy to contain it in little squares and then they put that on your
back leave that. That is left on for like 48
hours and I am gonna tell you right now if you want to torture someone put
a patch test of all the things they are allergic to on their back and you
are literally going to go to insane. It is so itchy and after the 24 hours you go
back to the clinic and they check what you are allergic to and by the size of
the dots on your back depending how swollen they are or big they are they
can tell you how severe your allergy is So this is a crazy part for me because I
really wasn’t expecting the allergies that I had. Things that I was like woah
like I have this every single day of my life. How am I’m allergic to this this? This is all mine. This is actually quite a lot So for me one of my biggest allergies was
actually cinnamon which is crazy because I was having cinnamon every single day I
love cinnamon I was having it in my porridge I felt it would be very much like i’d
have cinnamon and I’d react to it straight away but I wasn’t really getting
that so I never really thought that cinnamon one would be one of my main
allergies. I tried loads of different things to help my allergies and one of
the things I got really into, really passionate about was natural remedies. I changed
a lot of stuff in my life that wasn’t natural and it made me feel a lot better.
When I got home it was a massive relief to have all these bits of paper and just
tell me all the things that I have to avoid brands I have to avoid and believe
it or not a lot of my products contained cinnamon. One of the biggest things for me
that I got rid of was shampoo and conditioner. They are major major factors
in my allergies and they contained so much of the stuff that I was allergic to
and as soon as I got rid of that believe me my allergies cleared up and it was
amazing it was soo good and I started to feel like I was actually accomplishing
something by changing all my products and I barely suffer from allergies and a
lot of these natural remedies that I give out to you guys is stuff that I
use myself because I want to be able to help out
anyone who has allergies out there. When I suffered from allergies
I was super ill I was really down and I was like sleeping 16 hours a day because
my allergies were making my body working overtime so I was so lethargic. If I can
help any of you guys out there with allergies then I want to do that. So my
natural remedies I get people saying oh why would you do that?
why would you do this? I do it because I try it on myself. A lot of my stuff that
I do is targeted at my allergies I do use on a regular basis and I really hope
this is gonna benefit any of you out there who suffer as well from allergies

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