How Norman Wilson discovered Learn Buteyko Online

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I spoke to a guy from East Grinstead this
guy who is a powerful guy he’s like right at the top which in the scientology he
wouldn’t normally expect to get ill because of this. But he was ill he had like
a chronic fatigue thing he’d been just about bed bound for several months but a
friend of his said come down to this thing and he insisted that he came, he
had to drive, he dragged himself out of bed when he got there I mean in those days he had to go down to Brighton, so he did this thing for a week and then practiced for
about two weeks and then he was fine. The guy who insisted that he’d go down, he
was also very high up in Scientology he had a serious lung disease he saw a leaflet lying in the street, he picked it up and
he was dying at a time basically you know, and that was like over 10 years ago
now he’s fine. That’s how I reckon that Learn Buteyko Online are the guys to come to.

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