How Strong Can An Adrenaline Rush Make You?

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– [Narrator] We humans are, quite simply, stronger than we realize, and that makes lifting
parts of cars possible. (dramatic music) In a moment of intense panic or pressure, a person’s body can rush with adrenaline, possibly leading to what is
called hysterical strength. No, it won’t make you the Hulk. When thinking of the
term ‘adrenaline rush’, many are perhaps familiar with such tales like a mother lifting a 3,000 pound car off her trapped child in
a moment of heroic panic. Yet such claims are not entirely accurate. (brakes screeching) Let’s bring the adrenaline
rush down to reality. The current world record for deadlifting stands at 1,155 pounds, or 524 kilograms. In regards to tales of people deadlifting automobiles off a victim, one, it is generally not the entire car, rather just a portion of
the car that is lifted. Two, a car’s weight is
not distributed evenly. Hence, it’s presumed
that, in such accounts, one is actually lifting
a few hundred pounds rather than a few thousand pounds. This is still impressive. It’s likely in many
cases the weight lifted is still weight beyond what the subject believed they were capable of. Thus, though a surge of adrenaline will cease to release your inner Superman, the capabilities of an adrenaline rush are still pretty awe-rendering. Scientifically, here’s what they found is actually happening in the
moment of an adrenaline rush, a.k.a. hysterical strength. Under immense stress, your body assembles for robust activity. The adrenal gland pumps
adrenaline into the blood, and your muscles surge with oxygen, igniting your system with energy. The brain’s fight-or-flight
reaction detonates and rushes the body with
proteins and enzymes to fuel endurance. We preserve this strength for a reason. Though scientific
understanding is still limited, many researchers believe
we keep such a reserve of unharnessed strength
predominantly for safety reasons. When pushing our bodies to the limit, we create the potential risk
for tears in muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, et cetera. Creating such risk in times
other than life or death is evolutionarily unwise. The body pulls out all the stops and lets you turn up the dial to 11. You don’t feel the ache of your muscles. You don’t feel the pain. You just do what needs to be done. During an adrenaline rush,
the release of endorphins lessen the body’s receptors to pain. There are also intrinsic genetic factors that may also play a role in
one’s stamina against pain. And further, the extent
of training one’s had in strength utilization
also plays a key factor in an individual’s potential
for hysterical strength. So just how intensely
can our strength increase with an adrenaline rush? Michio Ikai of the University of Tokyo studied how the maximum grip strength of research participants
changed in conjunction with prodding and aggravation. While the subjects’ grip
power was being tested, Ikai fired a starting pistol into the air. After the sound, the subjects’ strength went up dramatically, an
estimated and surprising 10%. Ergo, these gripping
stories continue to surface. A man named Tom Boyle in Arizona elevated a Chevy Camaro
off of a pinned biker. A young, 22-year-old woman
named Lauren from Virginia lifted a BMW off of her
dad after the vehicle had fallen from the car jack. A Quebec mother by the name of Lydia, who wrestled a polar bear that
was threatening her child. A polar bear! What?! So, an adrenaline rush won’t
give you superhuman strength, but chances are you’re
stronger than you realize. (dramatic music)

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  1. well this has happen to me,
    but not like too much
    my mom called me to open the door
    i was resting on sofa
    i rushed through the door and my leg slammed into metal door
    i did'nt feel pain i was like normal
    but after few minutes i tend to look the metal door it was crushed in middle .
    my reaction was wtf . it was my little experience

  2. I figured out how to tap into my adrenaline rush , all starts with believing a better you. Then you become that person for 5-10 mins. 😈😈😈

  3. i ever been in situation that my adrenaline rush really hard when i run away from rehabilitation i run really fast for around 50meters and climbed the 3 meters wall effortless and all the people in rehab gave me nickname "deer" "kijang"

  4. Imagine fighting a guy with steroids adrenaline and endorphins and that guy is 210cm 160kg and mastered all martial arts and all weaponry

  5. What happens if you get random adreniline and it's too much for your body? That happens to me because my body puts in so much adreniline that my doctor says it can fuel a few hundred people.

  6. Remember the time I start running so fast that my leg feel so light as if that it didn’t touch the ground and almost fall

  7. I’m a bareback bronc rider and in rodeo you see the best example of this I’ve been stepped on and not even feel it as a result of adrenaline.

  8. I remember play cops and robbers and I went all Barry Allen when the cops were chasing me whilst I was trying to free the other robbers 😂 adrenaline of a lifetime

  9. I just had adrenaline rush last week when I clutched 1 Vs 5 in cs go. Last few seconds 1 Vs 1 was so fučkin tense…

  10. What does adrenaline feel like? Can you still make rational decisions while having it and control yourself like how you normally would?

  11. At Halloween some years ago i had a bit of anxiety for vans and stuff. So i took a iron pipe with me. We walked in groups and our group we walked and then a strange man behind us is asking us if we want candy. We said yes (we were like 9) i thought he looked fishy and he grabbed a girl and tried to run but i took that pipe and smashed him in the head. He passed out, we ran to our one of my friends nearby house and knocked on the door luckily his mom was home. We told everything to her. She called 112 and 114 because thats the police and ambulances numbers. The police came to me and said i did the right thing. He was actually a kidnapper. And the girl to this day still loves me.

  12. For me it's like I never want to be in a fight with someone… I lift pretty heavy in the gym, like three times more then the average dude in there. I am an absolutely calm dude, but I don't want to imagine what would happen if I'd snap. When I was very little, I was in hospital for surgery and I woke up shortly before the end. My mom told me 5 people could barely hold me down. Just imaginable for me 😛

  13. I got a adrealine rush when i had 16. I was going hunt with some familiars and i went to explore, moments then i realize i was being chased by i think it was a grizzly bear, just to find out i was running around 28-30 km, when i stopped i didnt feel any exhaustion.

  14. I’m a lifeguard, and it’s important to Never jump in the water with a Active Drowning Victim. You should always Throw a floating object towards them. Because if you jump in and they get ahold of you, They can Technically kill you. Due to there Adrenaline running, They will do what ever it takes to survive in panic.

  15. I was being chased by a dog one time when I was 8 y/o and I fell and my whole face was dripping blood but I didn’t feel the pain until after.

  16. I have felt adrenaline rush when trying to bench press more than what I can do in order to impress a girl lol.The after effects made it not worth it but I did bench my Personal Best which I haven't been able to achieve since that day.

  17. Anyone reading this I will figure out how to tap into adrenaline rush on command. You will know if I’m successful if you see this comment edited. Goodbye and wish me luck✌🏼

  18. This literally happend every time I get really mad I go ssj then ssj2 then when I go ssj3 I'm fast and I feel no pain and I'm strong as hell xddd *I felt like midoriya *

  19. This literally happend every time I get really mad I go ssj then ssj2 then when I go ssj3 I'm fast and I feel no pain and I'm strong as hell xddd *I felt like midoriya *

  20. "adrenaline rush wont give you super human strength"

    "this 22 year old woman lifted a bmw off of her father"

    "a woman wrestled a polar bear"

  21. Growing up i always walked to school by myself and there were a couple of times dogs would chase i would run so fast that they couldn't catch because i always ran as fast as i can to a tree or a fence haaa i was so scared looking back im like woah wish i could be as fast now and jump as high yup that was a surprise adrenaline

  22. The last time I had an adrenaline rush or any adrenaline was 2 years ago and I cant do anything about it until my parents decide to let me do an activity you would do at least once in a normal childhood but that's not going to happen so life is just boring now.

  23. Adrenaline in your legs in a fight or flight situation you can run faster than a race horse is some situations just an add on 😉

  24. I had one once a pit bull bit me so i had it but i killed the dog i felt very bad the professional said i broke its arm when i lifted him and threw him to a rock but don’t worry 😉 i didn’t brake bones 🦴 then the dog bled out cus there was a huugge hole i fealing kind of mean

  25. One way to get an adrenaline rush:
    When you are going trick or treating and there's and bucket outside full with candy when you get three candy then there is a lady outside,then you hear the lady,"NO,ONLY TWO CANDY!!"she walks back inside and you take the whole bucket and then the lady yells,"COME OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!"then the adrenaline starts kicking in,so you run across the neighborhood like Usain Bolt running a 100 something meter dash

  26. I just realised I get andrenaline rushes while playing games, almost every time at the start of the match lol. Is it normal tho? Does it happen to other people too?

    Actually, I'll try it out right now…

  27. So uh this sh*t is personal & ive wanted to ask doctors about what the hell is happening but does anyone else enters adrenaline mode when ya'll orgams? I have done couple of tests myself and with the free hand I become probably twice as strong until the effect goes off.. tested on weights(Only when my arm is exhausyed and adrenaline kicks in & I completely regain my strenght back & stamina for those few seconds) and also tested on grip tools. Whats normally hard becomes easy mode.. serious topic

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